72-Hour Colostrum & Water Fast
– You Can Benefit –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

January 9, 2022


I just completed another experiment on myself. I’m starting to feel like a lab rat. But my results can benefit you as well as me.  I’ll summarize your benefits in the last section, Your Takeaway.

On 11/21/21, I wrote about my Bovine Colostrum Experiment and the many health benefits of this whole food when eaten daily. In that blog, I cited 10 recent medical articles about Bovine Colostrum’s effects on the human body.

And on 4/11/21, I wrote about my 72-hour water-only fast. This was one way to put me into a high level of optimum ketosis.

But this time, my goal is different. I wanted to continue to gain potentially reparative benefits by eating bovine colostrum daily, AND at the same time I wanted to maintain optimal dietary ketosis for my metabolic flexibility. This experiment allowed me to focus only on colostrum’s unique nutrients while still metabolizing fat as my primary fuel source and benefiting from my liver’s creation of ketones.

But I shouldn’t call this a “fast”. This is not a true “fast”. Colostrum has fat, carbs, and protein. So, the body is not really “fasting”.  Some people might call this a “detox protocol”. But I’m not fond of the term “detox protocol”. Here’s why …


I’m Not a Fan of the Term “Detox Protocol”

“Detox protocol” mostly refers to short-duration processes that are touted to be a way of removing toxic substances from the body. But short-term programs might not really work.[1] In addition, many of the detox products contain emulsifiers and additives which have been shown to damage the gut microbiome.[2] The fact is that the body naturally detoxifies daily through the kidneys, liver, and skin. Remember, your body has evolved for thousands and thousands of years learning what it needs to do to function at peak performance. Why do you think we need to put processed concoctions into the body to make it work better? Instead, we should be concentrating on giving our body what it requires and avoiding anything that is potentially toxic to our body – 24/7. And I already eat a healthy diet based on my Better Belly Blueprint.

So, I don’t like the concept of “detox protocols”.


My 72-hour Colostrum & Water Fast

I’m not doing this fast to detoxify my body during this 72-hour period.

This fast is relevant for me on two specific fronts:

  1. Bovine colostrum has the potential to assist many of the body’s pathways to heal. I wrote about it on 11/21/21. This fast only includes Bovine Colostrum as a nutrient source, and it may benefit my current cancer therapy. I receive a monthly injection of a human-based monoclonal antibody (Darzalex) to assist my immune system in killing malignant plasma cells. The Darzalex effects may be enhanced with a colostrum and water fast starting the morning of and ending two days after the immunotherapy. Some of my future monthly blood work might show improvement with this protocol. I’m looking forward to evaluating future monthly lab results as is my oncologist.
  2. I want to be metabolically flexible, which I wrote about HERE and HERE. It is important for me to be in ketosis and cycle out of ketosis regularly. This helps enhance my immune system. So, this 72-hour colostrum & water fast will show me how my metabolism can enter and stay in ketosis even though I eat colostrum. If I were unable to be in ketosis while eating colostrum daily, I would need to either reduce my daily intake of colostrum or eliminate it entirely. As you will see, I was able to enter a significant level of dietary ketosis during this fast.

Colostrum is a whole food, and my choice in a commercially produced product must have nothing added or removed from this whole-food source except the water. I have tried several colostrum products, but I’ve settled on Colostrum-6 powder as the best. It is obtained within 6 hours of calving but only after calves have consumed their fill. Here is an independent analysis of the components of Colostrum-6.


Below is a chart summarizing the percentage of macronutrients contained in my daily dose of 6 tablespoons of Colostrum-6:



I needed to understand how a 72-hour fast including only water and colostrum would affect my ketones levels. To do this, I began monitoring my ketones frequently each day of the fast using the BioSense Breath Ketone Monitor.

I started the fast on Monday, 12/27/21 upon waking and ended it when I went to bed on Wednesday, 12/30/21. I’m an old guy who is almost 75. So, I go to bed early. You’ll see that I ended my fast at 9 PM and said, “Goodnight!”

Here is a summary of what I did for my 3-day fast …

  1. Recorded my ketone levels at the start of the fast on Monday morning, 12/27/21 and continued every several hours until bedtime for the entire fast
  2. Drank SOLE hydrating water first thing in the morning
  3. Continued to drink natural spring water replete with trace minerals when thirsty for all 3 days
  4. At 9 AM, 2PM, and 7PM, I ate 2 tablespoons of Colostrum-6 Powder mixed in a little spring water daily
  5. On Tuesday, 1/4/22, I had my monthly CBC (complete blood count) and CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel) blood tests performed during my regular oncologist appointment. I also had serum protein electrophoresis (SPEP) and immunofixation blood work performed that day, which is repeated every 2-3 months.


Details of the Fast

As I said, I measure my ketone levels with the BioSense Monitor. These levels are reported in ACEs.

“ACEs” are BioSense’s scoring system for breath acetones. Essentially, if you divide ACEs by 10, you will get an accurate interpretation of blood ketones. Blood ketones are reported in mmol/L units. For example, a score of “28 ACES” is equal to a “blood ketone level of 2.8 mmol/L”.)

The following Table explains the interpretation of breath acetone levels measured in ACEs.



Below is a graph showing the optimal blood ketone levels that the body can use as clean-burning fuel:



Day 1:

My morning ketone level at 8:20 AM was “0 ACEs” measured on the BioSense Breath Ketone Monitor. I had no appreciable ketones in my blood.

The first day of the fast was the most difficult for me because I felt hungry and wanted to eat. But I didn’t give into the hunger, which most likely was psychological. I also felt that my energy level was not as good as it was before the fast.

In the graph below, you can see most of my liver glycogen was depleted by 4PM when my ketones began to rise above 5 ACEs


Day 2:

Hunger was not a problem on the second day of the fast. I still felt my energy level was not as high as I expected it would be, but it was improving.

In the graph below, my ketone levels rose rapidly after the liver glycogen stores essentially were depleted. For the entire day, these levels rose from 15 ACEs to 24 ACEs. Obviously, the colostrum never kept me from easily moving into optimal dietary ketosis. That was my goal. I was pleasantly surprised!


Day 3:

My energy level was excellent, and I had no hunger whatsoever. I felt terrific, and I knew I could continue the fast for additional days if I wanted. However, I ended the fast that evening.

The graph also showed my ketone levels were at the upper end of optimal. All day I was well above 25 ACEs.


My Takeaway

I recorded my body weight and percentage of body fat using the Eat Smart Precision GetFit Bathroom Scale. At the start of this fast, I weighted 151 pounds and my body fat was 15.0%. At the end of the fast, my weight dropped to 148 pounds and body fat dropped to 14.3%. I took these measurements at the same times – 7 AM on the first day of the fast and 7 AM on the morning after the third day of the fast.

Metabolically, as insulin levels drop from the start of a fast and you enter dietary ketosis, the body is becoming increasingly insulin sensitive. In addition, ketosis has been shown to upregulate autophagy, extend longevity, improve memory, and create a poor environment for cancer cells to grow. [3],[4],[5],[6],[7] Ketones also reduce excessive free radicals, increase glutathione production, and improve mitochondrial function.[8],[9] All these benefits are vitally important to me.

