My Bloodwork Results

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist
May 1, 2019



I just received my newest bloodwork results a few days ago. And I was blown away!


Just to summarize, I was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer in September 2018. I rejected all invasive chemotherapy regimens. So, I investigated unconventional cancer protocols that might allow my body to heal itself. I described these Protocols in the article I published on my website on 4/29/19. HERE.     


Below is a summary of my blood results beginning the day of my diagnosis in September 2018 and the follow-up results until now.


My Bloodwork


Look at two critical results: My Hemoglobin and my Kappa:Lambda Ratio.


My declining hemoglobin, which is a marker of anemia that will worsen as my cancer progresses, reached a low on 3/18/19. Also, my Kappa/Lambda Ratio, which increases as my cancer progresses, reached a high on the same blood-test date.


Now, look at the results of my Hemoglobin and Kappa/Lambda Ratio on 4/23/19, basically one month later. There is an 18% increase in my Hemoglobin and a 52% decrease in my Kappa/Lambda Ratio noted on my newest bloodwork! By my way of thinking, these are two very significant improvements. The degree of these positive changes has not happened in the history of my blood tests.


Interestingly, the only change I made to my Healing Protocols was to include two new products: Prodovite and N-Sorb. I started them one week before my blood tests on 4/23/19. (If you have any questions, email me at


Both of these supplements take advantage of Prodosome® Encapsulation Technology to promote rapid and sustainable absorption of its nutritional ingredients. That means these products are absorbed rapidly and completely into my cells. They are reported to enhance my cells’ ability to utilize various vitamins, minerals, botanicals, enzymes, and oxygen.[1]


From everything I can determine, these supplements probably helped my cells strengthen and produce improved blood results! After taking the Prodovite and N-Sorb, I noticed increased energy and stamina in just 2 days. My wife actually told me that my face color was not as pale as it was before starting these supplements – and again in just 2 days.


It will be very telling what my new blood results will reveal when they are repeated near the end of May 2019 and how my overall well-being continues to get better.






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  • Robin Switzer

    This is all great news! Interested to hear your blood results going forward. I’ve taken your lead and ordered the N-Sorb to see if I experience a difference in my very slow digestion as I suspect this is impacting my ability to absorb nutrients and lose excess body fat.

    • Stephanie Selecman Files, DDS

      That is fantastic news, to read that you are blazing a trail to health! I’m glad that you didn’t wait until next week to post this incredible message. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to write another book after this, your second recovery! Congratulations.

  • Toni Ehrlich-Feldman

    great news

  • Laura Franklin Cooke

    Wow!! Amazing!! So happy to hear such great news!! Very excited to watch the progression. Thank you for sharing! This is wonderful news!!! Laura

  • Sharonville Jones

    I felt like clapping – I am so happy to hear of this progress! Thank you for pioneering for all of us who have no other example like you.

  • Cindy Smith

    So wonderful to hear your news! Been following you all along.
    I am a dental hygienist so I love following your articles and hearing your progress with your fight with this disease.

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