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Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

June 6, 2021 [printfriendly]

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

This is the famous extemporaneous line from the 1976 movie, “Network”.[1] Howard Beale is the TV news anchor in “Network”. His character is played by Peter Finch. In the movie, Howard breaks down on national TV and announces he will commit suicide live on air. He rants and raves about his frustrations with the world in which he lives before screaming “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”. Howard Beale then urges all viewers to open their windows and shout out the same words.

Here’s the segment from the movie:

This is how I feel today. All of us are caught is this quagmire.

There are lies about the Pandemic from both extremes; there is hatred spewed by both political parties toward each other; there is censorship of medical professionals who have opposing but medically-concerning views about vaccinations; and there is contempt directed at me because I have been open about my cancer journey.

These actions jeopardize our humanity. They deny decency, respect, and the perseverance of truths.


Millions of people worldwide have died because of the COVID-19 virus. This is a fact. It’s not a lie. How the virus affected a body to cause its death is in question – and rightly so. But if the virus were not present, then those deaths might not have occurred when they did.

Most individuals who have succumbed to this virus had a compromised immune system. A weak immune system is less able to deal with an invader like this virus compared to a robust immune system. The food industry and the agricultural industry are lying to us when they say their processed foods and chemicals are nutritious for, and not damaging to, our body.


If you only watched “liberal” news channels, then you would believe that the conservative party is made up of disloyal and hateful people. It you only watched “conservative” news channels, you would believe that the liberal party is going to make socialists out of our country and destroy the tenets on which it was created.

Both extremes in politics spew hatred at one another. Both views are not balanced. Extremists on both sides are scary and are threatening our democratic system.

Has the United States ever had so much hatred between two political parties? How can we move forward? We need to recognize that there might be a middle ground to build upon and expand for the sake of all US citizens.


I am not against vaccines!

Let me repeat this another way: I AM NOT AGAINST VACCINES!

But I am for an intelligent discussion of the benefits and pitfalls of all vaccines. And when there are deaths and severe reactions to a particular vaccine – even if these are rare events – the medical community should be willing, able, and encouraged to discuss all factors openly.

While writing this, I’m thinking, “Am I going to be censored because I have just made this statement?” I don’t know. I hope not. I am being honest and hopeful.

Again, I believe in medicines that have proven their efficacy. But when a vaccine that may have been proven safe in clinical trials turns out to cause rare deaths and rare severe reactions, then these occurrences should be brought up immediately for all to understand.

And patients need to know the details, potential risks, and side effects of the medical treatments they are being asked to accept. This is called “informed consent”.

Throughout my professional career, patients were required to give their “informed consent” before an invasive procedure could be performed. Never has this been questioned to my knowledge until today.


Vitriol, hatred, and false statements have been thrown at me.

My readers know that I am on a cancer journey since 2018. And my prognosis was dismal. Yet I took my body seriously.

With the consent of my oncologist, I rejected chemotherapy and opted for a series of Unconventional Cancer Protocols, which I have researched and tweaked frequently. Today, I am thriving, but I am not in remission. And my controversial diet that is part of my Unconventional Cancer Protocols is not plant-based – it is animal-based. It’s best known as a Carnivore Diet.

Most readers of my posts on many social media pages have been happy for me as I have helped my body heal, have improved my immune system, and have been transparent in all my reporting. But a few have written hateful words …

  • Some in the vegan community have told me I was killing people and giving them cancer by eating red meat.
  • Several in the strict carnivore community have denigrated me because I ate a few fresh fruits and raw honey along with being 90% carnivore.


I thought humanity was in it to help all. Obviously, this is Pollyanna thinking. The facts that I am honest with my entire cancer journey and willing to share all my successes and failures seem to mean little to a select group of people who just are hateful.

I’m Baffled

At the age of 74, I’m going to keep on doing what I’ve been doing. But I will still question the division in our country evidenced by …

  • The incomplete information disseminated regarding the pandemic and our health
  • The hateful comments coming from the extremes of our two political parties
  • The suppression of any meaningful discussion about the real risks of the vaccines given today
  • The contempt for my health transparency

Will it end? Or will the country’s population continue to be divided even further?

