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is at the core of
everything your body
does for you.

From health to sickness,
from energy to lethargy,
from happiness to depression –
the necessary nutrients your cells
receive or do not receive affect
everything about you. If only one cell
in your body is deprived, it slowly affects
the rest of you.

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How should you
clean your teeth?
Let me count the ways!
When I was a kid
going to the dentist,
my dentist always told me
I had to brush harder.
What did that mean?
When my family moved to another city,
my new dentist told me totally different
things about brushing my teeth.
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Use the handy contact form and
I’ll get back to you soon.
While I cannot answer
treatment-specific questions,
I can respond to your general concerns!
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Fad Diets & The Mouth

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS ● Nutritional Periodontist March 19, 2018       An email about fad diets and bad breath was forwarded to me. This email claimed that some fad diets like fasting and low-carb could lead to dehydration and bad breath in the…

My Favorite Paleo Recipes:
Cashew Butter

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS ● Nutritional Periodontist February 28, 2018       Kids love peanut butter, but peanuts are legumes, and they have their problems. So, I prefer nut/seed butters like almond butter or cashew butter.   It’s easy for me to find organic…

Healthy Foods – Healthy Mouth

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS ● Nutritional Periodontist February 12, 2018     Healthy foods create a healthy mouth; unhealthy foods create an unhealthy mouth.   “Food is medicine”. This is not a new catchphrase. More than 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates was reported to have said,…

Advice Given to Me

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS ● Nutritional Periodontist February 5, 2018     Advice can be found in the most unusual places.   I have been given advice by an astute dental scholar. He encouraged me to understand the science of evidence. There is only one…