Ketodontist Podcast Interviews
Dr. Alvin H Danenberg

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS Nutritional Periodontist
October 10, 2017 [printfriendly]



Ketodontist PodcastDr. Matthew Standridge is a dentist. His dental practice is located in Eureka, KS. In addition to seeing patients in his office, Matt also created a podcast he calls the Ketodontist Podcast. His journey is interesting in that he embraced a ketogenic diet with significant personal success. Matt has a presence on Facebook, where you can see what he has done with his Podcasts.


Matt and I were a couple of the first students who enrolled in and completed the Certified Primal Health Coach program, which was created by Mark Sisson. Matt reached out to me recently to discuss some of my thoughts on his podcast.


This audio interview lasts about 70 minutes. We talk about the mouth, the gut, and a whole lot more. In this link to this discussion, my interaction with Matt begins around the 7-minute mark in the Podcast. Join me!



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