My Favorite Paleo Recipes:
Yummy and Oh-So-Healthy Smoothie

evolution rLeafy greens are so important for the micro-nutrients your body’s cells require to function efficiently and effectively. Sometimes it may seem difficult to eat prepared or raw greens with every meal, as you should. Cruciferous vegetables should be steamed instead of raw. However, if the greens are reduced into a drink, it might be easier to include them with meals. This may become your kids’ favorite drink!


Here is a smoothie I drink everyday. I will substitute various green leafy vegetables for variety. I may substitute different berries for the blueberries, and I may use a couple of raw egg yolks instead of the avocado, but this recipe is my basic, healthy drink. Try it out. You just may fall in love with it as I have.





Swiss chard, steamed
Kale, steamed
Spinach, steamed
Avocado (peeled and pitted)
Banana (peeled)



• Use a good blender, which is essential (examples: Vitamix, Ninja, Magic Bullet)

• Pack a mixture of steamed Swiss chard, kale, and spinach into the blender to the half-full mark

• Add avocado, banana, and blueberries up to the 2/3-full mark

• Add enough ice water to cover the contents (You can adjust the amount of water to get the consistency you want)

• Blend at high speed until all contents are fully liquefied

• If more “sweetness” is required, add more blueberries and/or banana

• Store in refrigerator, and drink with meals



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