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– Upper Respiratory Infections –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

March 7, 2021 [printfriendly]



Upper respiratory infections (URIs) are the results of microbes and viruses getting into our body. They are the most common infectious illnesses in the general population.[1] It is important to note that the early invasion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus can result in similar symptoms of less severe URIs. However, an efficient immune system attempts to fight all these enemies.

My goal for myself is to create a robust immune system. I’ve posted many Blogs about this powerful internal force inherent in our body. It heals and vigilantly helps keep us well.

My Unconventional Cancer Protocols specify the detailed steps I take to bring my immune system into the healthiest state I can. To help me monitor the robustness of my immune system, I assembled and use these 5 Important Tools. I recommend them to everyone who wants to be proactive with their health.

However, there are two reactive steps I specifically take to deal with upper respiratory infections if my body shows symptoms of their presence. They should not be used as preventive treatment. They only should be attempted when you feel a respiratory infection coming on.


My Caveat

I do NOT claim these reactive steps are a cure for any upper respiratory infection. Although I have had success personally, no one should assume this will work for him or her. My goal is to continue to be transparent throughout my Cancer Journey.


Reactive Steps

1. Propolis Throat Spray

The science is impressive.

Propolis is a natural mixture produced by honeybees from plant resins. Bees use propolis in the construction and repair of their hives. Current research shows that propolis has antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory applications for upper respiratory tract infections, wound healing, and the treatment of burns, acne, herpes, and neurodermatitis. It also may interfere with the invasion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (HERE; HERE). It is interesting to note that propolis has shown additional promise as an aid in the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, and cancer.[2],[3]

Propolis is available in a spray that can be used at the first sign of soreness or scratchiness in the throat. I have used and recommend Beekeepers Propolis Throat Spray.


2. Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide

Recently, there have been anecdotal descriptions and published medical articles about the efficacy of hydrogen peroxide to kill pathogenic microbes and to inactivate viruses. The body’s own macrophages and neutrophils produce a variety of toxic products including hydrogen peroxide to kill the microorganisms and inactivate the viruses which they engulf.[4]

It has been suggested that a properly diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide in normal saline can be vaporized in a nebulizer and inhaled through the nose to reach various mucous membrane tissues in the respiratory system. This may assist in killing microbes and inactivating viruses in their early stage of invasion. Also, this nebulized solution will activate T cells and neutrophils in the immune system to help destroy any cells that already have been infected. As a “topical antimicrobial and antiviral”, this mist appears to assist the immune system in winning the battle.[5],[6],[7],[8]

The Hydrogen Peroxide Solution for the nebulizer is made by adding 1 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt along with ¾ teaspoon of 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide into 16 ounces of distilled water. This makes a saline solution containing 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. I store it in a sealed 16-ounce Mason jar in the refrigerator. When I am ready to use the nebulizer, I add ½ teaspoon of the Solution into the medication cup of the WAVE Nebulizer. My preference is to use the adult mask included in the WAVE Nebulizer to inhale the mist.


My Recent Bout

When I woke up on Saturday morning, February 20, 2021, I knew something was wrong with me. My throat felt slightly “sore and scratchy”.

Usually, whenever that would happen, I would spray my throat with propolis several times that day and would continue until the “sore or scratchy” feeling went away. By the next day or two, my throat usually would feel fine. All would be well.

But this time was different. In addition, I experienced a high resting pulse rate of 70. My normal resting pulse is in the high 50s. A higher resting heart rate may be a sign that the body’s immune system is ramping up for a fight.[9]

Also, my blood glucose was elevated. Even though I was eating “ketogenic”, my ketone levels indicated I was not in ketosis. I did not have any loss of taste or smell, and my temperature was normal.

By that Monday night, 2/22/21, I began to have a runny nose. When I woke up on Tuesday, 2/23, the runny nose was combined with increased soreness in my throat and a slight cough. The propolis was not working as it had previously. Bummer!

I am very concerned about a viral or microbial infection since my cancer is a malignancy of plasma cells. These bone marrow cells are responsible for producing antibodies. They are not my only immune defense, but they are important for my overall immune function. So, I pay close attention to what my body tells me.

To be proactive, I already purchased a nebulizer and 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I just did not make the nebulizer solution that I described earlier.

So, at 6 AM on 2/23, I mixed together the nebulizer solution which consisted of distilled water, Himalayan salt, and hydrogen peroxide. I used ½ teaspoon of the solution in the nebulizer every hour beginning at 6 AM until 3PM – 10 treatments. Each treatment lasted about 10 minutes at which time the solution in the medication cup was used up. After the last treatment, the runny nose almost stopped, and the throat soreness and slight cough were gone.