So, this 72-hour colostrum and water fast has confirmed to me that while I’m assisting my body with the unique nutritional benefits from eating 6 tablespoons of Colostrum-6 daily, I am able to maintain optimal dietary ketosis.


Your Takeaway

You might benefit from a 72-hour colostrum and water fast as I have.

You can benefit from the nutritional benefits of eating bovine colostrum daily. I cited many articles in previous blogs about the peer-reviewed research, but here is an excellent summary published in 2021.

Also, your immune system will benefit by becoming metabolically flexible.

Metabolic flexibility is where your body can efficiently burn carbohydrates for fuel but can switch to burning fat for fuel seamlessly when appropriate. The facts that you can be in ketosis where your liver is creating ketones to improve many aspects of your biological system and at the same time benefit from the nutrients in colostrum are impressive.

Obtaining unique nutritional support from colostrum, eating a healthy diet as I detail in my Better Belly Blueprint, and cycling in and out of ketosis will help you to create a robust immune system.

And a robust immune system is your ticket to overall wellness.

That’s your takeaway!


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Leaky Gut … Leaky Mouth
– Both Must Be Treated –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

January 2, 2022

A “leaky gut” and a “leaky mouth” are like “leaky plumbing pipes”. If your plumbing pipes are leaking, you’ve got to get them fixed – all of them, not just one of them!

Think about your home’s plumbing pipes.

If they were “leaky”, toxic stuff could leach out of your pipes and infiltrate into the surrounding ground. From there, all the toxic elements could affect the immediate area but also spread to other areas of your yard and neighborhood. These toxic elements could slowly penetrate deep into the earth contaminating wells, aquifers, and other sources of groundwater. Entire communities could be poisoned without realizing the source of the toxic junk was leaky plumbing pipes.

Why is the pipe “leaky”?

One cause could be something in the pipe had damaged the structure of the pipe. Corrosion and other chemical changes could affect the integrity of the pipelining itself. And once the structure of the pipe was weakened and began to break down, stuff inside of it that should have stayed inside the pipe starts leaking out.

Of course, a specific question would be, “What is in the pipe to cause it to break down?”

And another obvious question would be, “How do you repair the leak?”

I’ll take this analogy and apply it to two areas of the body that can become “leaky”. They could cause havoc not only in the immediate area of the leak, but also throughout the rest of the body. I’m referring to a “leaky gut” and a “leaky mouth”.


A Leaky Gut

Our gut is a tube – like a plumbing pipe. What is inside of the tube is isolated from the rest of our body. Our body produces a variety of enzymes to break down ingested food. The process of digestion changes the food we eat into the smallest of molecular nutrients. These basic nutrients are allowed to slowly penetrate the lining of the gut to get into your circulation to give the body all the nourishment it requires to be healthy and stay healthy.

To assist our digestion and the overall function of our gut, about 38 trillion microbes make the gut their home. These microbes help with (1) breaking down some food into bioavailable nutrients, (2) creating their own bioactive substances to support the health of the gut and the rest of the body, and (3) signaling the immune system when they sense something is not right in the gut. Without this friendly and balanced garden of microbes in our gut, we would die.

Yes, die!

If pathogenic microbes in the gut begin to overgrow and damage the healthy bacteria, then these bad guys could erode the healthy lining of the gut. The integrity of the gut lining would break down, and stuff inside the gut that should never enter the circulatory system would begin to leak out. Also, certain elements in the food we eat could change the integrity of the lining of the gut.

This pathological condition is called a “leaky gut”.

Just like a leaky plumbing pipe, the damage can spread far and wide in the body. Because of this toxic waste causing chronic systemic inflammation, every organ system in the body is at risk of developing chronic diseases and autoimmune diseases. And the manifestations of these diseases may take months, years, or decades to make themselves known. All along, the person with a chronic leaky gut could be having a variety of symptoms that seem to be unrelated to the gut.


Do You Suffer from a Leaky Gut? 

Many of the symptoms of a leaky gut are commonly mistaken for other ailments. Unfortunately, by only treating the symptoms, they will continue to flare up until the underlying cause is diagnosed and treated appropriately. Also, many chronic illnesses stem from a leaky gut. You can fix the problem once and for all by fixing your gut health. Do any of these symptoms or illnesses sound familiar?  …

  • Acid reflux
  • Allergies and food sensitivities
  • Anemia
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Bleeding gums and tooth decay
  • Brain fog
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Overweight as well as underweight
  • Skin lesions, rashes, and pimples


Healthy Gut – Leaky Gut

Below is a graphic of a healthy gut and a “leaky gut”. The picture to the left shows a normal, healthy gut with a balance of good bacteria within the top light blue area and a healthy mucous layer protecting the one-cell-layer-thick epithelial barrier below. To the right is a picture of a “leaky gut” where unhealthy bacteria and toxic elements are breaking down the mucous layer and weaking and penetrating the epithelial lining (the red-colored cells) on its way to affecting the entire body.



A Leaky Mouth

Chronic systemic inflammation caused by a “leaky gut” will affect the mouth. This inflammation could cause the mouth’s healthy garden of bacteria and immune system to become unhealthy resulting in periodontal disease and tooth decay. If periodontal disease or tooth decay becomes severe, teeth could be lost. Infection and inflammation could spread into the jawbone, blood vessels, nerve canals, and soft tissues of the body. Debilitating and life-threatening diseases could occur just from this leakage of infection and inflammation from the mouth into the body. This is called a “leaky mouth”.

One problem is that most healthcare professionals don’t realize that a “leaky gut” could be a dominant causal factor in a “leaky mouth”. A PubMed abstract published in December 2021 demonstrated how this could happen. In my mini-eBook, Is Your Gut Killing You?, I go into details citing over 295 peer-reviewed medical articles about the gut and its causal effects of chronic diseases, especially dental diseases.


Healthy Mouth – Leaky Mouth

Below is a graphic of a healthy mouth and a “leaky mouth”. The picture on the left shows a normal, healthy tooth in the jawbone. To the right is a picture of periodontal disease (the red area) beginning to penetrate the jawbone on its way to affecting the entire body.



The Solution

According to Alessio Fasano, MD, probably all chronic diseases start with a leaky gut. And periodontal disease and tooth decay are chronic diseases.

But don’t despair! Here’s what to do about it.

If you only treated a “leaky gut” but there already were advancing dental disease, the existing diseases in the mouth still will leak into the rest of the body if not treated appropriately. And if you only treated the dental problems without addressing a “leaky gut”, then there still would be chronic systemic inflammation coursing through the body from the damaged gut microbiome and its broken epithelial barrier.

Both niduses of infection must be treated simultaneously. Both the gut and the mouth are critical areas to be addressed.

A biologically oriented dentist could treat the mouth and gut at the same time. However, if the dentist was unfamiliar with the treatment of a “leaky gut”, he or she must refer the patient to a healthcare professional who knows the gut protocols for regaining gut health.

If a gut specialist is treating the gut but is unaware if there is a mouth infection, then he or she must refer the patient to a biologically oriented dentist for a thorough examination to determine if dental treatment is required.

