My Cancer Update
– My Struggle –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

May 21, 2023 [printfriendly]

In September 2018, I knew the odds were that I only would live another 3-6 months. That wasn’t an intuition. It was my oncologist’s opinion based on his years of medical experience treating patients like me with multiple myeloma. However, I didn’t give in to his dire prognosis. I rejected chemotherapy since my bone marrow cancer was incurable, and I moved into the mode of advocating for myself.

I created my Unconventional Cancer Protocols and vowed to myself that quality of life was my one prevailing goal.

For almost 5 years, I fulfilled my desire. I enjoyed a quality of life for the most part with some setbacks along the way. But now, my body is not cooperating.


COVID Has Been the Thorn in My Progress

COVID has activated my multiple myeloma creating anemia, compromised pulmonary and cardiac function, and extreme exhaustion. And the multiple myeloma is spreading rapidly and causing continuous bone pain and pathological bone fractures especially in my ribs. All these manifestations rapidly progressed within the last few weeks.

On Monday, 5/15/23, I had an appointment with my medical doctor and consulted with my oncologist. On Wednesday, 5/17/23, I was examined by a pulmonologist.

My medical team has come up with some suggestions, which I will integrate with my Unconventional Cancer Protocols.

  • Medications for A-Fib, Congestive heart failure, and Compromised pulmonary function
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy

It appears the road to physical recovery will take time. These Long Haulers COVID manifestations are not well understood.


Quality of Life

For the second time since my diagnosis of multiple myeloma back in September 2018, I am suffering from a decrease in quality of life. The first major setback was in August 2019 when I broke several major bones and was put in a Hospice Hospital to die. Needless to say, I did not die. I recovered and revoked Hospice in September 2019, and I went on to thrive.

I will keep this positive determination to recover from this current major setback. I’ve surprised many medical professionals with my progress over the last several years, and I just might shock them once again.

However, I am not in denial. I know the multiple myeloma is progressing. And I am prepared to deal with its eventual outcome.

Hospice is my last option to continue a quality of life until I die when the time comes. I am not sure when that time will come.


The Future

As you might imagine, this is a stressful time for me and my wife, Sue. However, we are both survivors! One of the greatest joys in my life, besides my wonderful family, is working with patients around the world. It is my privilege to use my background and knowledge to help people regain control of their health. Quality of life is a gift, and I’ve worked incredibly hard over the last five years to find a way to maintain mine through numerous ups and downs.

Through the free resources on my website and my 1:1 coaching sessions to help guide you through specific ailments, I’m honored to still be able to help others. After all, helping others is what led me to enter the medical field over 40 years ago. If you find yourself dealing with health issues, please consider this my invitation to reach out. You never know what the future will hold so get your health in order now. Trust me, you don’t want to wait until you’re really sick.


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  1. sorry to hear dr al, keep up the good fight buddy

  2. With all you’re going through, you still desire to help others. That is remarkable, sir.

  3. Look up Dr Peter Mcullough and nannokinase. It gets rid of the spike protein in your body from COVID or the mRNA jabs

  4. Sending an abundance of love, you are an inspiration and gift to many! Fran and everyone here at the IABDM

  5. Prayers are up for you Doctor. Thank you for transparency.

    I follow your writings closely and notice – even if you are aware – you don’t talk much about the massive evidence in Pfizer, DoD and Moderna literature about bioparasite hydrogels and the EMF and viral shedding that Dr. Buttar established with Dr. Sayer Li not long ago before his passing. If you haven’t followed Karen Kingston or Dr. Ana Mihalcea on Substack – it might provide another dimension of investigation for you with some additional insights or solutions. Dr. Ana’s Mihalcea’s Substack can be viewed here:

  6. Dr. Al, if you don’t mind my asking, did you have any of the Covid-19 injections?

    • I have never had the COVID vaccines or the boosters.

      • This, at least, is good news. No doubt you are aware of the trail of damage left by those infernal shots.

