Microbiome Keynotes Symposium

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

November 3, 2020 [printfriendly]


You know that I use Microbiome Labs’ products for my gut protocols. Here is information about their Keynote Symposium that will be virtual this year:




By now, we know you’ve heard of the Microbiome Keynotes Symposium from November 13-15, 2020.

This annual educational event usually happens in person, but we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure it’s a top-notch virtual event for you this year.

We’re pulling out all the stops.

Because of your feedback from last year, we’re adding some fun new elements too!

If you register now for the Microbiome Keynotes Symposium, here’s what to expect:

  • Our pre-conference workshop deep dive into the Microbiome Labs product suite
  • 8 keynote speeches and 1 special presentation from leading experts in the field of microbiome health
  • A mixture of pilates, cardio, plyometrics, & static holds on Day 2 with Kiki Cordero
  • Morning yoga on Day 3 with Bottom Line Yoga
  • Mini-mastermind sessions with each of the keynote experts
  • A chance to earn CEUs (up to 14)
  • $99 product credit for any Microbiome Lab products
  • Swag Box* with surprise gifts sent directly to your door
  • Knowledge, confidence, and tools to take back to your practice
  • Breathing & stretching exercises during breaks & between sessions
  • The freedom to listen in and navigate through the platform on-the-go with our Microbiome Keynotes app (compatible with both iOs and Android)
  • Valuable connections made through multiple revenues of networking features (interactive social walls, private & universal chat boxes, live meeting options, and more!)
  • 1 year of access to the recorded event

If that’s enough to convince you, you can register for the event right now.

Still on the fence? We put this mini quiz together for you.

Should you join us at Microbiome Keynotes Symposium? Answer yes or no to each of the following statements:
  • Social distancing has you craving connection and community
  • You want to be the best practitioner you can be
  • You’re behind on your CE Credits and want to earn some
  • You’re always the one signing up for masterclasses, summits, and courses
  • Your clients have digestive symptoms, chronic illness, or weakened immune systems
  • You’re looking to network in small, intimate breakout groups to meet people
  • Opening the mailbox to fun health and wellness swag would make your day
  • You seek groundbreaking knowledge from microbiome experts
  • Your gut-health shelf is looking sparse and you’re looking for new products
  • You’re super busy and slowing down with a yoga class sounds really relaxing

If you answered YES to five or more, then your name is at the top of our list of people we’d love to get to know at this event!

Come join us at the Microbiome Keynotes Symposium, online from November 13-15, 2020. We are excited to show you what we’ve been working on… we absolutely can’t wait to have you join us!

In Health,

Kiran Krishnan, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

Tom Bayne, DC, Co-Founder and President 

*Swag Boxes ship to U.S. or Canada only

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