Once again, I want to emphasize that both areas of infection and inflammation – a “leaky gut” and a “leaky mouth” – must be treated correctly and concurrently to stop the spread of disease to other parts of the body.


More Information

While a biological dentist can diagnose a “leaky mouth”, a “leaky gut” is harder to diagnose.

In my one-on-one, customized coaching program, I review your dental health, diet, gut health, medical history, and current symptoms. We take a holistic approach to your health and understand that everything is connected (because it is!). Also, I can work directly with your biological dentist.

What if you do suffer from a “leaky gut”? It is very treatable! A change in diet, enhancement of the gut microbiome, repair of the gut lining, and modification of some lifestyle choices make all the difference.

If you are wondering if you are suffering from a “leaky gut” or “leaky mouth”, let’s talk. I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation. I’ll answer your questions, and together we’ll determine if we need to pursue a more detailed consultation process to get you back on track.


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My Greatest Fear
– Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

December 19, 2021

My greatest fear is that I may “get broken” beyond repair. And then I would lose my quality of life. I also might not be able to continue sharing and teaching all I have learned along my amazing Cancer Journey.

Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks! And at the age of almost 75, I am an “old dog” with lots of “new” tricks. But a broken dog can’t jump up and down any longer. And I like to show off.

Everything I’ve learned I want to share. I have not found anybody who has connected the medical dots as I have. But as Humpty Dumpty fell and shattered into pieces, my fragile and porous skeleton could do the same.

I don’t have a fear of death. And certainly, I am not in denial of my situation. I am realistic.

My greatest fear is suffering severe pathological fractures in the future that could incapacitate me and end the quality of life which I enjoy today.


My Dilemma

My dilemma is that my mind is working overtime, but my physical body has been challenging me recently.

A recent study showed that fully vaccinated patients with multiple myeloma have an increased rate of COVID-19 infection and have an increased risk of dying compared to vaccinated individuals without cancer.[1] And I’m not vaccinated for reasons I’ve discussed in previous Blogs.

My cancer journey has taken me through a lot. Most recently, the 10 Unconventional Cancer Protocols I created have helped me through COVID and Long Haulers without meds and without hospitalization. I am impressed with the overall strength of my immune system because of these protocols. As I have repeated in the past, my oncologist is amazed!

Multiple myeloma is a bone marrow cancer. It weakens the immune system’s ability to create necessary antibodies, which are created by plasma cells in the bone marrow to fight invaders. Multiple myeloma also can create severe bone lesions throughout the skeleton making bones very fragile.

Initially, the symptoms in 2018 that brought me to my physician were pain in my right shoulder and sternum area. I had no idea that my problems were anything more than a torn ligament or a damaged muscle. At that time, I had no idea I had a crack in my pelvis, broken ribs, and a vertebral compression fracture causing bone and breathing pain.

Once the diagnosis of IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma was confirmed in September 2018 and I was given 3-6 months to live, the obvious became real to me. Most likely I would die from the complications of multiple myeloma. And I was prone to painful and life-threatening fractures even if I only twisted or bent my body in such a way that a weakened bone would snap.

My ultimate realization of my fragile body occurred in August 2019. That is when I was standing in my bathroom, twisted to the left to throw my used dental floss into the trashcan, and instantly my right femur snapped in half. I collapsed to the floor – breaking several ribs and splitting my right humerus in half. These severe fractures eventually put me in a Hospice Hospital to die.

Amazingly, I rebounded, revoked Hospice, and returned to my protocols. To the shock of most people around me, I was recovering. And when I saw my oncologist in October 2019, he was pleasantly surprised once again.



I continued with an excellent quality of life until 6/22/21, when I received a botched injection of my monthly immunotherapy (Darzalex[2]), which is not chemotherapy. Within a week after this injection, I began having various areas of bone and muscle pain. My oncologist and I thought these symptoms were a combination of side effects from the Darzalex injection. Yet, I never experienced bad side effects from this therapy in the past.

But then I experienced overall joint pain, total exhaustion, lack of energy, diarrhea, headaches, and a persistent cough. I finally recognized that the progressively worsening symptoms were the effects from the SARS-CoV-2 virus which took over my weakened body. The complications after the Darzalex injection in June 2021 set my body up to make me more susceptible to the virus.



My concerns were documented after my routine monthly CBC (Complete Blood Count) following the COVID infection and the peak of my symptoms.

The CBC looks at the components of the blood – red blood cells. white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin, etc. A ratio of two specific white blood cells has recently been explored and documented in COVID patients. It is the ratio between the number of neutrophils and lymphocytes circulating in the blood. It is called the NLR (neutrophil lymphocyte ratio).

For a healthy individual, the NLR is usually between 1:1 to 3:1. However in severe COVID patients, the ratio is elevated along with the number of lymphocytes being significantly below normal. In a current study of hospitalized COVID patients, those with an NLR of 7.45 or higher were more likely to require a ventilator and had a higher risk of dying.

A significantly elevated NLR has become a “hallmark of severe COVID”. After my severe symptoms, my NLR was 42:1 – an extremely elevated ratio. This has never occurred before in my CBC results and concerned me.

My oncologist believes now that the increased activity of my malignant plasma cells as shown on my most recent PET Scan taken on 10/26/21 (after my severe symptoms were receding) is related to COVID’s effects on my bone marrow cells. Malignant plasma cells cannot produce healthy antibodies to the virus. So, millions of dysfunctional antibodies were produced in my bones that created more bone lesions as seen on this PET Scan.

And all those bone lesions make my skeleton more and more fragile. Like Humpty Dumpty, I’m prone to life-threatening pathological fractures.

And bone lesions cause bone pain.



Bone pain is a symptom of progressing multiple myeloma. Fortunately, my bone pain in subsiding. And this bone pain just may be the final stage of “long-haulers COVID”. Whatever the cause of my bone pain, my ongoing efforts to improve my immune system should allow healing, and I’ll be fine in time. Just as I was before contracting COVID.

My most recent monthly blood work on 11/30/21 showed that my NLR dropped from 42:1 to 24:1. Still very high, but markedly better. I’m moving in the right direction!

Once again, I emphasize that the quality of life is most important to me – not longevity. But I want to live as long as possible if I can be productive for my family, friends, and myself.

Believe me, I am not a victim.

Don’t pity me.

I am a survivor.

But I am a realist.

Today, I am doing very well considering all that I have been through. I’m encouraged that I have returned to walking outside a little more than a mile most days of the week.

My attitude is positive as I deal with this challenge successfully. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again with my 10 Unconventional Cancer Protocols. My wife is my pillar of strength and has taught me this lesson very well.


Concluding Thoughts & Inspiration

There are many unknowns.

What I do know is I have found a way to do the impossible: I’ve taken an incurable diagnosis and reclaimed my quality of life even without chemotherapy. I’ve also recovered successfully from COVID. I’ve researched and experimented to beat the odds and created a system that allows me to achieve the best health and healing potential possible in my situation.

Imagine what could happen if you incorporate these methods into your life before you get sick like I did. And if you have a serious diagnosis, there is always a way to improve your situation by looking at it from a different perspective and being proactive as I have.

