Bovine Colostrum
– My New Experiment –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

November 21, 2021 [printfriendly]

This may be a game changer for me!

I have been researching the benefits of bovine colostrum for health and wellness in humans. And the science is impressive.

In the Bovine Colostrum References at the end of this article, I list 10 URL links to peer-reviewed papers, which describe these benefits. Some of them touch on cancer.

However, colostrum is not the miracle some think it is. Many other lifestyle changes and diet cleanup are critical for colostrum to assist in overall wellness.

And because of that, I have made bovine colostrum an integral part of my updated Unconventional Cancer Protocols.

Colostrum is the concentrated, nutritionally packed, first-milk from mom. It is a whole food which integrates with everything else I am doing for myself. As you read the medical papers I cite in the Bovine Colostrum References, you’ll understand why I’m excited about bovine colostrum and its potential benefits for me.

Here is an anecdotal story of the benefits of colostrum from a patient with a life-threatening cancer. However, this is not a published Case Report, and it does not document any confounding or conflating issues relating to his personal cancer story. Still, this is very interesting …


Anecdotal Story

I read about a healthcare professional who was diagnosed in 2017 with pancreatic cancer. I’ll name him, Stephen. Stephen underwent a surgical procedure to remove the cancerous tumor on the head of his pancreas and started chemo two weeks after the surgery. But he reportedly stopped the treatment because of the side effects.

He tried several dietary changes with herbs and supplements but then developed SIBO, skin rashes, and a dysbiotic gut.

A PET Scan revealed he had lung lesions that metastasized from his malignant pancreatic tumor.

Stephen learned about colostrum in 2018 and began his own experiment. He stated that he started eating 2 tablespoons of bovine colostrum, four times a day. That’s a lot!

After several weeks of eating colostrum, he allegedly resolved his SIBO. After 3 months, he noted that his energy levels increased. And by the end of 2018, another lung biopsy was taken, which he described as free of cancer cells.

At the age of 69 in 2020, Stephen claimed to be cancer free. As I understand, he continues today to see his oncologist regularly and has necessary tests which continue to confirm that he is cancer free.

Unfortunately, I have no way to confirm the medical truth of Stephen’s results.


My N=1 Experiment

The previous story and many others I have researched are encouraging. As I have said many times, if I learn something that makes sense to me but has not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am not reluctant to experiment on myself. That makes me a study of N=1.

Now, I am aggressively taking colostrum and will monitor my results moving forward.

After I did my research and investigation, I selected Bovine Colostrum-6 as my go-to colostrum. This 3rd party analysis of the nutrients in Colostrum-6 is very impressive. If you do your own research, make sure you settle on 100% colostrum which is collected from cattle within a few hours after giving birth to their calves. It is critical that it is minimally processed.

The bovine colostrum powder I have selected is from US grass-fed cattle and inherently includes over 100 bioactive factors. Nothing is added and nothing is removed except water. It is essential for the colostrum to be as true to its biological composition as possible. Bovine Colostrum-6 is collected within 6 hours of calving.

If the colostrum is processed in any way to add something artificial, to remove a necessary nutrient, or to cause damage to its delicate proteins, then the colostrum will not function as a whole-food nutrient.

Colostrum-6 is marketed by Anovite, which is a multi-level marketing company. But you can purchase it as a regular customer. If you ate 1 tablespoon 3 times day, then one 2-pound tub is enough for a month.

(Individuals with milk allergies or lactose intolerance may not be able to consume colostrum. However, some of my clients who have a lactose intolerance have been able to slowly increase their consumption of colostrum with no lactose problem by starting with only 1/2 teaspoon per day until their desired dose is reached. If necessary, a lactase enzyme supplement can be taken with the colostrum to take care of the minimal lactose in the colostrum.)

For me to benefit the most from colostrum, I eat it in a special way.


How I Eat Colostrum:

Many of the biologically active components in colostrum are absorbed into the blood stream directly through the mucosal tissues in the mouth. So, I eat it rather than taking capsules of it. In addition, the direct contact of colostrum with my teeth and gums potentially assists in healing mouth tissues.

The bioactive proteins in colostrum are resistant to stomach acid. So, after swallowing the colostrum, it will enter the rest of the digestive system unaltered. Protease inhibitors in colostrum protect the colostrum from being digested before its nutrients are properly absorbed and functioning in the gut and the rest of the body tissues.

Colostrum should be eaten at least a half-hour before a meal to maximize its biological activity.

