I Have
Aggressive Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist
September 24, 2018 [printfriendly]




Aggressive Multiple Myeloma


Up until several months ago, I had no symptoms other than some muscle soreness around my shoulders and chest area from what I thought was a result of over-exercising. Since the muscle soreness continued, I went to my medical doctor whom I’ve seen for over 25 years to check me out on 8/23/18. He ordered some blood tests, which were basically normal except for my CRP. The CRP was elevated, revealing systemic inflammation.


My MD then ordered an MRI of my chest and pelvis area. Next, he ordered a CT scan. An oncologist was brought into the fray. He ordered more blood tests, a PET Scan, and a soft tissue biopsy near my spine. Over the course of these weeks after I saw my MD, my muscle soreness transformed into severe sternum and rib pain.


Following this battery of tests, it turned out that I had 2 cracked ribs, a compression fracture of one vertebra, a cracked pelvis, and innumerable lytic lesions throughout my spine. Along with the blood work and biopsy results, my oncologist confirmed a diagnosis on 9/19/18. I had moderate-to-advanced IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma. This is an aggressive form of bone marrow cancer.


I was stunned. I thought I was one of the healthiest 71-year-olds walking this earth.



My Frame of Mind

I’ve taken a hit I never saw coming. It has disrupted all my life’s future goals. But, I am moving forward. I want to heal myself.


However, I am at peace with my condition if I cannot heal myself. I accept my transition from my physical body to my spiritual being. I believe we come to this earth many times to learn many lessons as we all progress to the same place eventually. My priorities are to provide for my wife and to make my transition as beautiful for her as it will be for me.



What To Do

Conventional medicine does not offer a cure for this aggressive bone marrow cancer. Based on specific lab tests and my physical discomfort, my oncologist suggested that I had 3-6 months to live “if I did nothing”. “Doing nothing” is not part of my vocabulary.


The way forward for me, in my opinion, is to have a Plan. As it goes with most things in life, the answer to solve a problem is usually not a quick fix. Certainly, this is the case with health issues.


Many people suffering from a disease may want to take the most popular supplement, or detox with the newest shake, or purchase the quirkiest new-fangled gadget to make them healthy. These methods rarely will suffice. Other people may want only to take conventional medicines, which rarely provide results without exposing the body to significant and serious side effects. I believe there must be an integrative approach of modalities to produce the most successful and healthiest plan. Healthy people are healthy because they follow a comprehensive and personalized plan.



Healthy Plan

A healthy plan is based on unbiased evidence of efficacy. The plan must include what to put into your body, what to do physically and emotionally to your body, and what to avoid and remove from your body.


You may have read my article, My Mortality. I have been on a path that included a healthy plan since I was 66 years old. My original plan included nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods; efficient exercise; stress reduction; and restorative sleep. Now, I am enhancing that plan to go further and deeper to heal my body more intensely.



My New Plan

While everyone’s personal situation is different, I am attacking my disease in a specific way that may not be appropriate for you. In fact, this is another one of my studies where N=1, in which I am the only subject.


My results will not represent a scientifically proven cure for anything. My personal plan will be a means to integrate my oncologist’s conventional intervention with my natural path to support my body’s innate healing potential. I believe that selecting the most advantageous methods from both paradigms will provide the best results for me.


Starting immediately, I will incorporate (1) immune-supporting supplements and treatments and (2) my oncologist’s targeted therapy. Certainly, I will continue with my original healthy eating program and my composition of a plate of food. Below is a summary of the additional components I will include in my new plan. They are not carved in stone. I will make adjustments and consider other options as necessary.


Immune-supporting supplements and treatments:

(in alphabetical order)



Conventional targeted therapy:

  • Advil 400mg as needed for pain
  • Site-specific radiation treatment as necessary for severe bone pain
  • Specific monthly blood tests to evaluate my progress




The next few weeks and months will provide time for my plan to do its job. My oncologist has scheduled monthly appointments for new lab tests and re-evaluation of my status. I will continue to write about my results as I help my body return to its healthy state. Then, watch out!


I will become more vociferous and fanatical about the importance of creating the most powerful immune system you can create for yourself. The earliest changes from healthy cells to diseased cells could begin a decade or more before the actual disease manifests signs and symptoms. Don’t wait until you have a problem.


Be proactive and have a healthy plan for your nutrition and lifestyle. Get on it NOW!



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  1. My thoughts are with you Dr. Danenberg.

