I’m Fired Up …

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

August 2, 2020 [printfriendly]






I’m fired up! I’m fired up because I have been to the edge of death but rallied. (HERE, HERE)  I’m thriving against all odds. In September 2018, my oncologist gave me 3-6 months to live. Since then, I’ve learned a lot – much more than I thought I knew before my diagnosis.


I’m fired up with a passion to help you become the best you can be. I want to share the facts I have learned. These facts are suggested by our body’s DNA Blueprint. They’re not secrets – it’s just that most people aren’t aware of them.


I want you to become robust – in your health, in your personal relationships, and in your goals for life. For you to accomplish this, I want to guide you to enhance your immune system and assure your quality of life moving forward.


As it is, we are all the same … almost.



The Elegance of Our DNA Blueprint

Our DNA Blueprint is the code that makes humans human. 99.9% of your DNA Blueprint is the same for all of us.[1],[2] The other 0.1% makes you the person you are and me the person I am.


Our DNA Blueprint knows the things we must do to survive. For example, we must breathe air; we must consume nutrients; we must drink water.


At the other extreme, our DNA Blueprint knows what it cannot do for us. It cannot keep us alive if we are exposed to poisons which our body cannot detoxify. It cannot allow us to thrive if it is exposed to foreign invaders that constantly create inflammation and overwork the immune system to the point that it is not capable of keeping us healthy. It cannot save us if toxic substances destroy the body’s ability to function properly.


We certainly will eat, drink, and breathe. We would never prevent our body from doing these things. However, on a daily basis we allow poisons, chronic inflammation, and toxic substances to weaken our body to the point of disease and sometimes death.



But most of us are unhealthy

We were born to be healthy. Our primal ancestors were basically healthy – both physically and biologically. They rarely lived with chronic diseases.[3]


Today, we are not a healthy society although we live in a time of abundance. Three examples of our underlying health concerns come from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Statistics gathered show 60% of US adults have a chronic disease[4]; 70% of American deaths is caused by a chronic disease[5]; and 72% of our population is overweight.[6]


So, we need to look at what is competing with our DNA Blueprint. We need to avoid all the elements in our diet, environment, and lifestyle that are compromising our DNA’s desire for us to thrive. Longevity with a quality of life is the outcome of honoring our DNA Blueprint.



So, How To Do It?

You need to address the 99.9% of your DNA Blueprint to help you function effectively and efficiently.


My personal life-death experience, current medical research, and human case reports have provided proof to me of what our DNA requires for health and wellness moving forward.


One of our DNA’s requirement is to consume essential nutrients for our cells to function at peak performance. An anti-inflammatory diet that is nutrient dense is the best means to provide the elements for our cells to do what they are required to do.


Two other requirements are to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. If we need to use air filters in our homes and purification systems for our drinking water, we need to be proactive and take the steps necessary.


Along with these requirements, we also must provide our gut with an ideal environment. It is vital for our 38 trillion microbes in our gut to survive in a balanced state. These bacteria provide critical functions for every cell in our body.


Diet and gut health support a robust immune system, which is our lifeline to prevent debilitating infections. Additional lifestyle habits must include reduction of stresses on our body, efficient exercise, and restorative sleep. But it goes without saying that also we must avoid environmental hazards that compromise our health.


We must avoid all types of poisons and toxic irritants that foul-up our biological pathways. Foods that our body cannot digest properly must be avoided. Chemicals in our foods, air, and water have to be identified and removed. Habits that breakdown our body like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and engaging in excessive exercise causing oxidative stress must be eliminated.


And an area that is rarely understood but significant is the health of our mouth. Our mouth must be free of infection and inflammation. Any dental problems – tooth decay, poor dental restorations or appliances, dead and abscessed teeth, infections in the gum tissues or imbedded in the jawbone – all must be properly diagnosed and treated by a qualified dentist. If dental issues are not addressed and treated properly, they will continuously leak infection and inflammation into the circulatory system and other pathways throughout the body. Our body can never be healthy if our mouth is diseased. Sadly, you may not know if you have undetected disease in your mouth.



My Coaching Program

I’ve put together a coaching program to help guide you to become robust – in your health, in your personal relationships, and in your life goals. My passion is to help you enhance your immune system and assure your quality of life moving forward. Click HERE for more information about my one-on-one program.



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