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Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

June 26, 2022 [printfriendly]

I’ve talked about my wife – my pilar of strength – many times. My most recent Blog about her was titled, My Awesome Wife.

But recently she has even outdone her awesomeness.

Sue has been my rock during good times and bad times.


What About You?

Do you have a “SUE” in your life? Someone who has supported you in good times and bad times? Has that person ever picked you up when you were down? Have you ever had dark days where your “SUE” was the only one who made the difference in how you felt?

If you have a “SUE” in your life, how have you showed your appreciation to him or her? No doubt, that very special person means everything to you. But don’t forget, you mean everything to that person.

How will you show your feelings for that very special “SUE” in your life? I challenge you to get off your ass and do something sweet for that star in your life – that pillar of strength.


What I Have Done

Over the past several months, I have written about my cancer setbacks. As I have described, active malignant plasma cells reemerged in my body because of bad side effects from my immunotherapy and the lingering effects of COVID. But this has brought on much pain with occasional deep depression.

And all along, my wife was there for me.

I wanted to show my gratitude to her by writing a free verse poem that helps me articulate my feelings.

Here is what I wrote for my Sue.


Gratitude for my Pillar of Strength

Life is a challenging journey …

It can bring us to our knees

It might elevate us to the almighty

It may hold memories under our control

It may contain lifechanging roadblocks

When it brings us to our knees …

It may make us stronger

It may break us

It may give us something to live for

It may cause much pain

When roadblocks are severe …

It may create deep depression

It might cause us to lose our way

It can stop us physically, mentally, and spiritually

It might cause us to give up

My cancer journey recently has …

Brought me to my knees

Caused me to question my beliefs

Weakened my physical and mental being

Interfered with my positive attitude

But then my pillar of strength enters the picture …

My wife talks with me and listens

She disrupts my negative thinking

This amazing woman gives all of herself

She asks nothing in return

My wife shines like a brilliant star

My gratitude exceeds any feelings anyone has ever felt for anybody

Sue embodies the spirit of an angel

She is my pillar of strength


I’d love to hear how you are honoring the special person in your life.

Share in the comment section, and let’s take a moment together to be grateful to those who love and support us unconditionally!


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  1. Dr. Al, what you wrote and shared is so beautiful and raw. Shows just how deep your struggle is and how your beautiful wife fights alongside you and continues to lift you up. We should all be so lucky to have a loving and supportive partner. Makes me realize that no matter my own personal struggles, it’s so important that I take time to show my husband that I love and cherish him.

  2. Yes I have a special someone who is patient and kind. But I can think of someone who has expressed gratitude very well and better than I have. Have you heard of Rachel and Jun? They’re vloggers, their youtube channels are Jun’s Kitchen, Rachel and Jun and I think another one but I’m forgetting it. They go into detail about how they do things to appreciate each other. Jun cooks for Rachel who has fragile health and considers it an act of love. But that’s not all of it. He’s made her homemade lipstick for valentine’s day, and countless other sweet gestures. They cheer me up every time I watch. Oh and they have very amusing cats.

  3. That was beautiful.

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