My Personal Gripe

      Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS     April 29, 2016   [printfriendly]

Personal gripeI enjoy emails from friends who share what they are doing. I consider this part of my enjoyment time. I look forward to these.


I also enjoy emails from people I respect in the healthcare world. They give me facts about their expertise and teach me about things I do not know.


I give my email address freely to those whom I believe have quality information to share. However, my faith in some experts I follow has been tainted.


A few of the most respected healthcare writers whom I have admired and trusted in the past have taken advantage of me as well as their entire readership I suspect. Their recent emails turned out to be sales pitches for products or services that the writer was getting paid to promote.


I am not against entrepreneurship. I am not against selling quality products and services. I don’t fault anyone who is trying to make a buck honestly. But, I am against individuals who use my email address, which I have provided for educational material, to push dubious stuff on me.


Some of these emails are well disguised. Typically, the expert starts off by talking about a subject that is factual and pertinent to me. Once I get into the meat of the email, the writer then quickly moves into hawking specific products or services from which he or she will profit. And, the frequency of this type of email has been increasing.


My faith in those individuals has been shattered. Once a devout follower, I now believe I have been played as a gullible target. It’s too bad that these people in my eyes have degenerated from “reliable information sources” to “hucksters.”


For those who read my writings on my website, you know I provide free information to anyone interested. I write about the best peer-reviewed information on health and primal lifestyle that I can find. After 42 years of clinical experience treating real patients with real problems, my posts are my way of sharing and giving back.


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