PEMF & Mitochondria
My Study of N=1
…4-Month Follow-Up..

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist
September 3, 2018 [printfriendly]


PEMF & Mitochondria


I posted my original article, My Study of N=1, on June 4, 2018. Please read my past post to get up-to-speed about my thoughts on PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), mitochondria, and my investigation. In my article today, I report on my 4-month follow-up.


My Study

As you know from my previous writing, my wife was my “test subject”. “Test subject” is not an appropriate title. I should say my wife volunteered (or more accurately, I volunteered her) to be my participant in my research project. However, I am aware of the limitations of my study: (1) there was only one participant; (2) there was no control group; (3) I only investigated one PEMF Mat; and (4) my study was not submitted to an Institutional Review Board.

Nonetheless, my goal was to explore the possible mitochondrial benefits of the QRS PureWave Total Body Mat in my in-home study. This Mat generates a unique pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF).

To accomplish this, I placed the Mat under the mattress cover on our bed. In this position, the Mat was imperceptible and comfortable to lie on. The built-in timer of the control box was set to turn on for 24 minutes about a half-hour after she went to bed. Then, it turned on again for 24 minutes about a half-hour before she would wake. The evening setting was set to “Relax 3”, and the morning setting was set to “Basis 3”. There were no sounds or sensations from the Mat to disturb her sleep.

I proceeded to test my wife’s mitochondria using the newly developed MitoSwab Plus Test. MitoSwab Plus is a non-invasive test to evaluate the function of the four critical protein complexes that eventually create energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Most ATP is generated within the mitochondria of every cell in your body. The only human cells that do not have mitochondria are red blood cells. When these protein complexes within the mitochondria weaken and function less than optimal, the result is dysfunction in the mitochondria.

To evaluate my wife’s mitochondrial health with MitoSwab Plus, I needed to swab her cheek areas. I used a cotton swab to obtain mucosal samples from her cheeks adjacent to the back teeth on the right and left sides in her mouth. These samples needed to be frozen and then sent to the Lab for testing.

I did the first swab test before she began using the PEMF Mat to determine a baseline of her mitochondrial function. Then, I gathered samples of her cheek mucosa after one-month, 2-months, and 4-months from the start-date of the daily use of the Mat.



I was impressed with the results. Here is the PDF Summary of my wife’s MitoSwab Plus test results, which includes my overall interpretation.

Basically, the health of Complexes I, II, III and IV continued to improve over the 4-Month timeframe while using the QRS-PureWave PEMF Mat every day.

I believe the pulsed electromagnetic field generated by this Mat was able to re-energize my wife’s mitochondria in her buccal mucosa. It is important to note that this peer-reviewed research showed that the buccal mucosa is a reliable indicator of the health of other mitochondria in the body.


Next Step

My modest study could be a pilot model for further medical considerations and investigations. In my opinion, a future research protocol could be written and submitted to an Institutional Review Board. The protocol should incorporate a control group (using the Mat that is NOT generating PEMF) and an experimental group (using the Mat as I described in this post). A statistically adequate number of subjects would need to be included to allow reliable conclusions at the completion of the study.


My Thoughts

PEMF therapy might be an adjunct treatment for chronic diseases. Also, this method might be a means to offset mitochondrial damage from dirty electromagnetic fields (ex: cell phones, WiFi, and other harmful electromagnetic fields). If properly-designed PEMF devices could improve mitochondrial dysfunction, they might be game-changers.


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  1. Hello Dr Danenberg.
    Since 1989 we have been pioneering the use of low energy pulse fields applied around pipes to treat fluids. In the case of hard water (and sea water), to stop calcium carbonate scaling, milk to prevent milkstone, Ferric aluminium sulphate to prevent deposits, beer lines to prevent beerstone, waste water effluent streams to prevent struvite and vivienite and swimming pool water to reduce Chlorine demand (50%)
    Treated water exhibits properties that encourage coagulation of suspended solids, reducing polymer consumption for de-watering effluent streams or extending periods between backwashing pool filters.
    The frequencies we apply are very similar to those created by a Tibetan Singing Bowl, introduced to us by an engineer at a large Hospital, who was a satisfied customer. It is him on our website front page ( with his domestic hot water generation heat exchangers without our treatment
    I asked the lady who brought back bowls for us from Tibet if the sound of the bowls were used by the monks who make them for meditation and she said emphatically, no, they believe the sound waves (frequencies) are healing.
    John Thompson

  2. How do we replicate this so that it’s more native in nature? Perhaps gentle signals from ocean waves… wind currents… massage…

    I don’t know the answer, but I’d love to hear some thoughts back! This article was amazing and thought provoking… thank you for sharing it.

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