I’m reminded of a study that was published in 2019 that showed that 88% of the US adults are metabolically unhealthy. And this leads to serious chronic diseases including cancers. Today, I am in the minority with healthy metabolic flexibility.

My greatest joy in life is my family. My second greatest joy is helping others, just like you. If you haven’t taken the time to book a consult with me, please do. I would love nothing more than to leave a legacy of improved health and wellness.

I’ve incorporated all the lessons and facts I’ve learned into my 12-Week Balanced Metabolic Coaching ProgramIt’s customized to your specific health goals and needs. If this is your first time working with me, you can book a complimentary 30 minute consult to ensure we’re the right fit to work together.

If my journey has taught you anything, I hope it’s to take control and be proactive with your health. Heal your body before it’s too late. I can help.



[1] https://www.cancertherapyadvisor.com/home/cancer-topics/multiple-myeloma/covid19-multiple-myeloma-patients-increased-risk-treatment-risk/?mpweb=1323-166044-7637569

[2] https://imf-d8-prod.s3.us-west-1.wasabisys.com/2020-10/U-DarzaFaspro_EN_2020_h4_web.pdf


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My Cancer Journey
– Another Bump in the Road –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

November 14, 2021

Let me bring you up to speed with my Cancer Journey …

  1. My first goal in my cancer journey was to maintain a quality of life, which I have.
  2. My second goal was to avoid synthetic chemicals that could destroy my immune system, which is critical for healing the body. This I have done.
  3. My next goal was to create a set of Protocols which is designed to support a robust immune system. This is also what I have provided for myself.
  4. And my success from my diagnosis of incurable bone marrow cancer in September 2018 up until June 22, 2021, has been remarkable.

I never claimed to have a cure for cancer or for any other chronic diseases. And I don’t have a cure today. But by improving my immune system through various pathways and becoming metabolically flexible, I have helped my body heal and have lowered the risk of future diseases.

Now, I am facing another challenge in my cancer journey – a bump in the road. I plan to fight it intelligently and overcome the odds again.

But let me tell you, “This bump scared me!”

My symptoms came on abruptly.

It all started with a botched injection of my monthly immunotherapy on June 22, 2021. I wrote all about it HERE. I even wrote about a prescient meditation that may have been a warning for me of things to come HERE.


A Bump in the Road

I saw my oncologist on 10/12/21 because of a progressing pain which I believed was a series of serious treatment side effects that started on 6/22/21 with my monthly injection of Darzalex. The most pain was in my right shoulder and back. Then it isolated to an area of a possible cracked rib at the base of my right rib cage on the front of my body. I also was starting to have pain in my left and right femurs where I suffered fractures about 2 years ago.

In addition to those symptoms, I had diarrhea, headaches, extreme exhaustion, generalized muscle and joint pain, and an irritating cough.

Dr. George, my oncologist, ordered more blood tests.

My CBC showed lower than normal hemoglobin. I had a significant rise in my neutrophil count and a significant drop in my lymphocyte count. My blood chemistries showed increased serum calcium and elevated alkaline phosphatase. My immunofluorescent blood work showed a significant spike in my serum dysfunctional IgA antibodies. (My current diagnosis is IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma with innumerable skeletal lytic lesions.)

My oncologist’s first thought was that my cancer was regrouping and becoming more aggressive.

He put me on dexamethasone 12mg for 4 days on and 4 days off, which I started immediately. The dexamethasone was intended to kill malignant plasma cells.

I returned to his office on 10/19/21 for new blood work. The steroid improved all the biomarkers. He also scheduled me for a new PET Scan on 10/26/21.


Another Possible Cause

Originally, my oncologist believed (and I concurred) that the Darzalex had stopped being beneficial and was the sole culprit. Dr. George recommended that I discontinue my Darzalex therapy, which I did. His concern was that my body was weakening, and I was succumbing to the cancer.

He now believes that my side effects from the botched Darzalex injection on 6/22/21 could have weakened my system and allowed me to contract COVID. All the symptoms were consistent with those of the Delta Variant. However, I never had a loss of smell, loss of taste, or a fever. And the extreme high neutrophil and low lymphocyte ratio is now considered a sign of severe COVID infection. (The spike in my neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio was 42.0; normal should be between 1.0 – 2.0.)

If this was COVID, and my immune system is effectively fighting this virus, then I should recover and return to the way I was before June 22, 2021.


PET Scan Results

My oncologist and I went over the results of the PET Scan in his office on 11/2/21. This was an enlightening discussion.

My PET Scan was disappointing.

It revealed a slight-to-moderate uptick in the multiple myeloma activity. This could be the result of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which stimulated an overgroth of bone marrow cancer cells. These dysfunctional antibodies could not fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, they crowded out the healthier marrow cells, which were trying to function normally. Then, the overabundance of malignant plasma cells created additional bone lesions, increasing the serum calcium and alkaline phosphatase levels as well as deep bone pain.

The Scan also showed inflammation in the colon which is where the COVID virus most likely settled in my body since I had days of diarrhea.

My experience may be happening to many others who have bone marrow cancer. The real science only now is being reported. This may be a “heads-up” for many.


Deeper Dive into Real Science

I believe I am successfully healing from COVID and its complications. I can’t prove this, but I now think my severe side effects from my June injection of Darzalex allowed the COVID virus to invade. But other aspects of my robust immune system are fighting off the virus.

Recently published medical papers are now uncovering the real science.

For example, healthy T cells of the immune system are more resistant than antibodies to threats posed by emerging variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Studies have shown that people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus typically generate T cells that target at least 15–20 different fragments of coronavirus proteins. The COVID vaccines only create antibodies to one specific coronavirus protein. However, contracting the actual virus will generate a large variety of T cells that could snare a virus. T cell immunity is different and possibly more effective than antibody immunity, This T cell activity makes it very hard for the virus to mutate and escape cell recognition, which is what is currently happening for antibodies generated by the current vaccines.

You may have read that Collin Powell was fully vaccinated but died from COVID complications recently. He had multiple myeloma as well as Parkinson’s Disease. Most likely he had metabolic and mitochondria dysfunction. His multiple myeloma (malignant bone marrow plasma cells) might not have allowed the vaccine to produce the proper antibodies to the spike protein in the vaccine. And his weakened immune system might not have allowed him to generate enough effective T Cell activity against the virus.

In January 2021 (Blood Cancer Discovery) and in April 2021 (HemOnc), it was reported that bone marrow cancer patients had a compromised immunity from the vaccines because of the inability to produce the functional and critical antibodies to fight the virus. And typical bone marrow cancer patients have a severely depressed immune system in general. In an article published on 10/28/21 in JAMA Oncology, investigators discussed COVID-19 Mortality and Adverse Outcomes in US Patients With or Without Cancer.

This newly discovered science has definite consequences and ramifications for me. While bone marrow cancers greatly compromise the all-important immune system, my efforts to recreate the strength of my immune system using my Unconventional Cancer Protocols potentially have given me a positive edge.

As the real science unfolds, more and more will be learned about the innate and adaptive immune system, natural immunity, and vaccines.


