PEMF & My Cancer Protocols

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

May 25, 2020


My Unconventional Cancer Protocols have been my path to improve my body’s ability to heal itself. As you may know, my most recent PET Scan confirmed that there are no active cancer cells in my entire body. I cannot say I am cured. I’m not even in remission yet. But I can say that I am very encouraged that my fight looks like I am going to be the winner after 21-months on my cancer journey. Time will tell.


One of the important goals included in my Protocols is to assist my mitochondria to repair and function as best as possible. Cancer is a disease of metabolic dysfunction as well as a disease of mitochondrial dysfunction.[1],[2] This statement is not without controversy even though much research is emphasizing the importance of gut health, diet, and the immune system in the prevention and treatment of cancers. Even conventional medicine is researching targeted therapy on mitochondria to initiate cancer cell death by apoptosis[3] as well as to repair damaged mitochondria[4].




Mitochondria are organelles inside the cytoplasm of cells in our body except red blood cells. These mitochondria have various roles, one of which is the creation of energy so that our cells can function as they should. Just as a flashlight requires fresh and strong batteries to shine its light brightly, so do our cells require healthy and peak-performing mitochondria to create the energy for our cells to do their jobs efficiently.


Most of the energy for our body is created by the mitochondria. Energy is produced through a biological process called the “Electron Transport Chain” (ETC). Electrons are transferred through the ETC in steps – starting with Protein Complex I and then progressing to Complexes II, III and IV. The process ends with Complex V, where energy is produced in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).


If damage occurs in and between any of these Protein Complexes, there could be dysfunction in the mitochondria. Dysfunctional mitochondria will lead to decreased ability for a cell to do what it was designed to do. Ultimately, chronic disease would be the result of dysfunctional mitochondria. Cancer is a form of chronic disease.


Various techniques can help strengthen mitochondria. Restorative sleep, high intensity interval training, intermittent fasting, stress control, and very low carb diets are well documented to help restore mitochondria.


A unique modality that also will strengthen and repair damaged mitochondria and improve the function of all human cells is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy. I incorporate this energy therapy daily in my Protocols to improve my mitochondria.



PEMF Therapy & Cancer[5]

PEMF Therapy emits brief bursts of electromagnetic waves producing a harmonic balance of various low frequencies. They resemble the electromagnetic waves found in nature and human cells. PEMF Therapy stimulates and encourages cells to improve their milli-voltage potential, which basically means it improves their “charge”. This, in turn, provides cells the power to function optimally.


Various animal studies and a few human trials have shown slower tumor growth rate when treated with PEMF Therapy compared with untreated control groups. This confirms that PEMF therapy can affect the physiology and electrochemistry of cancer cells. In addition, PEMF Therapy improves the cell membrane transport capacity, which enhances ion transfer in and out of cells. This leads to reduced cellular stress and improved cellular function.


Another important result of PEMF Therapy is that it enhances the immune system in several ways. One way is by increasing tumor necrosis factor alpha levels, which lead to cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells. PEMFs also have positive systemic effects like improving blood pressure. Most importantly, long‐term PEMF treatment is not toxic.



My PEMF Full Body Mat

There are many full body mats in the marketplace. Many have unhealthy voltage spikes and wave patterns that are not gentle or natural to the human body. I have chosen a full body mat that is manufactured in Germany and has over twenty years of research and development behind it. It is imported into the USA by PureWaveNow[6], which offers a 3-year warranty and excellent customer service. The mat is called the Portable Electromagnetic Infusion system.


This full body mat is like a soft yoga mat that I place under my bedsheets. The system has several patents, which set it above most other mats. Specifically:


  1. One patent provides a process that removes and filters out “electrosmog” frequencies in the mat. “Electrosmog” is manmade pollution consisting of invisible electromagnetic radiation. This mat creates the generation of a harmony of frequencies that operates at a maximum intensity value of 40 micro-Tesla, which is well below the World Health Organization’s upper intensity level of 100 micro-Tesla.
  2. Another patent restores the energy charge of human cells. This would be equivalent to recharging a rechargeable battery to its full capacity. A “fully charged human cell” enhances its efficiency to move ions (i.e. charged molecules and atoms) “into” and “out of” the cell. This allows nutrients to be drawn into the cell to produce energy and other cellular functions. A healthy human cell has a charge of 70-110 mV (milli-Volts), while a sick cell often measures around 40-50 mV or less.
  3. A third patent produces a harmonic series of unique pulsating magnetic fields, which represent the body’s own frequency wave patterns.


The properties of the waves generated by the Portable Electromagnetic Infusion system create overall long-term results, which are impressive. Some of the beneficial effects are:


  • Relaxes and slows heartbeat
  • Decreases high blood pressure
  • Increases blood flow
  • Improves oxygen perfusion into cells
  • Enhances soft tissue and bone healing
  • Maintains proper cellular metabolism of nutrients




My Unconventional Cancer Protocols help my body to heal naturally. PEMF Therapy is an important ingredient to my total program. Yet, I can’t say that any ONE of my protocols is the critical element for my overall well-being. I believe that the combination of all my modalities produces a cumulative restorative effect. In my opinion, by providing my body with various approaches to improve cellular function, my body has responded positively.


Once again, I can’t claim I am cured of cancer. What I can say is that my recent PET Scan does not show any active cancer cells in my entire body. That gives me great hope that total remission and possibly a cure might be in my future. My cancer protocols have guided me through this challenging but enlightening 21-month journey since my diagnosis in September 2018.










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  1. Your posts are a life line – can you give the full name and source of the product so I can see how to get it in the UK please

  2. Hi there – I sleep with a Rife Machine for 8 hours a day. Would this be safe/effective to use at the same time? I’m assuming not…they seem to be similar? Thanks much!

    • The Rife Machine is not the same as PEMF Therapy.

  3. What settings do you use with you PEMF? Does this Company give information on the settings you should use?

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