It is reported that many people eat a tablespoon or more of colostrum two or three times daily to assist in healing, athletic performance, or anti-aging benefits. Anecdotally, I understand that some medically compromised individuals consume as much as 14 tablespoons daily.

The case reports I have read suggest that the benefits are more significant with increasing dosage and the regular consumption over time.


My Daily Dosing:

As an individual with bone marrow cancer, I am not the average guy who is trying to stay healthy or trying to get healthy. My battle and challenges are more than most people must deal with.

So, my N=1 experiment eating bovine colostrum will be more aggressive than most others. But I cannot recommend this as a protocol for anyone else. This is my personal experiment, and I will continue to update my progress.

I eat 2 tablespoons of colostrum, 3 times a day. The following chart shows the nutrient composition of eating 6 tablespoons daily:

I don’t mix the colostrum in hot liquids since the heat could destroy some of the active components. However, the fat content in Colostrum-6 is 18-22% of total solids, which helps to prevent hot liquids from damaging the delicate proteins. I mix the powder in some room temperature natural spring water to the consistency of a “custard” and eat it with a spoon. Personally, I love the taste and texture; my wife does not.

At this dosage, I need about two, 2-pound tubs of Colostrum-6 a month. (One, 2-pound tub has approximately 99 tablespoons of powder.)

Here’s when I eat colostrum …

  1. I eat my first 2 tablespoons of colostrum on an empty stomach, at least an hour before my first meal. I usually eat my first meal in the early afternoon.
  2. In the late afternoon, I eat 2 tablespoons a few hours after my meal or at least a half-hour before any other food.
  3. Just before bed, I eat 2 tablespoons on a relatively empty stomach.


One Month Results:

After eating Colostrum-6 for a month, I noticed 2 physical changes that are interesting. I believe these are related to colostrum assisting in the removal of toxic elements from my body, but I can’t prove it. Toxic elements are removed via the excretory system, which consists of the skin, liver, lungs, large intestine, and kidneys.

  1. For years, I used to have excess mucus every morning that lasted 30 minutes or so. I had to keep clearing my throat. Then it would go away until the next morning. After starting the colostrum, all the morning phlegm is no longer there!
  2. At the age of 74, I can’t remember how many decades it has been since I had acne. But once I started eating colostrum, I broke out with acne on my back, chest, neck, and face. My guess is that the colostrum is assisting in the removal of toxic substances through my skin. Once again, I can’t prove it. The acne has almost disappeared after a month.


72-Hour Colostrum Fast:

I’ve completed several 72-hour, water-only fasts in the past with great success. I am going to try a 72-hour, colostrum & water-only fast.

I’ll eat two tablespoons of Colostrum-6, three times a day. I’ll only drink natural spring water, replete with trace minerals. In addition, I’ll report my results and monitor my blood ketone levels as I have done with previous fasts.


Blood Results:

My oncologist will draw blood and run tests for a CBC (complete blood count) and a CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel) monthly as well as blood immunofluorescent tests to evaluate dysfunctional antibodies every 2-3 months. In a future Blog, I will report my blood work results and any other physical changes from my “N=1 Experiment” with Colostrum-6.


My Expectations

I don’t expect miracles. All along my cancer journey I have emphasized the importance of my quality of life. In addition, I have never claimed to have a cure for cancer or for any chronic disease.  But I believe and expect bovine colostrum to become a major whole-food source that will continue to enhance my immune system and assist my body to heal. It is a perfect addition to my Unconventional Cancer Protocols.


Bovine Colostrum References




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  1. Super interesting. I read about the bovine colostrum in your “unconventional cancer protocols” and then saw that the health food store that I frequent sells the same brand. I will do more research on the subject matter and might give it a try myself.
    Thank you Dr. Danenberg for using yourself for experimentation, I, like you, am never reluctant to try something new in the natural health world. I do my research and if I think I can benefit, I get the item in hand and I take it with confidence.

    Best regards,

  2. It seems to me that the bovine colostrum would have , at least, low levels of estrogen, which could trigger acne. At least for women of child bearing age. I am 69 yrs. old and started taking it for covid recovery, and I did notice some pimples appearing on my face. I stopped it because I think I am estrogen dominant.

    There is just so much hormone disrupters in our environment in which we are eating particles of plastic in our food and water.

    My husband with 4th stage prostate cancer is taking it. His monthly cancer treatment is a shot that diminishes testosterone so I don’t think it would be a problem for him and certainly could help his immune system in my opinion.

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