Let’s Talk Value

evolution rWhat is your mouth worth? You probably take for granted that you eat most anything you want, and you enjoy the taste and chewing satisfaction of your food. Not to mention, this is the only way to get nourishment into your body unless you were hooked up to an intravenous drip.
So, what if you had no teeth to chew this delicious food? If you wanted to regain most of the natural sensations and function of chewing your food, you might consider implants to replace your lost teeth. That could cost around $100,000 or more to do the job of replacing most of your teeth to give you back that wonderful smile and that satisfying sensation from chewing. You would do that only because you valued the ability to chew and function as normally as possible.
Let’s change subjects and say you were in the market for a high performance, unique automobile. It would cost you about $425,000 to purchase the Lamborghini Aventador. If you really wanted to splurge, you could purchase the Lamborghini Veneno for a cool $4.5 million. You would spend that much money only because you valued the benefits of such a vehicle.
No matter what avenue you were traveling down – implants for your entire mouth to regain function or a fancy, quality car – you would take care of all these precious purchases. For example, you would put high octane gasoline into your special auto and maintain it as required to keep it running in top shape for as long as ever. You spent a lot of money to acquire these things, and you saw value in them. They mean everything to you.
Let’s talk from another point of view. What about your overall body? Do you know what it is worth? The value of your body parts would gather a minimum of $500,000 if they were sold on the Black Market today. That is not to mention the future value of your earning power for the rest of your life as well as the emotional value that is placed on you by your spouse, children, and all your loved ones. In dollar terms, that is a lot of money. So, don’t you think you also should take care of this precious commodity called Your Body?
You see value in the things you purchased, but do you see value in Your Body? I ask you these questions:

  • Why do most people put poor quality fuel into their bodies and allow them to run at a subpar level?
  • Why don’t most people allow their bodies the time they need to rest and restore themselves?
  • Why do most people subject their bodies to chemicals and other toxins that foul up their biological engines?
  • Why don’t most people take care of their bodies as they were created to perform in the same way they would maintain an expensive car?

A primal lifestyle will give the body the nourishment and the physical stimuli to run as the finely tuned machine it truly is.
Think about it! What value do you give your body?

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