I never expected to be speaking from the personal world of cancer, but here I am. 

In 2018, I retired from my clinical periodontist practice when I was diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma.  I rejected chemotherapy and created my own Unconventional Cancer Protocols. On May 8, 2020, my PET Scan showed no active cancer cells in my entire body.

As a periodontist with 44 years in practice, my background is from the clinical and research world, regarding the interrelationships between the mouth, the diet, the gut, and other chronic diseases. I’ve found that proper nutrition is at the core of everything your body does for you. However, it’s not the nutrition we’ve all been taught.

Now, I coach clients to create health and wellness via a robust immune system and metabolic health. Over the last 7 years, and especially since my bone marrow cancer diagnosis, I have been researching and writing about diet, gut health, gum disease, and all other chronic diseases. You can read more about these topics on my blog

I’ve been told that my story is both compelling and motivating. My hope is by sharing it with you, I can help others regain control of their health.

Below are a few of the episodes I’ve been honored to speak on, hosted by wonderful medical professionals and movers in the industry. If you are interested in having me speak on your podcast, please reach out with your inquiry to al@drdanenberg.com.

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Interested in having me speak on your podcast?

Send your inquires to al@drdanenberg.com along with a link to your podcast and a brief description of your podcast focus, audience size and any other information you find relevant to share with me.

In addition to podcasts, I’m also available for video seminars and conferences.

I look forward to connecting with you!