My 2021 New Year’s Resolution
– 5 Aspects TO THRIVE –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

January 3, 2021 [printfriendly]



2021 is here! So, it all starts over again.


Another year, another 365 days, another 8,760 hours, another 525,600 minutes. What you do with them makes all the difference – all the difference for you and all the difference for everyone whom you touch.


Throughout my 73 years of life, I’ve heard about “New Year’s Resolutions”. Certainly, I’ve participated in these perfunctory acts of good intention. It goes like this, “This year, I’m going to …” It’s almost like we flip a switch and then live happily ever after.


Not so fast.


The “to do” lists go on and on. Yet, they’re pretty much duplications of most others’ lists. Most of the time, they are Pollyanna-like promises that have no chance of coming to fruition.


But here is an opportunity for us. We can make a change that is pertinent, lasting, and meaningful. If you want to make a real change starting in this New Year, you need to answer these three questions first:


  1. How much thought will you give when making your New Year’s Resolution?
  2. How committed are you to make this real change in your life?
  3. What has motivated you to move in a direction which is different from the one you have been traveling all your years up until now?


I’m serious about these three questions. If you can answer them with conviction and make the necessary effort, you can succeed. Here’s how I am proceeding to succeed with my New Year’s Resolution for 2021.



My 2021 New Year’s Resolution

I’m going to be 74 years old in April 2021. My oncologist thought I would be dead from my form of multiple myeloma by the end of 2018. Maybe I’m living on borrowed time; maybe I’m kidding myself; maybe I’m living along a new path.


I have taken serious time to consider and refine my New Year’s Resolution. I’m committed to make changes in my life. And I’m committed because this is a matter of life or death for me.


My New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is TO THRIVE


… TO THRIVE as humans were designed to thrive over thousands of years – metabolically, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.


This seems like a lot to include into just one resolution. Yet these 5 aspects of thriving can be defined in simple terms, which I know are achievable by me. If you made this resolution yours, then you could achieve it too!



5 Aspects To Thrive

1. Thrive Metabolically

The essence for our existence is to receive nutrition. This allows our body to function as a finely tuned machine. Look beyond the current plethora of “diets” that are promoted by gurus and zealots. You will discover there are two overriding facts that must be considered:


  1. You need to eat foods that your body’s DNA and gut microbiome require you to eat. Your DNA and microbiome must be able to create necessary enzymes and support pathways to completely digest and absorb these nutrients.
  2. You need to completely avoid all “foods” that contain chemicals and other toxic substances that damage the gut microbiome, or inhibit healthy metabolism, or are potentially poisonous to your cells.



2. Thrive Physically

Our body is designed to move. If we are not moving, we are dying. Moving your body daily with intention benefits the muscles, bones, joints, brain, heart, and lungs. In addition, daily movement has been reported to reduce anxiety and depression, improve mood, boost self-esteem, minimize stress, and enhance cognitive functioning. Moving consists of standing, bending, squatting, twisting, stretching, pulling, pushing, and walking. More aggressive functional movements consist of doing pushups, pull ups, planks, and sprints. Basically, movement must be efficient and effective.



3. Thrive Emotionally

This amazing quality is embodied in the empathy we give to others, the love we share, and the love we graciously receive. Opening ourselves to understand others’ feelings and predicaments helps us share emotions and support another’s ability to cope personally. One of the lessons of life is to open our heart and share love with those around us.



4. Thrive Intellectually

The pursuit of knowledge is one of those qualities that sets us above other creatures on earth. It is never too late to learn something new. I love to learn. It gives me purpose. It helps me grow as a person. In the days after my cancer diagnosis, I gained an extensive body of knowledge about healing. I will continue to research and seek out new information to expand my understanding and appreciation of my body’s potential.



5. Thrive Spiritually

I’ve written about My Spirituality in 2019. In that article, I shared my innermost belief system. My comfort with my mortality has been knowing my soul is immortal and knowing I am learning lessons I planned to perfect. Today, I read as much as I can about human consciousness and our soul.



Progressing Through 2021

I wrote about how grateful I am to be alive. To my way of thinking, I have been given a second chance to get it right in this world. My path changed abruptly from the 71 years before my diagnose of incurable multiple myeloma to these 28 months since my cancer journey began in 2018. What I have learned in these few but precious years is that creating loving memories is how a person should define his or her life. And these memories are the culmination of the 5 aspects of my New Year’s Resolution TO THRIVE.


If your resolution is to improve your health and lifestyle, I’m here to help. I’ve done a tremendous amount of learning on this subject, and I’m happy to share it with you. Set up your consultation today.


For 2021 and moving forward, I resolve TO THRIVE.



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