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Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS Nutritional Periodontist
November 28, 2016 [printfriendly]



applesEveryone has heard the proverbial phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, there is research that shows two apples a day prepared properly improve gut health. A healthy gut, in turn, helps prevent chronic inflammation. Also, a healthy gut creates a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth, which goes a long way in maintaining mouth health. And so, two apples a day really might keep the doctor away!


Benefits of Apples

Two cooked apples a day could improve the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut. In fact, your gut’s health could improve within 2-3 weeks of eating cooked apples daily.


Published research has shown apples improve the gut bacteria that reduce inflammation. Human studies also have shown that apples improve colitis symptoms, and studies in rats have shown apples reduce the risk of colon cancer and other intestinal diseases.


Beyond the gut, the health properties of apples benefit the entire body. For example, apples even may reduce the levels of unhealthy lipids in the blood. Interestingly from Dr. Michael Ash’s research, two apples a day have the anti-inflammatory benefit of taking 10-15 mg of a steroid, without any of the side effects of steroid medication.


Your Gut. Your Health. Your Choice.®

Real food has everything the body needs to survive and thrive. It has been that way for 2.5 million years of human evolution. Our genes receive critical information from nutrient-dense foods to run the business of keeping our bodies healthy. Our healthy microbiome throughout our body also receives critical information from the foods we eat.


My slogan, Your Gut. Your Health. Your Choice.® says it all. By taking care of the health of your gut and all the healthy microbes that live there, you can improve your immune system. Your immune system is figuratively the well-equipped armed forces of your body. Its mission is to fight anything that is harmful to your body. If you improve your immune system, you can improve your mouth health.


I have posted a recipe to make applesauce, which I call Anti-inflammatory Applesauce. One cup of this homemade applesauce provides approximately two apples of this gut-healing, anti-inflammatory food.


To enhance the health of my gut, I also sometimes take one capsule of Prescript-Assist Probiotic with a cup of goat kefir. (I like the Redwood Farms brand.) Prescript-Assist Probiotic is a combination of various beneficial soil-based microbes.


Personally, I am fanatical about the human machine I call my body. I make a choice to stay as healthy as I can. I know from personal experience that my gut is the first place to begin the process.




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