My Next Steps

As I have said, my enhanced immune system from my Unconventional Cancer Protocols may have been able to deal successfully with the viral infection at home – no hospitalization and no other meds. The goal of my Protocols has always been to recreate a robust immune system.

After the initial COVID symptoms resolved somewhat, I had symptoms of Long-Haulers COVID for a few weeks with generalized but consistent body aches and an annoying dry cough. I know that my immune system is dealing with these symptoms slowly but effectively.

I am relieved with this interpretation because it makes sense to me. And I anticipate recovering well. Today, I’m still a little tired. But the cough from the Long-Haulers is completely gone.

However, I am not in denial of the cancer in my body and what it might do to me in the future. I also know that I most likely will never go into remission. My primary goals are to continue to lead a productive life and to live a quality of life! (I’m going to keep writing and publishing until I can’t. Be Warned!!)

In my case, I have used a shotgun approach to build up my immune system. I am not able to force my plasma cells to become healthy and create all the necessary antibodies it was designed to create. I don’t have, and never have claimed to have, a cure for cancer. But the human body is an amazing machine. There are many additional pathways and methods by which the immune system can attempt to heal.

My course of treatment is to return to my immunotherapy with monthly Darzalex injections. And of course, I’m continuing to be aggressive with my Unconventional Cancer Protocols. They include 10 integrated Protocols I have researched and follow. I tweak them on a regular basis as is necessary. Some may be more important than others, but the sum of them together are more powerful than each on its own.

I’m also adding another whole-food product in significant quantity that has had very interesting research in assisting gut healing, reduction of inflammation, proper bone metabolism, and possibly the reduction of various cancers. It is Bovine Colostrum. I will write a dedicated Blog about this and post it next week. After my research, my “go-to” bovine colostrum is Colostrum-6. I eat it every day.

In the future, I look forward to a negative PET Scan as I had in May 2020. A negative PET Scan of multiple myeloma does not mean remission. But it is a good sign of moving in a positive direction.

And of course, I will continue to be transparent. It is important to me to share my ups and downs will all others who have fears and concerns as I have had.


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My Awesome Wife  

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

October 31, 2021

My cancer journey began on September 19, 2018, when I was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer. Since then, I’ve written many Blogs about what I have done to get to where I am today. But I have a much bigger and more important story to tell. It is the story of my awesome wife.

What can I say?

She has been my unwavering support who has given me tough love, has pulled me out of moments of depression, and never has complained about her personal medical issues.

Regrettably, I have not been equally reciprocal.

Certainly, I have supported her when she has needed me. But during my moments of frustration and withdrawal, I have made her cry. Unintentionally, I have saddened her at times when I have been self-absorbed and oblivious to her feelings. Yet, she always forgives me. She is always strong. She is always there for me.

She is awesome.

It would be impossible for me to travel the path I have followed without her. There are so many instances where she has proved herself to be superhuman. Here are some of those times when she has shined.


When I was Diagnosed …

My wife was with me at the oncologist’s office in September 2018 as we both learned of my diagnosis and dire prognosis. George, my oncologist, told us that this cancer was incurable, and I had 3-6 months to live. In that moment, my entire world seemed to collapse around me.

I looked at my wife, and she looked into my eyes. I saw hope in her eyes. But I also could see her eyes tear up while still being my pillar of strength.

She did not question my decision to reject chemotherapy and follow a program that had no guarantee. My goal was to maintain a quality of life for whatever time I had left. She knew that no one had done what I was planning. I was embarking into uncharted waters. But I knew she was my partner moving forward with my Unconventional Cancer Protocols.

She never hesitates to encourage me and to think outside of the box.


The Discussion of Death …

My wife and I discuss death openly, spiritually, and pragmatically.

The months before my dad died many years ago, I remember my mother never allowed my sister and me to discuss death with him. How sad it was for him! How sad it was for me! I never achieved “closure” with my dad. My dad was never able to talk about his life and impending death because my mom stopped the conversation.

I saw his eyes while he was on his death bed in the hospital. His eyes were piercing mine. They were glistening and trying to speak to me. Yet, he was stifled and could never verbalize what was on his mind. That evening, he passed away.

Death is part of life. It must be openly discussed.

My wife has encouraged me to speak about death with her and with our adult children. She has made “the end of life” a celebration rather than a curse.

But in the early months following my diagnosis, I knew she was crying quietly and secretively almost every morning. She forced herself to discuss a very real but uncomfortable and scary scenario.

She continues to be awesome!


When I Entered Hospice …

In August 2019, I had a severe setback. In one fall in my bathroom, I split my right femur and right humerus in half along with fracturing a couple of ribs. I was ready to die, and I wanted to die. I already had outlived my prognosis.

I was placed in a hospice hospital to die.

The strength and determination of my wife turned all this around.

She gave me tough love. She convinced me that I was a survivor and not a victim.

My wife arranged for a hospital bed to be delivered to our home and was able to get me transferred from the hospital to our home while still being under hospice care. Then, she hired an in-home physical therapist to help me.

The physical therapist got me out of the hospital bed, finally got my catheter out, and had me walking with a walker within a few weeks. My wife got me back on my Unconventional Cancer Protocols, and I began to recover. I revoked hospice and scheduled to see my oncologist in early October 2019. He was shocked that I still was alive.

I owe my recovery to my awesome wife.


When I Thought I had COVID …

In June 2021, I had an unusual and complex reaction to my monthly immunotherapy. The injection was supposed to be subcutaneous. However, the nurse botched it, entered a vein, and immediately created a hematoma that lasted 5 weeks!

About a week after this injection, I developed physical symptoms including severe muscle aches, joint pain, extreme exhaustion, diarrhea, and headaches. These symptoms are reported to be rare but significant side effects of the immunotherapy drug, Darzalex. The confluence of these side effects was reported to occur when the benefits from the therapy began to decrease, and the risks began to increase.

I returned to my oncologist about a month after the severe symptoms had slowly resolved. We discussed the possibility that my symptoms were not only side effects from Darzalex but were typical symptoms of the Delta Variant of COVID. However, I never lost taste or smell, and never had a fever. I did have a lingering cough that eventually went away.

Likely, I suffered bad side effects from the incorrect injection of the immunotherapy drug, which may have affected the strength of my immune system. The consequence may have allowed the COVID virus an opportunity to manifest.

Once again, my wife was helping me cope with all the tumult and another bout of depression from June’s setback. During those few weeks while my discomfort became incapacitating, I thought this event could be the turning point that would put me over the edge again. But my wife was there to convince me to work with my body as I had done in the past.

To be sure, I am a terrible patient. When I don’t feel well, I am a bear to live with. I was true to form while dealing with these symptoms for several weeks. Yet my wife never flinched. She was constantly there to pick me up from my state of depression with her positive attitude and encouraging remarks.

Of course, she was insistent and right. I already had recreated a robust immune system because of my Unconventional Cancer Protocols. It is my belief that my enhanced immune system prevented more severe COVID symptoms and complications from developing.

She was awesome.



I am facing another roadblock that is challenging. My cancer may be moving into an active state once again, causing me concern. On the other hand, there is a possibility that I am dealing with Long Haulers COVID[1] symptoms and not a resurgence of multiple myeloma.

