My Primal Lifestyle: in one document

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS     Nutritional Periodontist
September 8, 2016  

My Primal LifestyleTwo weeks ago, I published three consecutive articles in which I detailed My Primal Lifestyle. I divided them into three installments because of the length of each. I described the foods I eat on a typical weekday and weekend, specifics of how I exercise, a summary of my daily sleep patterns, and the techniques I use to reduce my stress.


After I published them, a few of my patients as well as some Internet followers asked if I could combine them into one PDF document. No problem! I’ve done that. You can click HERE to read and download it. All of the references I used in the article are listed in the footnotes.


Please share this with whomever you wish. I am proud of the way I have changed my life since embracing My Primal Lifestyle almost four years ago. I realize that four years are not a long time, but I am almost 70 years old. My overall health has significantly improved in all ways measurable and immeasurable. I see myself as the Senior Poster Boy for a Primal Lifestyle.




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