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is at the core of
everything your body
does for you.

From health to sickness,
from energy to lethargy,
from happiness to depression –
the necessary nutrients your cells
receive or do not receive affect
everything about you. If only one cell
in your body is deprived, it slowly affects
the rest of you.

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How should you
clean your teeth?
Let me count the ways!
When I was a kid
going to the dentist,
my dentist always told me
I had to brush harder.
What did that mean?
When my family moved to another city,
my new dentist told me totally different
things about brushing my teeth.
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Use the handy contact form and
I’ll get back to you soon.
While I cannot answer
treatment-specific questions,
I can respond to your general concerns!
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Dr. Danenberg Featured On
Beyond Your Wildest Genes

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS Nutritional Periodontist
August 8, 2017



Dr. Danenberg featured on "Beyond Your Wildest Genes"Dr. Noah DeKoyer interviewed me for his podcast, Beyond Your Wildest Genes.


Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast has a vision. It is to create a bridge between the public and various wellness experts in areas of physical, chemical/nutritional, and emotional/spiritual health. The podcast offers a unique opportunity for listeners to experience the integrated nature of body, mind and spirit and for listeners to explore opportunities to make positive enhancements to their health.


Dr. DeKoyer has managed the Family Chiropractic Center of Bayonne for the past 15 years. In 2014, Noah, along with two of his closest colleagues, created The Centre for Epigenetic Expression. Noah co-hosts Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast, which is one of the offerings of the Center.


In the interview, Dr. DeKoyer and I talked about what brought me to where I am today. But, most of his questions focused on my new book, Crazy Good Living. Elektra Press released the Kindle version on July 19, 2017. The hardback and paperback editions will be available on Amazon in a few weeks.


We recorded the interview several weeks ago, but the podcast was published on August 7, 2017. The interview takes 51 minutes and is titled, Our Favorite Periodontist Dr. Danenberg Talks About His New Book Crazy Good Living. Click HERE to listen to Dr. Noah DeKoyer interview me.


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