Does This Ever Happen To You?

evolution rDoes this ever happen to you? You go to a professional website thinking you will find helpful information, but you only find sales material? When I go online searching for medical websites, I hope to find useful information that is unbiased and non-commercial. Unfortunately, my success has been pitiful. Here is an example:


I heard of a book written by a well-know physician that was getting good reviews. I wanted to know more about this guy and what he stood for. So, I went to his website the other day to see what I could learn. This medical doctor promotes himself as helping people overcome their chronic diseases. Online, there was a questionnaire that he created and touted to be able to assess my overall health and medical risks. A report was to be generated based on my answers, and it was supposed to let me know how the doctor and his website might be able to help me. All I needed to do was to answer the questions and click “submit”. So, I did just that. It was a lengthy questionnaire taking over 15 minutes for me to complete. However, I must confess that I was somewhat dishonest. I filled it out with responses that I knew would be the responses of a young, healthy male. I was actually testing the doctor and the honesty of his website. Guess what happened?


As soon as I submitted my responses, I was immediately transferred to a page that summarized my overall health risks and made specific suggestions. Remember, I answered the questions as if I were a healthy, young male because I knew what those healthy responses should be. The summary report that I got in return advised me what I needed to do to become healthy. Don’t forget, I answered the questions like a healthy young guy.


As I jumped to the bottom line of my health assessment, it stated that I had to purchase a host of supplements peddled by the doctor on his website for a total cost to me of $112 per month to get healthy and stay healthy! No other suggestions were offered!


I was appalled. Have you ever had an experience like that?


I have lost all respect and credibility for this doctor. Unfortunately, he is one of many health professionals out there just trying to sell you something you do not need.


This will never happen to you on my website. I offer consultations for a fair fee just as if you were to sit down one-on-one with other quality-conscious, comprehensive health professionals. The blogs I write are from my heart. They are a compilation of my 35-plus years of private practice treating periodontal disease and from my further education in the world of ancestral nutrition and functional medicine. Any products I discuss are because I use them personally, and they work in my body.


These are my thoughts for today. I am happy I could share them with you. Until next week.


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