A Sweet Solution for Dry Skin

evolution rI ride my Trikke every weekend. The model I ride is a T8 Sport. My Trikke is my outdoor fun and exercise.
A Trikke is like two skateboards attached at the front allowing each of my feet to be on the platform of each board. There is a front wheel with a handlebar and a wheel on each of the skateboards on the back. By turning the handlebars from side to side and swaying my hips, I can create forward momentum and movement. I can ride this and steer this all around my neighborhood reaching up to about 12 miles an hour. It’s great fun and great exercise. But that is not what this post is really about.
I have been ridding my Trikke every weekend morning for about 45 minutes starting at sunrise. But, it has been really cold the last few weekends. So, when I ride, the cold air has been irritating the corners of my eyes, drying them out and causing irritation and inflammation.
I saw my dermatologist this past week, and he commented about my dry eyes and the irritation. He suggested a hydrating wash that I was to use twice a day. He gave me a sample. When I read the ingredients, I thought I would be putting a cocktail of chemicals on my already sore eyes. So, I did some research.
I found that a substance that I already had in my kitchen might be the best thing I could use for my eyes as well as the rest of my face. It was naturally antibacterial and extremely hydrating. No chemicals or unnatural substances in this elixir. I would apply it to my face, which I first washed with warm water before applying my remedy. My research suggested that I should place about 1/2 teaspoon of this golden liquid in the palms of my hands and then apply it to my warm, wet face by gently massaging it all around. I should leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse it off with some more warm water. Pat dry, and I would be done.
To my amazement, my face was soft, and the soreness around my irritated eyes was all gone. Was this magic? Was this an exotic substance that I had to buy from an obscure source? No! It was local, raw honey. Yes, Honey!
Here is a link describing 11 ways to use raw honey for healthier skin, hair, and nails.
Isn’t it interesting what you will learn from a periodontist who is trying to educate you about nutrition and gum health?

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