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_(1976_film)


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  1. Always well written, thought-inspiring posts! I appreciate what you do so very much!! ❤️

  2. Hang Tough! You are not imagining things. And you are not alone. Many of us have felt a profound sense of assault upon what were once “rights” to freedom of thought, freedom of expression, rational and transparent medical cost-benefit-risk analyses, and freedom of informed consent before partaking in medical experiments. I appreciate all the ideas and experiences and learnings you have so generously shared. You have improved and helped many lives. God Bless!

  3. I’m sorry you are experiencing all this! There are not many in your position with purer intentions!! Keep doing what your doing!! You are helping us all sooooo much!!!!!

    • Bonnie C.
      Well said! Thank you Dr. Danenberg!

  4. You just wrote what I’ve been thinking.

  5. Of all the freedoms we are most in danger of losing, our freedom of speech and the freedom to have an opinion are terribly at risk. It’s a sad day when we risk censorship simply for speaking our minds. When I was a young journalism student in the mid-70s, the first thing we were all taught was objectivity. Dig out the truth – that was the key. That’s been destroyed for sure. Like you, I am dismayed at the attacks that take place simply from telling people what we eat and being pushed toward fake meat to “save the planet”. In the 60s the message was about love, and although it was harder than most of us expected to do that, at least we tried. Those of us who still believe it’s possible to love rather than hate will keep trying to spread that message. Thanks, Dr. Al.

  6. You are so inspiring don’t stop

  7. I appreciate your comments, especially since I recently started my own cancer journey. Friends and family are concerned that I have declined conventional treatment (been there, done that), but are mostly supportive. My choice is to follow a homeopathic protocol along with a diet similar to yours. Best wishes to you.

  8. You speak truth. I am a nurse who has always been independent of any political party and look at each issue separately. I too am extremely saddened and concerned by the divide and hatred in the country. I LOVE this post. Keep pressing on in the incredible courage you have displayed during the past several years. Thank you for hanging onto hope as an example to all your readers.

  9. It’s so hard to have nuanced discussion these days. Kudos to you for speaking out in a sensible way. I hope you can ignore the haters because you have valuable information to share.

  10. Keep doing what you are doing, Dr. Al. You are a voice of reason in a world that has seemingly gone mad. By the way, I am also NOT anti-vaccine, but I believe I have the right to make my own decision as to what to put into my body. And thank you for saying that people with strong immune systems are better able to recover from this virus. The junk food industry has negatively impacted the health (and immune systems) of millions of people in this country. That is seldom talked about, but absolutely true!

  11. Thank you Dr. Al for your courage to speak out and your courage to follow your own healing path when commonly accepted methods didn’t work for your body. I have admired you for a long time and am grateful for your opinions. I feel blessed for your presence and your honesty.

  12. Thank you for this very informative article. Please keep up the good work. I rejoice with you–your protocols are working beautifully for you. I am so thrilled that I found you. You’re a true blessing.

  13. Dr Danenberg, as always, spot on for this topic! I always look forward to hearing your viewpoints. There is so much divisive dialog today but you just keep continuing to write your thoughts!

  14. Dr Al. Just remember that freedom of speech does include all hate speech too. Where does this lead us? It leads from total self acceptance to acceptance of all humanity. Its the only way out of this mad thinking that humunity has of I’m right and you’re wrong. It has to start with me. It has to start with you.

  15. Unfortunately not many people know how to get along with others. Socialism is a disease and it will take World War 3 to wake everyone up! Only God can fix our problems.

  16. Divided we fall. We must come back together if we are to move forward.


  18. We hear and understand you Doc! I am worried about the first time I’ll be refused service, won’t be able to board a plane to see my daughter (it’s already been 2 years+)…simply because I cannot take vaccinations, I’ve already done anaphylaxis twice, and do not desire a 3rd round. There doesn’t seem to be any regard for those of us who have numerous medical allergies! I am also very concerned about the 4400+ post-vaccination deaths that have been legally reported. I remember the Swine Flu vaccinations, our healthcare facility did not require us to get it, good thing, it killed roughly 58 souls, then it was cancelled. I cannot understand why there is not a halt for more research at this point.

  19. So nicely said. You voice concern many individuals hold and cannot express safely. Thank you for your contributions.

  20. You are an inspiration and your blog speaks the truth. I am not anti-vaxx, either, but I choose not to for my personal well being. Thank you for this wonderful post

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