Gluten-Free, Nutrient-Dense Recipes

      Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS     Nutritional Periodontist
      August 11, 2016   [printfriendly]

Gluten-Free, Nutrient-Dense RecipesWhen I started my website slightly over two years ago, I added a Paleo Recipes section, which included my own original, gluten-free, nutrient-dense concoctions. A few recipes were traditional ones that I needed to tweak to make them conform to my primal eating lifestyle.
These foods support a healthy gut microbiome, which in turn supports a healthy mouth microbiome. Whenever possible, the ingredients are organic, and the animal products are either wild caught or pasture raised. And, all these dishes have stood the test of time in my kitchen since I make them frequently for my wife and myself.
There are 53 recipes on my website and growing. Take the time to scroll through this collection. I believe you will be impressed. Just thinking of them makes me salivate.


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