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Dr. Alvin Danenberg & Dr. Steven Lin

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS  Nutritional Periodontist
January 22, 2018 [printfriendly]




Dental Nutrition, The Oral Microbiome, Vitamin K2, and the Gut w/ Dr. Al Danenberg from Steven Lin on Vimeo.


Dr. Steven Lin is a dentist from Australia. He is “setting the world on fire” with his fresh take on diet and dental disease. He wrote an excellent book, The Dental Diet, that was released in early January of this year. His book is much more than a diet book. Get the book; you will love it.


Steven and I have been sharing our thoughts and knowledge for over a year. We had a chat via Skype last Thursday. We talked about all kinds of things. It was like a fireside chat.  The major theme was how the gums may be the first warning sign of inflammation occurring in the rest of the body. Also, we talked about brushing and flossing, Vitamin K2, gums and the microbiome, and why bleeding gums and gum disease may have a common source – your gut.


Spend about 34 minutes, and watch us talk about “curing the world”.



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  1. Hi Dr Al and Dr Steve,
    Just letting you know that talking w patients about Vit D and Vit K2 is not that hard. Most of the long term “perio” patients that I have inherited by buying into a new practice 4 y ago, have been most open to finding a way to escape that mindless scouring of their pockets, that they endure from hygienists and periodontists, who are only ” managing” their disease.
    I have now several 65+ and 70+ y olds who are “oil pulling” w coconut oil daily and NO LONGER have any black sub gingival scale or bop on probing. I have recently being suggesting that they oil pull w Cod Liver Oil or Emu Oil. I think I am going to start stocking it, as much as I stock Chlorine Dioxide mouthrinse.
    I would also like you both to consider that there are a number of trace minerals that are essential for good healthy bone metabolism, most importantly magnesium, zinc, boron, dolomite. selenium, strontium etc.
    It is very important to realise that in a pro-inflammatory state, a person will chew up minerals and be depleted.
    One very easy way is to prescrice ” plant based colloidal minerals ” offering the full 80+ trace minerals every day.

  2. Hello guys,
    Just wanted to add to your honey healing power article if I could. Several years ago, I had an Australian Shepherd lose a leg in a dog attack. Leg was amputated, incision was stiched, then folded over as a “protective” cover, according to the vet. Afterwards, the outer foldover refused to heal up, causing her to have to go in 3 more times in 2 months for more staples, and antibiotics. During my last visit at that point in time, one of the vet techs referenced honey and that I might try that to heal it up. I immediately went out and bought the local raw honey, applied it to a gauze pad, rubbed it on the incision, and wrapped it in an ace bandage. Changed it several times in two weeks. By the end if that time, the out foldover had healed completely, skin to skin, not a raw incision. I continue to this day to use it for its medical benefits, and am very glad to see the answer to my question, as I had a broken molar extracted two days ago, and wanted to avoid chances of dry pocket.
    Thank you very much, and godspeed on getting this info out!

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