Whatever is going on, I will continue to fight the fight I started to fight over three years ago. My resolve is strong, and my attitude is positive. Once again, making memories with my loved ones and living a quality life for as long as possible are my driving forces.



If you have a debilitating, incurable, or terminal disease, you still have choices. You can decide how you want to handle yourself moving forward. For me, my wife has been my support. Hopefully, you have a significant other to help you in your moments of weakness.

I am only human. I could not have done what I have done for myself without the unrelenting strength and perseverance from my wife.

Together, my wife and I make a dynamic duo! But she is the conductor of this reality show I call my Cancer Journey.

Take time to figure this out for yourself: In times of illness or struggle, it is important to pay attention to those who act as your pillars, giving you strength and support to go on, even when you don’t feel like it yourself. I’d love to hear about the people who inspire you. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments.


[1] https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/covid-long-haulers-long-term-effects-of-covid19


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The Bug is Attacking

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

October 24, 2021

There is a worldwide bug that is getting us down. And this bug is mutating – changing its form and virulence. But there are methods that may stop it in its tracks before it causes serious harm to our body. (Of course, “bug” is a code word for an infective foreign agent we all know about.)

This “bug” is like a swarm of biting and contagious insects which injects its venom into your system to spread potentially to all tissues.

People have been getting very sick. It can be life-threatening. Many medically and metabolically compromised individuals have died from its lethal sting.

It goes without saying that our body has been defending itself from external pathogens throughout evolution. This bug is another pathogen that wants to get into our body. Our immune system is tasked with being our “armed forces” to take charge, defend our body, and heal every cell in our amazing human machine if possible.

But modern civilization has forced substances upon us that damage our natural immune system and challenge its continued success to fight the fight effectively and efficiently.

All of us are exposed to innutritious foods, processed foods, added chemicals of all types, numerous physical and emotional stressors, and an increasingly polluted environment that surrounds us 24/7. We are being bombarded externally as never has been experienced in human existence. And we have an enormous number of decisions to make.

I have integrated the science and research from many sources and various peer-reviewed medical papers to put together my 2-page Protocol to engage this bug and offer a means to win the battle. I cite these sources in my Protocol, which assists in the recreation of a robust immune system. It includes clinically proven methods to help prevent this “bug” from taking over the body in its early stages of infestation.

Sadly, many qualified and seasoned medical specialists and investigators have been forced to retract their published papers and have been removed from mainstream social media when they write or talk about the science of this dreadful swarm. Populations all over the world are being forced to accept unproven and manufactured substitutes in lieu of taking the steps to build up a strong immune system.

What could be more natural than to support our body in the way it was created to function?

I ask you to follow the science – the real biological science that is dictated by our DNA blueprint. Don’t count on the “science” that is promoted by only one side of the equation. You need to understand pros and cons to make an informed decision as it has always been done in my lifetime until now. You should be proactive if the information makes sense to you.

Read my protocol to prevent and treat the early onset of the Bug: Protocols in this link.


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My Plates of Food
– Animal-Based –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

October 17, 2021

When I began the “Carnivore Diet” on 1/1/20, I was strict – 100% muscle meat, bones, collagen, bone marrow, organs, and the animal fat. My diet was based on the Paleomedicina Clinic’s way of eating for cancer patients.[1]

But about a year later, I added a few fruits and vegetables that were low in phytates, lectins, and oxalates. As a matter of fact, the Paleomedicina Clinic allows their patients who have had success with the strict diet to become less strict. They are allowed to eat as little as 70% animal products by volume on a dinner plate and as much as 30% select plants.

I designed my Better Belly Blueprint way of eating with a 70%/30% proportion. My typical plate of food by volume consists of as little as 70% animal products and as much as 30% select plants. And the animal-based foods have a fat-to-protein ratio of approximately 2:1 measured in grams.

My goal is to recreate a robust immune system and assist my body in healing. Today, the means to that end include providing nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods. But most importantly, this also includes the avoidance and removal of any irritants that could damage my gut or create chronic inflammation that could affect all my organ systems.

My Better Belly Blueprint way of eating is part of my overall solution, which is outlined in my Unconventional Cancer Protocols. This way of eating assists my body to be metabolically flexible.

Metabolic flexibility basically allows my body to do what it was created to do metabolically. My body knows how to use carbohydrates for fuel. My body also knows how to burn fat as fuel when consumed carbohydrates are not available. By being metabolically flexible, I can cycle back and forth between burning fat and burning carbohydrates as fuel.

To maintain metabolic flexibility, I need to eat differently on my “fat burning days” and on my “carb burning days”. My typical meals are different. My plates of food are different.


Typical Meals …

I eat when I am hungry and drink when I am thirsty. But I eat to satiety and drink until my thirst is quenched. I drink SOLE first thing in the morning to help hydrate my cells. Many days of the week I eat only one meal. Some days I eat twice a day. Rarely do I eat more than two times a day.

To be metabolically flexible, I eat to be a “fat burner” about 5-6 days a week. In contrast, I eat to be a “carb burner” 1-2 days a week.


Fat Burning

Here’s a photo of my typical “fat-burning meal”:


Starting at the bottom of the picture and moving counterclockwise:

  • A portion of grilled ribeye cooked rare with ghee
  • Several fresh blueberries
  • 1 teaspoon of Manuka honey
  • Beef bone broth with collagen peptides
  • A slice of raw Gouda cheese
  • 6 desiccated bovine bone marrow capsules
  • A slice of liver pâté

This way of eating helps me stay in ketosis for 5-6 days a week. The fat-to-protein ratio is approximately 2:1 measured in grams. I consume less than 20 grams of carbs daily on my fat-burning days.


Carb Burning

About 1-2 days a week, I cycle out of ketosis. I become a “carb burner” rather than a “fat burner” for a couple of days. After that, I go back to my “fat burner” way of eating by returning to ketosis. This maintains my personal metabolic flexibility.

The total grams of carbs on my carb-burning days are over 100 grams. Eating this way will keep me out of ketosis.

Here is a picture of my typical “carb-burning meal”:


Starting at the bottom of the picture and moving counterclockwise:


My Ketone Levels

I can tell when I am in ketosis. My energy level is higher, and my mind is clearer when in ketosis. Also, I know I am in a “fat-burning” mode because I measure my ketone levels.

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which there’s a high concentration of ketones in the blood. Ketones can pass through the blood-brain barrier and supply the neural tissues with 70% of their energy needs. Ketosis occurs when fat provides most of the fuel for the body, and there’s limited access to glucose.

I use the BioSense Breath Ketone Monitor, which measures acetones in the breath resulting from ketones in the blood. The monitor’s unit of measurement is ACEs. ACEs are BioSense’s units of measurement for breath acetones. Essentially, if you divide ACEs by 10, you will get an approximation of blood ketones, which are reported in mmol/L units. For example, a score of “18 ACES” is equal to a “ketone blood level of 1.8 mmol/L”.)

The following Table explains the interpretation of ketone levels measured in ACEs.