  7. Dr. Al, keep up the fight! I too have MM and this past Oct I caught Covid and my IgG went up 1000 points in 2 weeks, all my other blood markers went the wrong way quickly. I also started feeling the aches and pains in my skeletal system. After discussing things with my wife we decided to go on Darzalex, Pomalyst and Dex. to get ahead of the cancer. As much as I want to stick with alternative medicine, sometimes we need conventional.
    I will beat this, MM will not kill me!
    In addition to the conventional treatment I am also taking Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, 4.5mg LDN and CBD, soon to start RSO.
    The first 3 weeks on conventional, and my other items I take, my IgG went from 5685 to just north of 3400. I believe the items I listed above are assisting the chemo in doing its job. My other markers are improving rapidly also, not something my oncologist expected.
    You can beat this!

  8. Hang in there Doctor Al. You are an inspiration for us all.

  9. I agree with the comments from the others above, hypercoagulation is a major cause of long covid. EDTA chelation therapy helps with that, and fibrinolytic enzymes will help with that if chelation therapy is unavailable.

  10. Thank God for your willpower. Dr Jorge Flechas :Boron and Health- talks about this trace mineral and that many in America is deficient in this crucial mineral.

  11. God bless you, continued prayers

  12. Sending love and letting you know I follow and read all of your posts! Keep shining!

  13. MMS Health
    Recovery guidebook
    Jim Humble with Cari Lloyd

    its sodium Chlorite
    water purification
    with citric acid
    mixed together will creat
    a lot of people including
    doctors are talking about it
    jim humble second revised
    protocol is called

    i think i saw it on RUMBLE
    this SHOULD HELP
    best wishes
    kay an avid follower

  14. Praying for you Dr. Al! You are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for so many of us!

  15. Inspired by your consistent positivity and relentless fight to overcome! May the powers continue to be on your side!

  16. you’re in my thoughts and prayers. stay strong. if anyone can muster the positive willpower needed to kick this in the tush, you can. xx

  17. You’re amazing & positive!
    Thank you for sharing. Yes you can beat it!

  18. Dear Al,

    We spoke a couple of times on the zoom and I’ve been following your blog.
    I just want to say a few words of gratitude. Since we spoke I’ve bought your book and always look forward to your insights and health advice.
    I know when the time comes your soul will be going into the next life on a higher level as you have helped and inspired so many with your discoveries, advice and spiritual thoughts during your current health journey.
    I personally love to read psalm 91 for consolation but any of King David’s divinely inspired psalms can be good to study.
    thanks for every word you’ve given us all
    Love and refuah shlayma (complete recovery!)

  19. Life will find a way, Dr. Dannenberg.
    You know this from your cancer journey.
    I am sending positive loving vibes your way.

  20. Dr. Al:
    You are an inspiration and I appreciate you so much. Cancer is so scary and I did know where to turn, you’ve given me and my husband hope, which was in very short supply at oncology visits. Have you considered an umbilical cord blood transfusion? It is being offered at Memorial Sloan Kettering. I know travel is tough, but if it’s possible, I’ve read lots of exciting things about it. I keep you in my prayers and send you my best positive energy.

    Best regards,

  21. I was sick from Covid with really intense fatigue, even after my Covid test was negative. It was also associated with this aching pain in my thighs when I walk d more than a few minutes or climbed the stairs.

    I got 50 grams Intravenous Vitamin C at my Naturopath’s office once per week for 3 weeks in a row. After the first infusion, I felt considerably better for a few hours. After the second infusion, I felt better for almost exactly 24 hours. After the third infusion I returned to pretty much back to normal.

    High dose IV Vitamin C is notable for many things, including an anticancer benefit proven in studies, as well as an ability to raise RBC and WBC levels seen with Anemia and Neutropenia. Severely ill patients with Sepsis also benefit from High Dose IV Vitamin C, so it is not surprising that I benefited so tremendously from 50 grams of IV Vitamin C following a prolonged fatigue from Covid.

  22. Thank you for sharing your journey and the reasons why you adopted a carnivore diet. I hope your extremely well thought out diet and alternative treatment protocols have really helped. You’ve made such an impact by sharing your insights, knowledge, and personal path with so many.

  23. Sending a prayer and wish for your work to continue helping the world.

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