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Nutrition is at
the core of
everything your
body does for you.

Each cell affects every
other cell in your body.

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Healthier Mouth … Healthier Lifestyle … Healthier You
Part 4 of 5

evolution rHere are my suggestions for an extra-bump-up from the nutrient-dense foods that you read about in my last post. I personally use these for my family and myself.
Supplements you may Want to Include:
• Fermented cod-liver oil combined with high vitamin butter oil is anti-inflammatory and includes an abundance of naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K among many other nutrients. An online source is Green Pasture.
• Organic kelp powder provides many trace minerals including iodine, which are synergistic with the fat-soluble vitamins. An online source is Oregon’s Wild Harvest.
• Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help increase available bacteria in the gut. Soil-based probiotics provide a variety of beneficial microorganisms that are difficult to get with a regular probiotic supplement. Usually, probiotics are not necessary to take over a long course of time. An online source for a soil-based probiotic is Prescript-Assist.
• Prebiotics, which are soluble fibers, are important to feed your healthy gut microbiome. They are abundant in fruits and vegetables. An excellent additional source of a prebiotic is resistant starch. This is non-digestible by your gut but is food for healthy bacteria in your colon. It also is great to assist in intestinal motility for regular bowel movements. Start with only 1 teaspoon dissolved in water per day and gradually increase to as much as 2-4 tablespoons a day. An excellent source is Bob’s Red Mill Unmodified Potato Starch, which is readily available online or in most grocery stores.
Tomorrow I will change gears and talk about physical activity to get your body in shape.

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