My Mortality

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist
September 17, 2018 [printfriendly]


My Mortality


Recently, I was introduced to my mortality. Welcome to my world.


As you know, I have been spouting off about all kinds of healthy facts and anecdotal comments to make the quality of your life as best as it can be. For the last few years, you have read my thoughts – maybe ad nauseam. I have talked about the amazing interactions between the gut, the mouth, and the rest of the body. Our nutrition, our lifestyle, and how we deal with our environment all play critical roles in our journey for well-being.



My Story

Most of you have heard my story. I came back from a stroke at the age of 59, but I didn’t learn about ancestral nutrition and lifestyle until I was 66. Starting at the age of 66, I personally incorporated this healthy way of living 100%. Now, I am 71 years old.


Until two weeks ago, I exclaimed to anyone who would listen that I was feeling the healthiest I have ever felt – plenty of energy, curiosity, and creativity. My blood work, blood pressure, and weight were impressively improving from my age of 66 until a few weeks ago. However, a couple of weeks ago something appeared to change abruptly. My world was turned upside-down. A life can be altered in an instant.



My Mortality

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a malignancy that brought me to the reality of my mortality.


Interestingly, my oncologist told me that I had been doing so well until now because my ancestral diet and lifestyle most likely created an ideal environment for a strong immune system. In fact, my current blood chemistries and other blood work still represented a relatively strong immune system. However, the once-hidden and previously-undiagnosed cancer within my bone marrow has started to manifest symptoms.


Moving forward, I will continue to pursue my healthy lifestyle to help heal my body. I will do everything I can to maintain my quality of life and dignity until the end, whenever that might be.


Mark Sisson is quoted as saying, “Live long; Drop dead!” I completely subscribe to Mark’s way of thinking. Quality of life is everything! I will continue to write, perform research, and be a spokesperson for the causes and cures of chronic diseases.



I Am Blessed

With all this unfolding, I believe I am truly blessed. Starting with my gut, my game plan is to continue to enhance my strong immune system.


However, knowing the reality of my mortality provides me time to set things straight. It allows me to say “goodbye” to people who have influenced my life. It gives me the opportunity to make amends. I can prepare my family for what will happen, and I can take care of the legal and material necessities that must be put in order. Too often a person dies with many loose ends and unexpressed emotional feelings. Not me! I will clear my plate and dive into my bucket list.


In November 2016, I wrote a blog titled, My Legacy. How prescient was that?


For all who are reading this, I want to thank you. I also want to tell you that I am honored that you find my writings worthy of your time. Keep reading my blogs; I will stay active. My promise is to make you proud.



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  1. Sending you the best wishes for your health.

  2. I will absolutely keep reading your hard earned wisdoms. I appreciate you and your efforts and I send over many prayers.

  3. God bless you – stand strong. Find a good integrative doctor who uses complimentary therapies like PEMT, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, GcMAF and anything else that most oncologist know nothing of.
    Good luck,
    Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

  4. I know peace and perfect health and connection to Spirit as all things transition for you, Dr. Al. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Dear Al, I commend you for the zest of life and bravery with which you have reclaimed your health. I admire you for living life so fully and with intention while lot of us just drift along the waves of life. It is so refreshing to see your clarity of wanting the quality of the rest of your life.sending you hugs ? and prayers ?for true healing from the heart ? and best wishes for “clearing your plate” spend time with loved ones to the fullest.
    I have lost 2 loved family members to cancer, one of them was too sudden, young at 35 and just starting her life. Wish I had got more time to spend with them and hug them.

  6. In the mid 1900s, Swedish oncologist Dr. Astrid Brohult was working with leukemia patients in a children’s hospital. As you know, leukemia is a devastating cancer that affects white blood cells, specifically leukocytes, which are the immune system’s front-line, manufactured deep within the bone marrow. When leukemia strikes, leukocyte production rebels and runs amok.

    With the concept of “like supports like,” Dr. Brohult fed healthy calve’s marrow to the affected children in her care. While native principles of “like supports like” had been well established with glandular therapies (e.g. Thyroid, Insulin and Liver), Dr. Brohult had little more than inner-wisdom and a hunch. With a favorable benefit : risk profile that’s inherent with almost all whole foods, she proceeded with this ancient practice, believing and hoping that healthy bone marrow from calves might trigger a resumption of healthy function in humans.

