Born to Be Healthy
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      Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS     August 30, 2015   [printfriendly]


evolution rIn the previous 7 installments, I posted my thoughts on how we were born to be healthy. Included in these installments were links to other articles I wrote supporting my philosophy as well as links to various peer-reviewed research documenting the facts. I have had a huge response from readers to put all of them together into one PDF document so that it would be easier to read and download. So, here it is.


This link will bring you my 20-page paper, Born to Be Healthy. It outlines the prevalence of gum disease in the US population today and discusses the science that sheds light on the foods we eat, what we absorb, how our bodies react to substances, and the importance of gut bacteria. It also addresses how I treat gum disease in my progressive office, the natural supplements I suggest to enhance the immune system’s function in health, and a preventive medicine protocol based on my belief that we were born to be healthy.


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