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Dr. Al is at your service!

If you need help resolving a dental question, addressing a health concern or are looking for a second opinion, you’re in the right place. Dr. Al will not make a diagnosis over the Internet, but he will be able to direct you to seek appropriate treatment in your location.

Start by booking your 60-90 minute consultation to be conducted over video conference, such as Zoom or Skype. You’ll want to book at least 4 days in advance to allow time for preparation. Dr. Al will send you a detailed intake questionnaire, and you’ll submit recent dental X-rays (if applicable) and a 3-day food log. This information allows him to understand your issue holistically and be ready to make suggestions for your consult. 

Cost: $495
Additional follow up sessions available as needed at $250 for 30 minutes 

Consult Testimonials

“Before I met Dr Al, I spent thousands of dollars on vitamins yearly and my health was deteriorating. I like the supplements Dr Al recommended because they were food supplements, not vitamins. Now I feel amazing, after taking Dr Al’s advice for the past few months. My psoriasis is completely gone, my gut dysbiosis has improved dramatically and some of my other blood markers have improved.

Dr Al is not only extremely knowledgeable but kind and generous with his time, a true legend. I would recommend a one-on-one consultation for anyone having health issues.”Lesley U. 

“I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Danenberg. I recently consulted with him and benefited a great deal from his extensive knowledge and expertise in oral and overall physical health. He found a huge issue in my mouth that had been there for a long time. My current dentist missed it on an x-ray.

If I had not consulted with him, I would have ended up with even bigger problems in my mouth resulting in health problems and a lot of money out of my pocket. I am so grateful for the information that he gave me. He is one of the few periodontists who make the crucial connection between the oral cavity and the gut. I wish all dentists and medical professionals would follow his advice.” – Sheryl F.

“I saw Dr. Al for guidance on how to proceed with a questionable tooth highlighted by my dentist. The dentist suggested I go to a specialist, but as I started to research around, I knew that what would be really great is to consult with someone I trusted and whose philosophy about health I resonated with. The first person I thought of was Dr. Al! I had heard him on several different podcasts over several years and had read some of his website. I didn’t even know I could schedule time with him, but when I looked into contacting him I saw that was an option. I took the first available time, and can’t even tell you how good of a decision that was.

That appointment changed the trajectory for proceeding with my tooth—and has started me on long term lifestyle changes that already have me feeling and looking healthier.

As a coach, he’s not afraid to give you the hard facts even if that’s not what you want to hear. But then you have the gift of the truth which you can use to make better decisions. And he will help you get there.

I actually didn’t know how many distinguished health coach certifications Dr. Al had before working with him—but they are the best of the best. He integrates foundations from all the most well respected philosophies and incorporates his own personal experience to create a health program that I really feel is an ideal way to live and eat for all. I find myself thinking of Dr. Al and elements of his program often each day, as motivation to know that following the program is not only good for the mouth but the whole body.

It’s a way to stop aging so fast, get back to our human nature, and tune in to thrive. Dr. Al himself is a wonderful role model to know that You Can Feel Amazing!

I am beyond grateful that I was able to meet with Dr. Al live—his coaching was spot on at just the right time. His advice allowed me to find a trusted provider that uses biologic materials and treatments. He is giving of his time and expertise. I felt very supported even after our meeting time.” – Karen

“I was having issues with receding gums and wanted to get Dr. Al’s opinion. Dr. Al was very helpful. He offered advice on the causes of my receding gums, along with easy solutions that I could implement right away. Combining Dr. Al’s recommendations with seeing a biological dentist in my area, I’ve been able to stop my gums from receding.

I would highly recommend Dr. Al! He is so incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and he’s pretty funny too! He offers really practical solutions for persistent health problems and I have no doubt he’ll be able to help you too.” –  Nicole J.