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– Pork Belly –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

August 2, 2020 [printfriendly]


















I love bacon. But I discovered something better than bacon. It’s pork belly. Actually, bacon comes from pork belly. This cut is the fatty section of meat from the underside of the pig near the loin. Spareribs also come from this area. Four ounces of cooked pork belly provide about 28 grams of fat and 17 grams of protein. That’s a fat-to-protein ratio of almost 2:1 measured in grams.









  • Slices of pork belly
  • Himalayan salt
  • Eggs if you desire to include on the plate





1, Heat saucepan to medium


2. Lay slices of pork belly on hot saucepan, season with Himalayan salt









3. Cover and cook 5 minutes; then turn slices over and cook another 5 minutes covered









4. Remove cover and cook additional 5 minutes on each side (NOTE: The length of cooking time depends on the thickness of the slices of pork belly. You want them brown and crisp on the surface and soft when cutting with a knife. Also, use a splatter screen after you uncover the saucepan because the rendered fat is substantial and can splatter and burn you.)








5. If you want, scramble some eggs or make them over-easy, and plate with the pork belly



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  1. Peaceful Pastures near Franklin, TN has amazing grass-fed pork belly from Tamworth pigs. I wrap small chunks of their chicken thigh meat with their pork belly and bake just until the bacon is almost crispy. Seasoned with himalayan salt and ginger. I store them in the fridge for an easy to grab quick snack.

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