    Turns out, many of her patients experienced rapid and remarkable improvements that included a normalization of white blood cell activity and a striking return of energy. Dr. Brohult immediately faced the challenge of isolating the active component in the marrow and spleen (AKGs) in order to devise a more palatable source of the wondrous substance.

    You likely know all about the great John Prudden’s work with BTC. You and your family are in our thoughts, prayers and hearts.

    • Ancestral Supplements make a Grassfed Bone Marrow supplement.

      Piggybacking off another response – Perhaps contact Stem Cell Institute in Panama. There seems to be exciting things happening down there and if they can’t help, may know who can.

  7. Dr. D
    My heart is hurting. You have made such a difference in my life. I feel so blessed to call you my friend.
    You are respected, loved, and prayed for daily.

  8. I think it is very brave of you to share this with all of us who rely on your guided wisdom for our own healthy lives. Thank you for always reaching for “more” information and passing the findings along to as many people in as many different avenues as you can. I will pray that your body with be able to heal itself with spontaneous healing, which I believe is possible. If there is an answer for you out there, you will find it. You have such a great enthusiasm for life, thank you for sharing it with all of us. Thank you for all you have given to all of us who are willing to listen and change.

    I know you will complete that bucket list! Hugs.

  9. I’m a new subscriber, Dr. Danenberg, but this is still an unpleasant shock. I truly hope you have not given up, and fully intend to allow the possibility of either a miraculous remission, very slow progression, or marrow transplant. (They are doing marvelous things now, with stem cells, and if your bone marrow is not a viable option, they can take them from fat cells – as you likely already know.) Wishing the Best for you – Love and Blessings.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. As you probably know, there is lots of evidence that you can heal cancer nutritionally. A good place to start is

    I just read the transcript of the podcast you did with Katie, the Wellness Mama, and I was fascinated by how much takes place in the mouth that affects the rest of the body. I have just been recently diagnosed with periodontal disease and am trying to learn as much as I can before just jumping into the awful treatment plan they have waiting for me. So I may be contacting you for a consultation in the near future.

    You are in my prayers as you fight this disease!

  11. God Bless.

  12. Thanks for such a personal post. Keep believing that your attitude and the lifestyle changes you made some years ago will help you in your battle to overcome this new challenge in your life! Sending healing wishes,

  13. WOW!
    I have been following you for about a year. I had some gum issues and pocketing.
    I enjoy your blog, and will keep reading it to follow your healing journey!
    Mitch Proffman, D.C.

  14. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from you. I wish you only good things on your journey back to good health. You are in my prayers to be sure.

  15. Thanks for working to learn about sources of good health and passing them on to others. Praying that you’ll come across what you need to restore your health.

  16. I have no idea how I ended up reading your post, but I am truly sorry about your diagnostic. If you think that you have accomplished all that you can, then you seem at peace with that. I am happy for you, not many people can boast that! May your continuing journey be in line with your life-purpose and may the peace you express be your constant companion.

  17. I just started your health program and haven’t known you very long but I am very inspired by you. Thank you for just a personal post. I look forward to hearing your lifestyle of healing your cancer. God bless you on your journey.

  18. God Bless you, Dr Danenberg. I have been reading your articles for a number of years and have always been impressed by your wisdom and knowledge. I am from a medical background and see you as being a leader in your field. I look forward to reading many more of your articles.

  19. Hi Dr Danenberg,
    I am sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis. I have had good luck with Canna Culture in San Jose Ca, call and ask for cannamin, they are very helpful and have helped many people heal from cancer with their cancer protocol.
    They are wonderful people. Also I highly recommend Dr Conneally at The Center for New Medicine she has a Cancer Clinic there
    that she started with the late cancer doctor Dr Gonzales, they are located in Irvine California. Also contact Dr Sosin from iprogressive medicine he is also in Irvine California and his office directly across the parking lot from Dr Conneally, so it is easy to see both of these fantastic doctors. Also Dr Sircus has a website, I would contact him directly, he is also a miracle worker in regard to cancer and other illnesses. I have sent family and friends to these sources and they are still with us today.
    I love your newsletter, it has helped me greatly with some teeth and gum issues my son had. I hope that you reach out and find healing with the above information.

  20. Please look into Jim Gordon’s herb protocol on Facebook. It appears to be very effective for many people. I wish you complete healing, Dr. Danenberg.

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