Just before going to bed at 9PM that night, I used the nebulizer again.

The next morning, Wednesday 2/24, I woke with a slightly runny nose. I had no sore throat and no cough. That day, I began the hourly nebulizer routine starting at 6:30 AM for two treatments. The rest of the day I felt normal. Fantastic!

When I took my ketone level on Wednesday afternoon, it was 2.5 mmol/L, showing I was in ketosis as I wanted. My resting pulse rate had returned to the high 50s, which was my normal. I did not test my blood glucose again. Following my 2 doses of the nebulized peroxide solution that morning, I was done. By that evening, I had no upper respiratory issues!

What can I make of this?


My Thoughts

I think I had contracted a virus. I have no idea what type of virus it was. Most likely it was a simple cold virus. But it could have been the COVID virus. Fortunately, symptoms were relieved rapidly. I owe my quick recovery to my reactive intervention with the Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide Solution. No doubt it killed whatever microbes or inactivated whatever viruses were causing my distress.

Again, I am not suggesting this is a treatment for anyone. My success, in my opinion, is related to my reactive attempts as I just described combined with my …

  • Upkeep of my Oral Health
  • Attention to my Animal-Based Diet,
  • Generation of a High Alpha Diversity in my gut microbiome,
  • Dedication to being Metabolically Flexible,
  • Maintenance of a 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D blood level above 60 ng/mL, and
  • Creation of a Robust Immune System















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  1. I read about the H2O2 treatment some years ago and bought a nebuliser on ebay for about $25. Your article is a timely reminder.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Things I like to do:

    1. I’m a true blue believer in the steam method. Boil 1.5 inches of water in a saucepan, move to a table, add any good smelling tea, like chamomile, carefully cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam. Do not use with children, burn hazard.

    2. The plastic Neti Pot comes with saline already mixed for you, about 100 packets. If you add a drop of baby shampoo, (mix well), it’s been shown to improve the beat strength of cilia. Works great.

    Ref: “Based on prior work in the orthopedic literature showing efficacy of surfactants, but not antibiotics, in removing bacteria from stainless steel screws, several investigations were published reporting on surfactant-based CRS therapies.”

    If you search around, you can find more and more on the exact cilia/baby shampoo/ saline connection. Of course, you’d have to be ok with using a Neti Pot, which is a bit of a skill check.

    3. With a low grade fever, I bundle up to drive it up higher, 3-4 blankets, nothing exposed just my face. I stay like that for 2-4 hours if I can, listening to a book on tape. This has “broken” the illness several times in the past. But don’t do it if the fever is 101+.

    These may sound extreme, but when I was a child, before I was 6, I was living in a second world country, and there was hospital or nothing. Children’s fevers were brought down with cold vinegar soaked sheets that they’d wrap you up in if your fever was dangerous. Otherwise they just gave you water and prayed. I hate vinegar with a passion to this day.

    They couldn’t use the first one on me, but I saw my grandmother use it all the time. Of the three, it’s the least unpleasant. 🙂 It’s basically the nebulizer, without special equipment and too dangerous for kids.

  3. Thank you for sharing Dr. Danenberg! I listened to a talk given by Dr. Brownstein on the benefits of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide to combat viruses. He was successfully treating COVID ipatients in the parking lot of his practice!! You are both amazing doctors and I truly appreciate the knowledge you generously share with tht public! Take care of yourself ❤️

  4. Thanks for your continuing updates!
    Can 3% hydrogen peroxide be used instead of 12%? If so, what ratio to water?

  5. Hi Dr. D,
    I caught a cold with same symptoms from my infant great grandson last week. I am pretty sure it was just a cold and didn’t go for a Covid test. I don’t want the health department calling on the off chance it was..
    I used liposomal C, D3 bolus x 3 days and bee pollen. Until now I completely forgot that usually take prebiotic several times a day if I have symptoms. It did last longer than my usual 2 days of symptoms. I figure I have lost immunity to common cold since leaving the ER in 2012. (As well as the decreasing immune function of aging, at 73)
    I love your spirit and enthusiasm, look forward to your emails. Iam also a PHC.

  6. Without purchasing a nebulizer do you think a spray bottle or a neti pot would work? Nebulizer is not in the budget, although I see that they are not too expensive. Thanks for the insight, I am intrigued.

  7. I just received the food grade hydrogen peroxide 12% from amazon yesterday. I noticed some of the solution leaked into the plastic bag. When I removed the bottle I got some of peroxide on my fingers. My fingers began to burn and the skin turned white!!! Be careful not to get the peroxide on your hands when making.

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