Our Cells Sing
– My PEMF Experience –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

December 5, 2021 [printfriendly]

Think About This as I Reminisce …

In days gone by, I owned a vintage analog AM radio with a tuning dial. I remember the old brown music box was positioned conveniently on our kitchen table. When my family sat down to a meal, we were inundated with invisible and undetectable radio waves. But the radio was quiet; it wasn’t turned on.

Yet, once I turned on the radio and dialed into the correct frequency with the tuner, we all could hear the music and announcer come alive. The radio isolated just one of the radio frequencies I chose and amplified that one signal to make it audible for me and all who were listening. But I could turn the dial clockwise or counterclockwise to tune into other unique frequencies representing different radio stations.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. Its frequencies may be an appropriate and functional “music” to the “ears of our cells” if they can “tune them in”. But the cells cannot hear them, see them, or react to them if they are not the appropriate frequencies.

Our cells communicate with one another – chemically, physically, and electrically.

Electrically, cells sing and listen to wave patterns that are unique for them. Our cells can “tune into” the frequencies they like. It’s almost as though they have their “top hit list” that turn them on or turn them off.

If you could see your individual cells, you might see them dancing as they resonate with the rhythm. PEMF frequencies speaking the correct language can communicate with our cells.

These frequencies are unique on the electromagnetic spectrum. They’re at the “extremely low frequency” and the “low frequency” range to the left end of the spectrum below:



Think About It in This Way …

If you only spoke English, and you were in a room of 100 people who only spoke their native tongue – one of which was English – only the English-speaking person would understand you. But if you were fluent in all those 100 diverse languages, each person could understand you once you spoke to them in their unique language. Each of our cells may be speaking and listening only to one of those 100 languages.

Your body is made up of 30 trillion human cells and 38 trillion microbial cells, each with its unique way of listening and speaking. When you use the correct PEMF technology that generates numerous forms of varied and complex frequencies, each cell will resonate with its appropriate frequency. And these frequencies live in the extreme left end of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

This is the most comprehensive electrical communication system ever devised. However, for cells to benefit, they must “tune into” the surrounding frequencies, and of course those frequencies must be present. It’s all part of our human evolution. And appropriately designed and selected PEMF Therapy may provide those ideal frequencies.


The Cells’ Energy Source

The electrical energy source that keeps the cell alive is within every cell of our body except mature red blood cells. The cellular electrical batteries are called mitochondria – powerful and intricate sources of energy. And when the electrical balance of this battery source goes astray, disease enters the picture.

Just like a rechargeable flashlight battery that can lose its power, the cell can lose its ability to function properly. But if you recharged a rechargeable flashlight battery, it would work again. So, if you could recharge your “electrical potential” in the cell, the cell also could regain its biological function. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has the potential to reenergize the cell’s energy as it produces the unique frequencies for each cell to recharge.


Recharge My Batteries

I have included a method in my Unconventional Cancer Protocols to enhance my cellular energy with PEMF Therapy. It’s a process that I have researched that may communicate with my individual cells to assist repair and function.

PEMFs are low frequency, pulsating, electromagnetic fields with wavelengths that can completely penetrate the body. PEMFs are different from dirty electromagnetic fields (EMFs), sometimes called “electro-smog”.

Dirty EMFs are damaging to cellular health. Some sources of dirty EMFs are power lines, metal plumbing, and wireless communication devices.

Medical therapy utilizing PEMF technology has come into its own. When I searched “PEMF Therapy” on Pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov recently, I found over 1351 published peer-reviewed articles describing PEMF’s efficacy in numerous health situations – including soft tissue healing and hard tissue healing.

However, if you look online, you’ll find many PEMF devices. Without a doubt, searching for a PEMF device will prove to be confusing and overwhelming. In addition, it is not considered mainstream medical therapy and has not been approved by the FDA to treat any disease.


My Search

Before I was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in September 2018, I was interested in studying PEMF Therapy. I did some investigation and chose a unique PEMF Mat with over 30 years of research. The German manufacturer of the mat I chose was awarded three patents for its PEMF technology …

  1. To filter out voltage spikes and other dirty electromagnetic fields
  2. To improve ion transport through the cell membrane
  3. To generate a blend of numerous harmonic smooth frequencies from 0 Hz to 10,000 Hz and much more complicated patterns

This is the mat I personally use every day. It is imported into the US and known as the PureWave Pemi Full Body Mat.

CAVEAT: I describe my own experiences in my Unconventional Cancer Protocols. I don’t make any claim that PEMF Therapy may or will benefit anyone else. It is not a cure for cancer. But I believe it supports my overall healing.

The PureWave Pemi Full Body Mat operates at a maximum amplitude or intensity of 40 microtesla. The strength of the earth’s natural magnetic field ranges from about 30 to 60 microtesla. Low amplitudes benefit the functions and structures of individual cells by “massaging” them into better health rather than beating them up with strong intensities, which ultimately can cause serious damage.

PureWave Pemi Full Body Mat has the shape and feel of a soft yoga mat. I place it under my mattress cover on our bed. It has a control timer, but I don’t set the timer. I turn it “on” and “off” manually.

As I mentioned, I began researching PEMF before I was diagnosed with cancer. After receiving the mat, I set out to investigate its benefits by using my wife as a test subject. I tested the health of her mitochondria through a non-invasive oral test (the MitoSwab Plus test) each month for 4 months.

I reported her results in 2 separate Blogs: one on 6/4/18, and the other on 9/3/18. Over this 4-month study, my wife’s mitochondria showed significant improvement based on the MitoSwab Plus Test. The medical doctor who evaluated her results at MitoSwab was very impressed. As you can read in my linked Blogs, my wife’s mitochondria demonstrated significant improvement after 4-months of twice daily use of the mat.

After my bone marrow cancer diagnosis, I began using the PureWave Pemi Full Body Mat three times a day and started writing about my journey.

An additional benefit by using the mat daily is that its frequencies neutralize cellular damage from dirty electromagnetic fields in our immediate environment.


Be Careful

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the marketplace about PEMF Therapy. My personal experience has taught me to be thorough in my research. I have not found any other mat to perform the way I wanted except the PureWave Pemi Full Body Mat.

I recently experimented with a PEMF Mat that only created two distinct frequencies using short intensity spikes as high as 150 microtesla. While this science may be helpful for short-term muscular pain and short-term improvement of blood flow, that mat could not address my other goals for using PEMF Therapy.

My goals for a PEMF Mat include improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage as well as filtering out 50-60 Hz dirty electromagnetic fields, improving ion transport into and out of the cell membrane, regaining the appropriate millivoltage potential of individual cells, and producing numerous wave pattern frequencies that might speak to individual cells and improve cell function.

So, let the music begin!

My chosen mat generating the appropriate frequencies will help my cells regain their energy and function. PEMF Therapy integrated with my other protocols in my Unconventional Cancer Protocols will assist my overall immune system to become as robust as possible.

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