My Ketone Levels for Fat-Burning Days

As I previously mentioned, I measure my breath acetone level to be sure I am in ketosis. Here is a graph during my “fat burning” days that registers my acetone levels measured by the BioSense Breath Ketone Monitor. It shows my ACE levels are between 6 ACEs and 19 ACEs:

As I said, the ACE units measure acetone in the exhaled breath from ketones in the blood. The acetone level is directly correlated to the ketones in the blood.


My Ketone Levels for Carb-Burning Days

Here is a graph of my breath acetone levels measured with the BioSense Breath Ketone Monitor. This graph is the day after my “Fat Burning Day”. You can see that I cycle into ketosis on my “carb day” with my ACE levels below 5 during my waking hours:


My Continued Research

This way of eating has impressed me. It has assisted my goal to recreate my robust immune system and increase my overall energy.

My continuing research of the NIH PubMed website has revealed many published medical abstracts that clearly show the production and circulation of ketones in the blood system to be beneficial for continued wellness.

[1] https://nutriintervention.com/paleolithic-ketogenic-diet-pkd-efficacy-and-applicability-faq/


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Better Belly Blueprint Recipes
– Blueberry Plantain Pancakes –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

October 3, 2021


Traditional pancakes were one of my favorite foods for breakfast before embracing my Better Belly Blueprint way of eating. This recipe changed everything for me when it came to delicious pancakes – without the junk! I make these pancakes for my days when I cycle out of ketosis and into a carb burning mode. And I add a super delicious and nutritious treat – fresh organic whole blueberries. You’ve got to try these and judge for yourself.



  • 2 Green plantains
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 Tablespoon of vanilla extract (amount based on taste)
  • 3 Tablespoons of Ghee
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1/4 Teaspoon of sea salt
  • Organic blueberries (optional)
  • Ghee for the saucepan



  1. Peel plantains and cut into small pieces (It’s easier to cut them with the peel on in half and half again. Then cut each section lengthwise; finally separate the peel from the meat of the plantain with your fingers.)
  2. Place plantain pieces and remaining ingredients (except blueberries) into food processor or blender. (I use a NutriBullet Rx.)


  1. Blend all ingredients into a batter


  1. Add small amount of ghee to frying pan over medium heat
  2. Spoon in batter into frying pan until pancake is desired size
  3. Add as many blueberries as you wish (optional)


  1. Cook like a regular pancake (After about 2 minutes, the top will form little bubbles just like a regular pancake. Flip it and cook the other side for another minute or so until done.)


  1. Repeat for additional pancakes (Add additional ghee to the pan each time before the batter for another pancake; remaining batter can be refrigerated for a week)
  2. Eat plain (Or, top with fresh fruit, butter, raw honey, or whatever makes you happy! Sometimes, I spread liver pâté on the surface of the pancake for an unusual and nutritious meal.)


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15 Tactics for Wellness

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

October 3, 2021

We are all about WELLNESS. At least, most of us say, “I am all about wellness”. But are you spending all your time looking for the one holy grail that guarantees health?

Many of us are searching for this secret chalice, which hopefully will hold the miracle solution. But based on our human evolution, there really are some very simple and basic concepts that always have been true. If you can grasp and implement the 15 tactics which I list later in this article, your pathway to continued health could be assured.

You probably have read many books on the subject. There are gurus all over the Internet and in private practice promoting their ways of doing things to get healthy and stay healthy. No doubt you have seen the gamut from crazy diets to crazy gadgets. And no doubt you have seen the billions of dollars being made by the industry that sells these diets and gadgets.

We are a “gimmick” society.

If it’s a pill that will treat all our ills, we want it. If it is expensive, then it must work better. If enough “famous people” tout its benefits, we jump at the chance to write a check no matter what the science says or what it costs.

And then there are others who believe the more complex and esoteric a remedy or protocol is, the better it must be. Complexity seems to be directly correlated with efficacy.

All these are blatantly untrue. Don’t waste your time seeking out the elusive, exclusive, gimmicky solution.


Occam’s Razor

In the early 14th Century, William of Occam was an English Franciscan friar, scholastic philosopher, and theologian. He was reported to say that the best explanation of any phenomenon is the one that makes the fewest assumptions. This is known as “Occam’s Razor”. Essentially, when faced with competing explanations for the same phenomenon, the simplest is likely the correct one.

In my opinion, one thing is clear. The human species has evolved over thousands of years with a genetic blueprint, which has changed very little during this time. In fact, 99.9% of each of us is the same! [1],[2] What makes you the person you are and what makes me the person I am is the remaining 0.1% of our genetic blueprint.

The simplest rule of thumb would be to follow “mother nature” and give the body what it needs and avoid everything that is in your power that could act as an irritant or a toxic element to the body. Occam’s Razor suggests that the answers are succinct and achievable.


Genetic Blueprint

The genetic blueprint is the masterplan. It resides in the DNA within the nucleus of every cell in your body except for mature red blood cells.

The DNA lays out the design plan to manufacture YOU! It’s like the architect’s guide to build YOU! Everything that is part of the physical YOU is in this code. And your genetic code knows what it needs and what it does not need. Don’t play around with your genetic motherboard.

At one extreme in our Blueprint, our DNA is very clear about what it requires to stay alive. We must breathe clean air; eat nutritious food; and drink untainted water. Neglect any of these three requirements, then we surely will be doomed.

At the other extreme, it is just as forceful in telling us what it can’t tolerate. If we put toxic substances into our body, we will suffer. Make no mistake about it. If we insist on challenging our DNA by putting stuff into our body that we never evolved to detox, digest, or rid itself of, then our human machine will suffer, deteriorate, and die.

And it makes no sense to me to search out synthetic preparations to trick the body. These “miracle supplements and concoctions” claim that you can do anything you want to your body because these “miracle supplements” will mop up the toxic stuff that your body can’t handle. I ask you, “Why do this to your ‘human temple’ in the first place?”

Our body is a miraculous creation! Give it what it needs; avoid all the other junk.

It’s that straightforward – Occam’s Razor!


15 Tactics for Wellness

These 15 actions make up a simple statement of facts. Follow these steps. They are the best and cheapest health insurance you could ever buy.

The following 15 proactive tactics provide your genetic code with what it requires. Most importantly, you’ll be avoiding toxic elements that could damage your body. Use my 15 Tactics for Wellness as your guide to overall health.

  1. Eat nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods
  2. Drink natural spring water replete with trace minerals
  3. Stay away from packaged foods that include chemicals of any type from any source
  4. Follow guidelines to maintain a healthy garden of bacteria in your gut
  5. Efficiently and effectively take care of your mouth knowing that it also has a healthy garden of bacteria that must be maintained and not disturbed or killed off indiscriminately
  6. Eliminate processed grain products, sugars, and vegetable and seed oils from your diet
  7. Learn what it means to be “metabolically flexible” so that your body cycles back and forth between a “carbohydrate burning mode” and a “fat burning mode”.
  8. Determine your 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D blood level and maintain that level between 50-80 ng/mL
  9. Take desiccated bovine organs and products (i.e., liver, heart, spleen, kidney, pancreas, bone marrow, colostrum) instead of a “multivitamin/mineral supplement”
  10. Move your body – walk daily, perform body-weight exercises 2-3 times a week; engage in high intensity interval training once every 7-10 days
  11. Sleep restoratively – approximately 6-8 hours every night
  12. Reduce emotional stress
  13. Get out in the sun; walk barefoot on the earth
  14. Disconnect from daily news broadcasts and other digital devices whenever possible
  15. Avoid chemicals in personal care and household products


Search My Blogs

I’ve written detailed Blogs supported by peer-reviewed medical articles regarding most of these tactics. You could “search” keywords” on my website to find my specific articles. All of them are easily downloaded and printed.