  2. My prayers and thoughts and love are certainly with you Dr Dannenberg.

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Good luck to you, I think your attitude is absolutely spot on. My partner has aggressive prostate cancer sort of controlled by hormone therapy. He has recently been through chemo for aggressive lymphoma and that seems to be in remission – six monthly checks. These cancers appeared 4 years ago. We adopted a third world diet focusing on quality vegetables, beans etc. Looked at the Blue Zones especially Ikaria as he has a house in Greece. He is doing well, much better than expected. He is very anti pill/supplements but is taking curcumin, eating pomegranates and I shove in the broccoli (sprinkled with mustard seeds), very little meat, some fish. . I will try and get him on the fermented cod liver butter oil that I take plus magnesium. We focus on lifestyle of supporting our small community and growing vegetables. He does a lot of physical farm work – hours a day. Something is working. God bless you.

  4. INSPIRATIONAL!!! Hear from “U” soon….thanks,miike

  5. Dr D , you are such an inspiration for all of us. We love everything about you . Stay strong!!

  6. Al, so very sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis and much hope and prayers for a full recovery. We have much in common, starting Primal around the same time, similar age, and both have published Success Stories. However I doubt I could ever have your courage in dealing with my own mortality. Especially given that we have been doing most everything right around lifestyle choices. I look forward to your updates and improved health. Best of luck. John

  7. Al, are you familiar with Zyflamend? You might consider that instead of Advil.

    Godspeed! ❤️

  8. You can have testing done to see what supplements and herbs target your malignancy as well as other sensitivity tests. https://www.rgcc-group.com/

  9. I thought I couldn’t admire Dr. Danenberg more. Then I read this comment from his recent post addressing his diagnosis with aggressive multiple myeloma: “My priorities are to provide for my wife and to make my transition as beautiful for her as it will be for me.”

    I thought of how my father once spoke of the beauty of his mortality and the meaning it impressed on life. For me, Dr. Danenberg has added wise messages of persistence, acceptance, and carefully considered action. He has helped so many people by sharing his journey to physical health over the last six years. I’m thankful he is including us in this next journey.

    There’s little doubt this, whatever exact form it takes, will be a light to anyone willing to look.

    Godspeed, good man.

  10. Al, as a fellow founding member for the ADAPT program, I do follow your work and mission and greatly appreciate what you have contributed thus far. I have no doubt that there will be many of we readers that will be praying for your well-being and will be looking forward to the many future contributions that will exceed what you have offered so selflessly in the past. We will be with you on this journey with you, as well. God bless.

  11. I have valued every word you have written and am praying for you. Have you considered the Budwig Protocol? It was so helpful for my brother in law’s Glioblastoma

  12. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.

  13. Always petrified to answer a post. Courage? You have more than any, best wishes? You create your results. Thank you would be just plain without acknowledging your amazing generosity to write this. Not sure what my underlying condition is, but your plan is a guide I do follow already more or less, but I will firmly now.

  14. Thank-you for publicly being proactive about your health crisis, and vocal about your plans. Outlining them and listing specifics ought to be encouraging and helpful to people who are in a similar situation. Also, your mind’s attitude toward your situation is surely a big support to your body’s healing mechanisms.

  15. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this, Doc! But it sounds like you’ve got a solid plan in place. I’m holding you in my heart as you recover.

  16. I am sorry about your illness. I am hoping for your speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing this with us. Work your plan and get well!.

  17. Dr. D…., you know how awesome I think you are. I also know if anyone can kick this thing’s ass, it’s you. Stay strong and hold tight to your faith and know that you are being lifted in prayer by many. I am here if you need anything. Sending hugs and support…God bless you, Maria Robertson

  18. Dr Danenberg
    Please consider following the recommendations of Jack Kruse. He is a neurosurgeon who advocates restoring circadian rhythms using natural light exposure and avoiding man-made light and EMFs to restore health. I think you will find that it might be the missing piece in the health picture.

  19. I finally had a chance to catch up on your blog today. I know you will continue the fight with dignity, class, and grace. I am sorry that we have never met but your legacy will continue. For example, at his invitation, I am doing the Dentistry Uncensored podcast with Dr. Farran. I believe the long arc of scientific knowledge is self-correcting. If I can do anything for you all you have to do is ask.

  20. Thank you for being you and for sharing this latest step in your journey. I applaud your courage. Reading your words and your plan has made me stronger, healthier, and more determined in my own work growing nutritious food. Bravo!

  21. Don’t give up the fight. I have been following you since you first appeared on MDA. I am sure many folks have written with suggestions on what to do. Cell-Level Healing by Dr. Joyce Hawkes ( a biophysicist) is an eye opener. I have read this book quite a few times.

