Eat As If Your Life Depends On It

What would you do if you were given 3 months to live? 

Facing an incurable cancer diagnosis, Dr. Al set out to find a way to maintain his quality of life for as long as possible, and stumbled across something remarkable: by making adjustments to his way of eating, he found himself feeling BETTER than he had before the diagnosis! 

Now, 4 years later, he’s sharing exactly what he implemented and why it worked so you can take control of your health and feel better than ever before. 

In Eat As If Your Life Depends On It, you will be challenged to rethink everything you’ve been told about proper nutrition. 

88% of the US population is metabolically unhealthy, and that leads to chronic illness and disease. 

This book will help you use nutrition to create a solid foundation of health to ward off illness. Your life depends on it! 

Praise for 'Eat As If Your Life Depends On It'

"Dr. Al Danenberg provides excellent yet concise information and guidance to successfully thrive on a Keto/Paleo/Carnivore Diet. He provides in-depth research explained in lay-mans terms and completely dispels all the lies we've been told our whole lives about nutrition and health. I particularly appreciated his clear week-by-week plan on how to transition from a standard diet to an optimal animal-based diet. He provides helpful information on how to ensure a smooth adaptation period. I will be recommending Dr. Danenberg’s book to anyone who is looking to better their health through proper nutrition!"
The Steak and Butter Gal
"Red diamonds are the most rare diamonds on earth. Even more so than pink diamonds, and given their scarcity, they are no longer found in nature anymore. Dr Danenberg is a red diamond to me. And like a red diamond, Dr Danenberg was impossible to find in nature... until now! Most humans in their final stages of life would be well within their rights to be making themselves as comfortable as possible, relaxing and making exit plans for their families posthumous celebration of life. Instead, Dr Danenberg takes the precious time he has left and created a book that will inevitably go on to impact millions of lives. How we show up in the world impacts everything we do. Dr Danenberg has carefully laid out exactly how we should show up in the world with regards to our health and wellbeing."
Laban Ditchburn
The World's Best Courage Coach
"Given three to six months to live, Dr. Al Danenberg decided to forgo toxic chemical treatments and instead improve his diet. What he discovered has helped him to live years beyond his dire prognosis. Read "Eat As Your Life Depends On It" and learn about Dr. Danenberg's "Better Belly Blueprint" as well. It is a practical and pragmatic guide to change your health for the better by simplifying your food choices for optimal energy production and can even be done at your own pace. There are even easy-to-duplicate templates for monitoring your progress. If this can add years to the life of someone at death's door, imagine what it could do for you or a loved one! I am truly grateful to Al for inviting us on the most challenging journey of his lifetime; and for making it so simple to choose a metabolically beneficial diet that anyone can put to the test!"
Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.
Homeopath and Host of The Robert Scott Bell Show
“Dr. Danenberg had the courage and expertise to create his own cancer nutrition program. In the process, he defied the odds and gained years of cancer-free, vibrant life. Now he is sharing his unconventional, yet evidence-based protocol with others so they can benefit from it too. If you or someone you know was recently diagnosed with cancer, I urge you to read this book.”
Chris Kresser
NYT best-selling author of The Paleo Cure and Unconventional Medicine
“I have quite a bit of experience with diets as I have worked with naturopaths for a long time learning about diet, nutrition and food sources. I have gone gluten free, dairy free, paleo, low carb and keto all with success in adhering to the plan, but not feeling 100% benefit like I had hoped. Reading this book has challenged my thinking regarding diet, especially with the peer-reviewed information, something I find exceedingly important these days in medicine and science. I look forward to implementing this book into my everyday life and diet as I find there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. I would absolutely recommend this book to many people in my personal and professional life.”
Brittany Jaharis
“I really enjoyed learning from Dr. Al's personal healing journey, and was impressed with how he has been rebooting his immune system! Since doing my own research for my health journey, I'm 80% plant-based, but still enjoyed reading his research and personal health transformation. I love the detailed food journal that he includes in this and want to try it out for myself! A wonderful, short read for anyone looking to clean up their diet & lifestyle!”
Emily Gingerich
“I am a Multiple Myeloma patient and have struggled with gut issues from the chemotherapy I take daily. I’ve tried vegan, vegetarian, and all types in between. I’ve followed some advice on the 'Better Belly Blueprint' and find the advice helpful and insightful. I believe in implementing this eating style; you need to understand that this is not a “diet” but a way of life. It is a paradigm shift in how we think about food and nutrients. I’ve “fallen” off the wagon when first implementing for many reasons. But once I understood the connection outlined, I am able to create a mindset that will help me be more successful in implementing this lifestyle change. Thank you!”
Carolyn Berry