PEMF & My Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist
October 15, 2018 [printfriendly]

PEMFLet me be clear. There is no human clinical research that shows that PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy will cure multiple myeloma. But, there is some research and anecdotal information that PEMF therapy could be an adjunct treatment for cancer. Successful treatment ultimately comes down to an integrative and personalized plan.

On 9/19/18, I was diagnosed with IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma. This is a plasma cell malignancy of the bone marrow. I have chosen not to have chemotherapy. I am electing treatment that might help improve my immune system, reenergize my mitochondria, strengthen my bones, and naturally attack my cancer cells. I wrote an article describing my alternative approach HERE. Below, I discuss one of the alternative therapies included in my health plan – pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy



There have been many papers published about the positive effects of PEMF therapy for healing bone and soft tissue. In the past, I wrote several posts about PEMF, in which I included links to peer-reviewed research. HERE. HERE. HERE.

My way of thinking is this: PEMF assists in healing bone and soft tissue. It also might improve the health of dysfunctional mitochondria. In addition, PEMF therapy may be a noninvasive way to stimulate the natural stem cells in bone marrow, which could support tissue repair. If all these benefits were possible, adding PEMF Therapy into my Health Plan may help my malignancy at least to go into remission. Several medical articles, which were recently published, suggest PEMF therapy could be a plausible treatment in the world of oncology.


Medical Articles

  • This review article discusses how PEMF might be valuable in the treatment of cancer. Research demonstrates that PEMF therapy can modulate the physiology and electrochemistry of cancer cells and influence cell membrane systems and mitosis.
  • This article reviews how PEMF can promote self-repair of bone tissues.
  • PEMF has the ability to cause bone marrow stem cells to differentiate and create tissue repair. This article explains how this may happen.
  • The authors of this paper review the positive effects of PEMF therapy on the body’s stem cells.
  • And, this paper reviews the literature regarding PEMF therapy and its effect on stem cells and their reparative effects on nerve and bone tissues.


PEMF and My Health Plan

I am using the PEMF full body mat from Pure Wave Now. I position the mat under my mattress cover. There is no sensation from the mat when it is operating. It feels like I am just lying in bed. I use the mat four times a day for 16 minutes at “Basis-4” setting.

There is no evidence that PEMF therapy will improve my multiple myeloma. However, there is evidence that PEMF therapy may support many aspects of improving my immune system, the health of my mitochondria, and cancer healing in general. For these reasons, I have incorporated PEMF therapy into my overall Health Plan to treat my malignant plasma cells.


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  1. All the best to you Dr. Danenberg! I’m rooting for you!


  2. I will pray for your health. I admire your course of treatment and knowing that quality of life is very important. Always enjoy reading and keeping up with all your years of knowledge and wisdom. You are a true helpful human in sharing your knowledge in an effort to help others.
    Hope you enjoy the cooler days ahead,
    Becky Moore, RDH

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