I’m here if you have specific questions about my 15 tactics. I answer all my emails: Al@DrDanenberg.com.


[1] https://www.genome.gov/about-genomics/fact-sheets/Genetics-vs-Genomics

[2] https://www.amacad.org/publication/unequal-nature-geneticists-perspective-human-differences


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Sore, Inflamed, Sensitive Gums?
– 9 Questions & 2 Solutions –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

September 19, 2021

Barbara is a new patient of a dental colleague I know well. He is a well-trained biological dentist. Barbara was at her wits end, and he was perplexed.

Barbara had sore, inflamed, sensitive gums frequently – especially after she had any dental procedure performed in her mouth. She also had many existing dental restorations.

Interestingly, Barbara had blood tests to determine the compatibility of these dental materials before they were placed. No problems were identified.  Also, her current biological dentist could not find any active periodontal disease, bone infection, or problems with her existing dental work.

Obviously, Barbara was confused and distraught. She wanted to know what was going on. And her dentist was confounded and needed answers too.


First Things First

First, her new biologically oriented dentist completed a thorough dental exam. Among other things, he was looking for at least 11 potentially irritating factors that might be in her mouth causing inflammation and infection. Obviously, if any of these were the problem, each must be resolved correctly.

Second, a medical doctor and various specialists were consulted. They were looking for any systemic medical conditions that could be the cause of her gum issues. If any were detected, they would need to be addressed and treated.

For Barbara, it turned out that the cause was not a typical cause that her dentist or medical doctors would generally investigate. But once Barbara’s dentist and she learned the cause, she responded well.


9 Questions

Barbara’s dentist called me to describe his dilemma and Barbara’s negative findings. I suggested that he ask Barbara these 9 questions:

  1. Do you avoid eating healthy beef or lamb?
  2. Do you eat bread?
  3. Do you eat processed sugars?
  4. Do you eat any vegetable or seed oils? (Canola, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, grapeseed, sesame, soybean, peanut, etc.)
  5. Do you eat chicken or pork more than once a week?
  6. Do you have allergies?
  7. Do you have frequent sinus infections?
  8. Do you have frequent skin lesions or rashes?
  9. Have you taken various regimens of systemic antibiotic therapy in the past?


If Any Answer is “YES”

Answer these questions for yourself. Are any true?

  • If you avoided eating beef or lamb from nose-to-tail, you could be missing many bioavailable nutrients in their natural state that are required by the body. I wrote about this in my recent Blogs titled, The Case for Meat and 4 Perfect Supplements – 1 Perfect Diet. If you are not eating this way, desiccated organs in capsule form could be included into your diet. Think about them as high-powered, multi-vitamin, multi-mineral whole foods with nothing added and nothing removed except water.
  • If you ate bread and/or processed sugars, they could damage your gut microbiome and the lining of your gut. Try to avoid or eliminate them from your diet.
  • If you regularly ate vegetable and/or seed oils as well as a lot of chicken and/or pork, linoleic acid could be a problem. Linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) that can cause weight gain, immune system dysfunction, and mitochondrial damage when consumed in excess. Vegetable and seed oils should be removed completely, while chicken or pork should be eaten only once a week or every other week.
  • If you had a history of allergies, sinus infections, or skin irritations, these issues may be emanating from the same source that could be causing mouth problems.
  • Frequent use of antibiotics in the past could damage the garden of healthy bacteria in the gut as well as in the mouth.

A “Yes” answer to any of the 9 Questions might indicate a leaky gut. I already suggested some positive changes you might implement.


Leaky Gut & Mouth Problems

If you have sore, inflamed, sensitive gum tissues, they may be due to an imbalance of bacteria in your gut and damage to the epithelial barrier that separates the inside of your gut from your blood system and the rest of your body. Damage to the gut could cause improper absorption of nutrients even if you are consuming healthy nutrients. The breakdown of this gut barrier is called a leaky gut.

A leaky gut will cause inflammation coursing throughout your body. This inflammation will affect all organ systems negatively – including the mouth!

My suggestion is to improve the health and diversity of the bacteria in your gut and repair the gut epithelial barrier to help solve your mouth problems. In essence, you need to treat your Leaky Gut.

To do this, I have 2 Solutions that will help repair the gut lining and improve the gut microbiome.


2 Solutions

#1. Consume spore-based probiotics

These have been demonstrated in human trials to increase the diversity of the gut microbiome and help repair the gut epithelial barrier.

The two spore-based probiotics I take personally and recommend are …

  1. MegasporeBiotic
  2. TerraFlora Deep Immune


#2. Swish and swallow bovine colostrum

When you swish with bovine colostrum, some of its beneficial elements will enter the blood system rapidly because they are absorbed through the soft tissues in your mouth. After you swallow the colostrum, all of it gets into the gut to bind to toxic elements and to help heal the damaged epithelial gut lining.

I personally use and recommend ProColostrum-LD.

If dairy is a problem in any way, colostrum may cause gut discomfort. I suggest taking a very small dose of the ProColostrum-LD and titrate to higher doses over the next week or two. If you cannot tolerate colostrum at any dose, then I recommend MegaIgG 2000 capsules to swallow. MegaIgG 2000 is like colostrum but derived from bovine serum instead. It has the immunoglobulin antibodies IgG, IgM, and IgA as well as transferrin, but it does not have all the other beneficial bioactive elements which bovine colostrum provides.


Barbara’s Experience

As I said, Barbara’s biocompatibility blood tests for her existing dental restorations were negative or inconclusive. Also, her medical doctor specializing in allergy medicine was uncertain to the actual cause of her reactions. And additional medical complications were ruled out by other medical specialists.

When Barbara’s dentist finally asked her the previous 9 questions, he discovered that she ate mainly plant-based foods and possibly was missing some very important nutrients.

In addition, Barbara gave a medical history of frequent sinus infections and antibiotic usage.

To solve the puzzle, Barbara’s dentist helped her transition to some animal-based foods – especially the desiccated organs. Also, he had her begin the 2 Solutions I suggested.

Within 45 days, Barbara resolved most of her mouth soreness, inflammation, and sensitivity. Also, she said she felt more energy without any gut disturbances.


Final Thoughts

My 2 Solutions are not a cure. But they support the body in healing. What’s fascinating is that every cell in the body communicates with every other cell in the body in some way. And the gut microbiome, which is made up of 38 trillion microbes, has a significant influence in our overall health and wellbeing.

By the way, the human body only has 30 trillion human cells. So, we are more microbial than human! Think about that!


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