    Lots of hugs and support – Kathy

  22. Dear Dr Danenburg,
    Thank you so much for your post, it is inspirational. I was just 4 weeks ago a ‘super healthy’ Mum working full time in the health care industry. I had mentioned to my doctor for a few months that I wasnt myself but everything fit normal tired Mum symptoms.
    Then this. Multiple Myeloma. Boom.
    I have also chosen to heal with an integrated healing modality which includes conventional medical chemotherapy for this super agressive cancer, and also work with my naturopath, nutritionist and exercise therapist.
    I want to thank you for acknowledging that all people react differently to different therapies, and that attitude is such a massive part of the healing process. I have so much to live for, such a wonderful life ahead of me and so Ill dance with this for as long as it takes to regain my balance, learn within myself how I became so imbalanced as to have this,. and the path to healing.
    Thank you so much for boldly writing about your journey. Your words inspired me and certainly made me feel less alone.
    Warmest regards and wishes for strength love and support while you too are dancing with Myeloma,

  23. Interested in how you came up with your plan. That is some sophiticated knowlege of what to do and use.

    My favorite oncologist is Dr. Ben Johnson (drbenmd.com) although I “met” him over another issue besides his integrative oncology work, after reading your plan I would love to know his perspective.

    I know you get unindated with things to try. As I have followed Truth About Cancer, I have often thought: OVERWHELMING. So many things to try as you mentioned somewhere in my reading tonight – no one right plan for all.

    Part of my prayer is that your approach/example will inspire others to forego traditional western methods for a healthier option. That will work best if your plan beats the reputation this cancer has!

  24. Dr D, Yesterday, I discovered you for the 1st time! I listened to a lecture you gave about teeth and I believe you are spot on… So sorry you were not spared from this disease. You have much to contribute to this world including how you will heal. Thank you for taking your time to bravely and honestly share your story and your positive approach. Your positive attitude sets your stage! I do believe our cells and our energy flow follow our thinking. Everyone chooses what works for them. I have healed from breast cancer pursuing an integrated solution — only surgery (my only traditional approach) and taking adaptogens from Donnie Yance (His Mederi Center works over the phone); coupled with other detoxing therapies; letting go of any negativity; earning to meditate daily; practicing daily 30 min “QiGong Sound Healing” to remove blockages and transform negative energy to positive (from Master Mingtong); weekly acupuncture; and asking my guides for help. During the first 6 months after diagnosis, I laid for 20 min/day in the sun and then went into a hot bath to continue to sweat with sea salts, + teasp of coconut oil, baking soda & 7 drops each of essential oils Rosemary + Juniper Berry to help toxins come out. Yes, I did take several of the supplements you list. Yes, I ate the way you describe in your “30 day Reset” eating foods under your “liberally” category. (I did not eat the “moderation” foods at all). I drank the cleanest spring water bottled in glass and even made my bone broth in this spring water. I established a “new normal” which I continue to adhere to and enjoy so I remain healthy. When first diagnosed, I needed to understand what toxins created this cancer and how to safely excrete them. My Dr ordered an Organic Urine Acids test (US Biotek) and had “Lab Interpretations” in Reno (Mark Schauss) interpret my lab results so I could understand how to eliminate my toxins. I also did a blood test to determine what vitamin my cells were deficient in. I did 23 & Me DNA testing to determine what SNPS I had turned on when my toxic bucket became to full (I believe in epigenetics). A good book I enjoyed on healing in the Quantum field is “You Are the Placebo”. Sending you healing hugs, Kathy

  25. I found out that I had multiple myeloma when I was 35 years old. I was always tried and just could not get enough energy to do much of anything. When I fell and could not walk for more than a month is when my family found out something was wrong. During this time, I almost lost my life because my kidney was shutting down, and I still could not walk. My husband then took me to another hospital where they found out that I had MM. After already going through one bone marrow transplant, 17 treatments of radiation, a blood transfusion, and chemo. We have been dealing with this for four years with minimal side affects. I have to find a new treatment. I searched the internet every day, Reading and Bookmarking blogs, following comments of people with (MM) and blogs they shared. My breakthrough came the day I read a testimony about someone who was cured from multiple myeloma through HERBAL Medication. I read another multiple myeloma patient testimony being cured through the doctor’s herbal medication. During my research, his name popped up a couple times. I contacted the doctor Fabian and used the medication. My multiple myeloma became a story after 6 months of use the medicine and with his supervision. I’m cured, I did not die. I am here, I have my family always by my side. So much to live for. Trust in a cure.

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