First Edition of Belly Bites

Belly Bites: First Edition

Hi there!


Welcome to the first edition of Belly Bites, my new weekly newsletter. I’ve decided to switch things up and collect my thoughts into an organized email, instead of sending out an email blast when I post blogs (I realize blasts went out this morning, those will be the last ones).


This newsletter will still go out on Monday though, so you can count on that stability during this crazy time.
I’ll be covering the following topics: my latest blog post, a recent podcast or interview, a delicious recipe, business updates, and the occasional word on my cancer journey.
So let’s get to it, shall we?

This week on the blog
I think I watch too much news on the TV. These days of COVID-19 monopolize the airwaves. But when I heard the latest rant on one of my favorite stations, it shocked me at first and then got me to thinking. And when I start “thinking”, almost anything can happen. My blog this week is the result of that newscast and my mind spiraling into a positive response. I titled this post, “I’ve Gotta Get Used to What? – 7 Critical Steps to Get Healthy”. Read what I mean…

A recent interview with Dr. Sanjay Sochdeva
Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. Sanjay Sochdeva from the Daivam Wellness Center in India. We had a great conversation discussing primal nutrition, the importance of a healthy garden of gut bacteria for a healthy mouth, my cancer journey thus far, as well as a variety of topics around the connection between gut and mouth health. Have a watch and let me know what you think!
My eats
On January 1, 2020, I switched from my Paleo Autoimmune way of eating to a strict Carnivore Diet. The science of this way of eating impressed me, especially with my cancer challenge. Now, I incorporate very few plants that are extremely low in antinutrients – no more than 15% of my plate of food.

So, I began creating some recipes to add variety to my animal-based diet. Here is one that my wife and I love. I call it, “Ground Beef, Special Sauce, and Cracklins”. Check it out…

My coaching program – NEW!
Last week I launched my first ever nutritional coaching program! So if you or anyone you know is in need of a gut and immune system upgrade, send ’em my way! Previously, I was only taking 1:1 consultations. Here’s some quick info:

  • The program will span 12 weeks (3 months).
  • The cost is $1250.
  • A payment plan is available.

Reply to this email if interested or check out this page to learn more.
My cancer journey
If you know me, then you know my life took a blow at the age of 71 in September 2018. I was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer called IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma. My oncologist gave me 3-6 months to live if I did nothing.
I rejected chemotherapy. Immediately, I researched and started what is now my Unconventional Cancer Protocols. Life was going well until August 2019. Then it happened.
While brushing my teeth in my bathroom, I twisted my body to the left to throw my used dental floss in the trashcan. Instantly, my right femur snapped in half. I crashed to the floor breaking 2 ribs and splitting my right humerus in two. Pain! Hopelessness! Fear! I was ready to die; I wanted to die.
After being rushed to the ER, my right leg was repaired, but my right arm was left as is. I rejected physical therapy and was transported to a hospice hospital to die. Drugged with narcotics, catheterized, and demoralized, I felt my life was over.
But a miracle happened. With the help of my amazing wife, I rallied and returned to my Unconventional Cancer Protocols.
Fast forward to today. My PET Scan on 5/8/20 showed no active cancer cells throughout my entire body.
However, the reality is that I am not in remission just yet. But I am thriving with plenty of energy and a bright outlook moving forward.
Now I need to learn how to chill just like my Ragdoll cat, Cricket:

Thanks so much for reading this far.
I’ll see you next Monday for round 2!
Until next time,
Dr. Al
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