Consultation Options and Fees


How to Get Started in 4 Easy Steps:


  1. Read this page, “How a Consultation Will Benefit You.”
  2. Schedule a consultation (see below).
  3. Fill out the questionnaire and 3-day food journals. You can download a .pdf with links to these below. The questionnaire has 2 parts for technical reasons, and the food journal is 3 separate Formsite forms – please submit 1 per day for 3 days.


    Please submit your completed questionnaire and food journals at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled consultation so I have time to go over them.


    (Note, you may find it helpful to download a PDF copy of the questionnaire and the PDF of the 3-day food journal before starting the online versions to understand what information I am looking for.)
  4. You or your dentist also can email your digital dental x-rays to me.

Links to Questionnaire and each day of the 3-Day Food Journal to submit online.




Initial Consultation with Questionnaire
60-90 minute Phone / Zoom / FaceTime / Skype consultation after review of your responses to the Questionnaire and 3-Day Food Journal
Fee: $450


Follow-Up Consultations
25 minutes
Fee: $250


1:1 Coaching Program
12 weeks
Fee: $1250




Please note: Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you should need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Although I do not accept insurance, I can provide you with an invoice that you can submit to your insurance company to determine if there will be reimbursement.


Schedule a Consultation: