Ivermectin Protocols

Ivermectin for COVID1

Updated 10/20/21
Take with food to improve bioavailability;
Side effects = nausea & diarrhea; may cause gut dysbiosis2

For Prophylaxis

Maintain Metabolic Flexibility3
Maintain 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D blood level: 60-80 ng/mL

For Active COVID (NOTE: Ivermectin may cause gut dysbiosis)4

1 Dose daily with food for 5 days or until symptoms are better5; continue Supportive Supplements for at least 3-6 months listed below


For Post COVID Long Haulers

½ Dose daily with food for 3-5 days; then ½ Dose once or twice a week with food until symptoms are better6


At First Sign of Upper Respiratory Infection

Propolis Throat Spray and then Nebulized 0.1% Hydrogen Peroxide Saline if necessary: https://drdanenberg.com/my-personal-protocols-upper-respiratory-infections/ 

Supportive Supplements

Desiccated Grass-fed, Grass-finished Beef Organs are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet: 6 caps daily supply many nutrients including copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, etc.
Beef Organs by Heart & Soil: https://heartandsoil.co/?rfsn=5897920.b23b25c

Vitamin D3 = 5,000 IU – 10,000 IU daily: Example of what I order personally:  https://www.amazon.com/NatureWise-Vitamin-Function-Cold-Pressed-Gluten-Free/dp/B00GB85JR4  (check 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D blood test; maintain 60-80 ng/mL)

*Vitamin K2-MK7 = 300 mcg daily
MyoMax from Microbiome Labs: https://microbiomelabs.com/home/products/myomax/

TerraFlora Deep Immune spore-based probiotic – 2 caps per day
Enviromedica: https://shop.enviromedica.com/terraflora-synbiotic-deep-immune

*HU58 spore-based probiotic – 2 caps per day
Microbiome Labs: https://microbiomelabs.com/home/products/hu58/

*RestorFlora spore-based probiotic – 1 cap per day
Microbiome Labs: https://microbiomelabs.com/home/products/restorflora/

Bovine Colostrum-6 (If you have dairy sensitivity, you may not tolerate colostrum. But you could try slowly increasing your consumption of colostrum by starting with only 1/2 teaspoon per day.) – I mix the powder in a little water to the consistency of a “custard” and eat it with a spoon. Personally, I take 1 tablespoon twice a day on an empty stomach. For me, a 2-pound tub is enough for about 2 months. (Colostrum-6 from Anovite, which is a multi-level marketing company. But you can purchase this product as a regular customer: https://shop.anovite.com/#/shop/from/18581?categoryID=1)

*Contact Dr. Danenberg for Patient Direct Code to order