I Am Open-Minded,
But …

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist
December 3, 2018 [printfriendly]





I Am Open-Minded

I research everything that makes sense to me. You see, my life depends on it. I am fighting a “terminal cancer” in my bone marrow.


I continue to search for the best unconventional treatments to fight multiple myeloma. My journey has led me far and wide – from conventional oncologists with an open mind, to alternative healthcare professionals, and to individuals who have dealt with their own struggles with cancer. Currently I see a local conventional oncologist as well as an unconventional integrative physician – both of whom have contributed tremendously to my treatment regimen.



But …

Sometimes I have encountered medically trained specialists who have a closed-mind and denigrate everything that does not coincide with their myopic views. In my post on November 9, 2018, I reported on one such oncologist whom I was contacting for a second opinion.


A friend introduced me to this well-known oncologist by email. Although the oncologist was located far away in another state, his nurse contacted me and confirmed that he would look at all my medical records and test results. She stated that the doctor promised to send his opinion by email to me.



To Summarize

My personal oncologist who originally diagnosed my disease sent him all my records and test results. I then emailed the distant medical doctor with questions, which his nurse promised he would answer. However, his email response to me indicated that he never read any of my records. His response basically told me that only conventional treatment could treat my aggressive disease. He also wrote that he needed more test results before he could give me a prognosis. He then finished by saying I would be foolish if I pursued alternative treatment.


After seeing his reply, I emailed him back and wrote that indeed all the test results and records he requested where already sent. I waited for his response, which never came. I described all this in my previous post on 11/9/18.


Then, a few days after this, his nurse contacted me again by telephone. She said that the doctor lost my original blood work results and wanted me to resend them. So, I did.  But again, he didn’t respond.


Three weeks went by, and another of his nurses contacted me. She said that the doctor wanted to review my newest blood results. I told her that it did not appear that the doctor was interested in my unconventional approach. I told her he did not respond after I sent him my blood results for a second time.


This second nurse asked me to send my most current test results and assured me that he would respond. I immediately sent all the data, which included when I was diagnosed up to the newest results. Within 20 minutes the doctor emailed me.


The out-of-state oncologist wrote that there was no difference in any of my current blood tests compared to my earlier results. He then concluded my current alternative treatment was not working.



My Surprise



Did he even read the numbers in the lab tests that I sent him? Clearly, the recent numbers showed continued but slight improvement over the last two months of tests. They were there in black and white. Anyone could read the numbers, which mostly were moving slowly in the right direction.


When I forwarded this oncologist’s email to my integrative physician, he was surprised but not shocked. He told me that he has experienced that type of response from many oncologists all over the country. My unconventional integrative physician said some oncologists will never acknowledge that some patients can overcome their cancers without conventional treatments like chemotherapy. These biased oncologists will never look outside the box. They believe that alternative therapies never could produce positive results. Some doctors may only know what the drug reps tell them. I don’t believe the drug reps will talk about alternative therapies.



A Different Look

There is published research that suggests that cancer is a mitochondrial metabolic disease and not just a genetic disease. Based on this, my approach is to improve my immune system and mitochondria and not destroy them further.


Fundamental to my program is my diet, which is an autoimmune Paleo diet with a few additional restrictions. My treatment regimen is tweaked every couple of weeks. It now includes about 25 specific supplements recommended by my integrative practitioner to support my immune system, break down biofilm surrounding cancer cells, destroy malignant plasma cells, reduce inflammation, assist in bone remineralization, and improve digestion and natural detoxification. I also incorporate pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy by QRS PureWave to help repair my mitochondria, cannabinoids to reduce malignant plasma cells, and a well-designed protocol to support my gut microbiome by Microbiome Labs.


Take heed, and don’t ever be afraid to take an active role in the treatment of your disease – be it acute, chronic, or terminal! Do your own research and question all healthcare professionals. Make decisions based on science and based on what you feel makes sense for you.


For me, my overriding belief is that quality of life is more important than quantity of life. Be assured, I will continue to report the results from my monthly blood work. I also will continue to search with an open-mind and to research all therapies that have science to back them up.



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  1. Dr. Danenberg, I have seen you in the Chris Kresser forums previous to your diagnosis and I have been following your story since. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You are an inspiration. I wish you continued improvement in your test results and your health.

  2. Sadly,such a common story! I have been following you for a couple of years and will continue to do so. Have you looked into or contacted Dr Nalini Chilkov for guidance and advice on herbals,etc? I am myself a Functional Health Practitioner and look to her to help me help my cancer clients.

  3. Dr. Danenberg,

    I am so sorry that you are going through this. I am not surprised, either, by the reactions of some conventional medicine providers at any attempt at restoring health through… nutrition? I imagine a world where it is the norm for providers to be able to bring the same types of treatment and services to prevent disease in the first place, and to allow people to live up to their full potentials through optimal health. I am going to go back and read all of your posts from the beginning, as I am sure a lot can be learned from your journey. Keep on fighting and stay strong.

    Gretchen Overstolz, FNP-BC

  4. Dr Danenberg,

    Your sage words “to improve my immunity and mitochrondia….not destroy them further” and “to take an active role in the treatment of your disease” remind me of the also wise advice of a natural health practitioner ‘to pay heed to your personal PhD, because no one knows oneself better’. I’m a lay, but ardent follower of natural and integrative healing and feel much greater confidence in these methods than conventional chemical based treatments. Thank you for sharing your journey and my best to you.

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