My Cancer Journey
– Continuing to Thrive –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

February 12, 2023 [printfriendly]

We all are going to die. But I am not going there yet. I have so much to accomplish yet and don’t have time to participate in end-of-life thinking. I am continuing to thrive!

Based on my original prognosis in September 2018, my oncologist suggested that I had 3-6 months to live! Almost 5 years later and counting, it gives me great pleasure to prove him absolutely wrong.

Although I rejected chemo, I have integrated some conventional therapy to reduce deep bone pain, which I experienced from various pathological fractures – especially those in my ribs. In my Unconventional Cancer Protocols, I discuss these therapies.

I continue to visit my original oncologist every 4 weeks since I learned of my diagnosis and prognosis. He is still surprised that I am alive. And I believe my success is the result of changing my way of eating, improving the diversity of my gut microbiome, healing a leaky gut, and various other improvements such as stress reduction, restorative sleep, and efficient exercise.

However, the 2 biggest secrets for success I have learned are to …

  1. Avoid and remove any identifiable toxic elements in my diet and my environment.
  2. Reduce chronic emotional stress. (Chronic stress has been one of the most misunderstood factors in the progression of gut dysbiosis, oral diseases, chronic diseases, and cancer. But reduction of emotional stress is difficult. It’s not like a light switch that you can turn “on” and turn “off” with the flick of your finger. Here is A Unique Way to Understand Stress.)


State of Mind

Being human, I have bouts of depression. And without a doubt, my pillar of strength (my wife Sue) has been there always to throw me a proverbial lifeline.

But my time is filled with good stuff.

Since moving into a retirement facility with my wife in November 2022, we have been active with the residents. For example, I’ve provided 2 seminars for the residents – one on how to take care of their mouths and one on how to eat an animal-based diet while living in our facility.

Starting on February 20, 2023, I will host a monthly session titled, “Be a Survivor” for the residents. The management of the senior living community asked me to create this support group. There is a need to help some who suffer emotional stress from losing their ability to live by themselves. Sadly, some people who become residents of a retirement apartment complex are not there because they want to be there. They may be there because their family members want them to be in a safe place. A few of these residents have medical problems which have prevented them from living by themselves. The select group of people who might benefit from “Be a Survivor” are depressed and see themselves as victims. “Be a Survivor” forum will allow those residents to voice their fears. My input will be to be the moderator of the monthly sessions and offer specifics about my challenges which I have overcome. We’ll delve into some coping tools to change their mindset from being a “victim” to being a “survivor”.


State of Health

Medically, I’m stable. But I’m not in remission.

During Christmas week in 2022, I contracted COVID once again. This affected my immune system by increasing dysfunctional antibodies, which are created by malignant plasma cells in my bone marrow. These unhealthy antibodies continue to erode the internal structure of various bones in my body. This makes my bones susceptible to pathological fractures. And I’ve had many.

I certainly will continue to see my oncologist every 4 weeks and to follow my Unconventional Cancer Protocols. And I will continue to tweak these protocols as often as I deem necessary.


A Learning Experience

My cancer journey has been an amazing learning experience. Here are 4 lessons I’ve learned …

  1. I’ve learned to enhance my immune system to the extent that it has helped me live a quality of life.
  2. It reinforced my spiritual belief that I am here on this earth in a mortal body to learn specific lessons.
  3. It motivated me to share all that I learned with all who want to hear what I have to say.
  4. It has been a cathartic awakening for me to be able to verbalize and write about my journey.

Moving forward, my wife, my oncologist, and I have discussed my next path.


Moving Forward

Conventional oncology and medical treatment to-date have played out their hands. There are no other “conventional medical treatments” that can cure this bone marrow cancer or prolong my life while still maintaining my quality of life until the end.

My biggest medical concern is bone pain because of the damage created by malignant plasma cells in my bone marrow. To help with my pain, I take non-narcotic pain meds. But I will take as little as possible. And most importantly, I will continue with my Unconventional Cancer Protocols to enhance my immune system so that it can fight the fight it was designed to fight. I will continue to emphasize my animal-based diet, my diverse and healthy gut microbiome, stress reduction, efficient exercise, and restorative sleep. All these should help me maintain the quality of life as best as I can during my continuing cancer journey.

Being a realist, I know that there will be a time when my body will succumb to this cancer. I don’t know when that time will come. Based on my oncologist, he believes my bone marrow cancer is not progressing into the “end of life” stages. Based on how I have managed my body’s ability to enhance my immune system in the past, I could live for many more years.

As I see it, I will continue to function as normally as possible. I’ll be here writing my Blogs, offering individual consults regarding diet, gut health, oral health, and overall wellness. In addition, I will continue to offer my 12-Week Balanced Metabolic Coaching Program as well as offer hope to all those who are dealing with serious medical diagnoses and prognoses as I find myself. And I am proud of the written legacy I have published, Eat As If Your Life Depends On It.

I refuse to become a victim waiting to die.

What does all this mean for you? I share my story because I know there are too many people facing similar obstacles. Never did I think this would happen to me. I have tried everything in my power to maintain a good quality of life, despite facing an extremely painful form of cancer. I believe in transparency, and my hope is to provide you with options if you find yourself in a difficult spot. Facing illness can feel scary and helpless but you’re not alone. The unconventional methods I have tried on myself work because they are based in science, and they may work for you too.

I offer a free consultation if you need guidance. No obligation, just one-on-one time with me. Take it from me, you want to take control of your health before something goes wrong.

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  1. Dr. Al, I’m amazed at how you can choose not to adopt a victim mentality with all that you’ve been through and continue to endure! The pain alone would put me under a rock. Whenever I start my pity party, I think of you and how you’ve turned your personal health battle into an opportunity to learn how to live a quality life and help others do the same. You are such inspiration and I LOVE what you’re doing for your new retirement community! God bless you! ❤️

  2. Your journey has been very inspirational. I look forward to your blogs and I am so happy to hear you are helping your neighbours. Managing stress and worry is crucial to a happy and healthy life and not seeing yourself as a victim too. Thank you.

  3. Your strength IS and always has been very INSPIRING to me.
    You give me more strength, as I’m sure you do with many others in this world.
    Thank you, Stay Strong🙏

  4. You look great, thank you for sharing your journey with us. I purchased two of your books:one for my personal library and one for a friend with lung cancer.

  5. You are amazing and blessed to have the ability to maintain such a positive attitude with all the things you are going through! You are teaching very important life lessons to those who need them. Thank you for all of your blogs. It reminds me to remain positive no matter what.

  6. Looking good Dr. Al!! Thank you so much for your positivity and generosity. I love that you keep moving forward and are willing to take all of us along for the ride. I look forward to reading and learning from you for many more years to come. Thank you

  7. God bless you

  8. It is interesting that you mention improving your microbiome diversity and are teaching the residents how to eat more meat in the residential facility. The two combined are also what I am focused on. I’m trying to improve my immune system to counter skin cancers which are cropping up with increasing frequency.

  9. Dr Al,
    Thank you for your content and reminders of how to care for oneself. I am so amazed at your mental capacity and your ability to help others at your age, and after everything you have been through.
    You are one in a million!!

  10. You go man !
    I am a clinical teacher, and I have been passing on much of your personal wisdom.
    The truth about Health is everything.
    There are lots of paradigms.
    I dont think as a whole, humans have really worked out the answer for ” Health “.
    It is surely not the Big Pharma model.
    I think we are in the beginning of a ” Consciousness and Health Revolution “,
    at the same time that people are seemingly focussed on ” the environment “.
    Maybe it is a Spiritual problem,

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