Jack Black Interviewed Me
– in 2 episodes –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

July 13, 2020 [printfriendly]






Jack Black is a legend in his own time. Interestingly, he heard Dr. Paul Saladino’s interview of me and contacted me.  We spoke, and then he proceeded to schedule me for his Podcast in the UK.


Jack Black comes from Glasgow, north of the border in Scotland (UK). He is the founder of Mindstore.com and author of two best-selling books. He is a renowned speaker and a minor celebrity in Scotland. Each year he addresses hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals, focusing on all aspects of personal development. He has been a business and personal coach for 30 years.


Through his coaching and Mindstore.com programs, Jack demonstrates how the application of mental tools can produce positive attitudes to help individuals attain peak performance. He has taught this program to people from all walks of life including leading athletes, musicians and company directors. He has worked with over 500,000 individuals within organizations globally. This includes over 50% of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies.


Jack interviewed me a few weeks ago for 2.5 hours. He broke the interview into Part 1 and Part 1. He published Part 1 on July 1, 2020 and Part 2 on July 8, 2020. Here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2. If you get a chance to watch and/or listen, let me know what you think.


Part I: Covid-19 FB Live Session No. 16 posted 7/1/20


Part 2: Covid-19 FB Live Session No. 17 posted 7/8/20



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  1. Bravo

  2. My 91-year-old mother was also able to get off 8-9 different medications (opioids, NSAIDs, allergy, PPIs, drugs for severe oral autoimmune disorder) by changing to the Wheat Belly diet…all in a very short period of time 2-3 months!! Another N=1. Right on, Dr. Al.

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