Surprise Response to my Cancer Journey

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

June 22, 2020 [printfriendly]






You may not believe what I am going to tell you. It surprised me at first and then made me think. By the way, I can be very dangerous when I begin to “think”.


As most of you know, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone marrow cancer in September 2018. This malignancy was considered “incurable”, and I was given 3-6 months to live if I did nothing. For all the right reasons, I rejected chemotherapy and created my own Unconventional Cancer Protocols. While I had several setbacks (one of which put me into Hospice), I have rallied and thrived since. During my cancer journey, I tweaked my protocols frequently. On May 8, 2020, my oncologist scheduled me for a new PET Scan to determine how my cancer was progressing. Amazingly, the scan showed no active cancer cells throughout my entire body. Finally! Wow!


But this was not the surprise response I am talking about. Below is the surprise.



Surprise Response

One specific individual who promotes “cures” for cancer read my Blog about my cancer success. This person, whom I never met, commented on my recent cancer follow-up. But he actually denigrated my positive cancer results. Yes, it is true!


I love for readers to become motivated enough to make a comment. So, after writing about my extremely encouraging PET Scan results on May 8th, I was pleased that this individual submitted his written opinion on my website.


But I deleted it. I felt it was a rant and served no purpose. Then after further thought, I decided to print it here to make my point. However, I edited out the four-letter “colorful” words that confirmed his lack of decency.


“Mr. Danenberg: Don’t you read? Real science says the only way to cure cancer is to eat plants. Your stupid high-fat red-meat diet CAUSES cancer. Real doctors say you are wrong? Juicing is the way to go. Why don’t you do “IV Vitamin C therapy”, since this kills cancer cells? You are so wrong. You are screwing others if you believe your protocols have cured you. You should be ashamed. By the way, I know what I talk about since I write about my own cancer cure using plants, IV vitamin C, and some powerful supplements. I dare you to publish this.”


First, I want to reiterate, “I have not cured my cancer, and I don’t have a cure for anybody’s cancer. What I have created is a set of protocols to support my body’s natural immune system and its ability to heal.”


And second, I am not going to cite all the current medical research that proves animal fat and red meat are healthy and necessary when they are sourced naturally. Eating animals from nose-to-tail helps prevent chronic diseases.


And third, I get his disdain for me since he addressed me as “Mr.”, referred to the “real doctors”, and said I am “screwing others”.



My Thoughts

I have written in the past about “Vitriol in Healthcare” and also how I was called a “Damn Fake”. I guess I just bring out the “best” in people.


So, like before, I tried to think about the reason for this reader to comment like he did. I would like to understand his protocols to heal from his cancer. I don’t know what kind of cancer he had. I don’t know how long his “curing modalities” took to get the result he claims he got. And then it is possible that he is having a recurrence of his cancer and is pissed. I am in the dark on this one.


If nothing else, I am open-minded about alternative therapies. But I am only interested in the results that have been published by various reliable investigators in peer-reviewed journals. If the methods of treatment cannot be substantiated by several practitioners in humans and not just animals, I am not interested. Treatment that is studied on “cultured cancer cells” outside of the body is not the same as treatment of cancer in the living person. And anecdotal conclusions don’t cut it for me.


I am picky with what I believe, but that does not mean that I am right and that other courses of healing are inappropriate. For the most part, I believe that natural methods to help the body heal is the way to go. When the natural remedies are not working as well as they should, then an extra push in the right direction from conventional medicine is always appreciated. However, I am constantly aware that side effects from conventional medicine could feel worse than the cancer itself. That’s one of the reasons I rejected chemotherapy at the outset of my cancer journey.



Moving Forward

So, I will let the response from this outraged reader stand as it is. I don’t want to give it any more power than I have already in this Blog.


Essentially, I want to encourage all who are threatened with a life-altering diagnosis to have an open mind and to ask a million questions to those with whom they entrust their care. If you are not getting answers which make sense to you, fire that healthcare professional and find someone else. If your current healthcare professional is disrespectful to you, dismiss that person. There are many in the healthcare professions who are empathetic, approachable, and will listen to your concerns and questions. The treatment of a severe health condition should include various disciplines working together for the same result. Also, don’t forget to pursue your independent investigation using sources like and These websites are resources of medical papers from all over the world.


As for me, I am not cured, and I am not in remission. But my body is free of active cancer cells as reported by my most recent PET Scan. This gives me great hope for my future and my extended quality of life. Maybe I’ll regain my moniker as the “73-year-old Poster Boy for a healthy diet and lifestyle”.



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  1. Dr. Danenberg,

    This is a brilliant response to the reader’s comment. I am so happy that the protocol that you created works so well for you!!! To many years of good health and thriving for you!!

    • Really sad the negativity to your diet. We should all be tolerant and be willing to listen to contrary opinions. I think you have been very honest and considered in your discussion of your eating habits and protocols. Unfortunately there is a lot of people like that on the internet. Keep up the good work and spreading the word of what has worked for you.

  2. Diet and lifestyle is like religion! I am right and you are wrong! There are lots of reasons why some people cope with different ways of eating better than others and people have the right to decide for themselves. Everyone deserves respect …………. So glad you continue to be well.

  3. Dr. Al, I imagine that most of your readers care deeply about curing disease and maintaining health. Like many, I have read many testimonials that promote the approach that the reader in your post suggests. However, that approach is “alternative,” and unconventional just as yours is. It is not a widely accepted protocol in medical fields. So here we are. All we can do, is like you have done. Look at medical research. Experiment with our own unique bodies and situations. And try to find that combination of therapies that seems to address the particulars of our own situations. There may indeed be different solutions for different diseases. How about that! One size may not fit all! Thank you for presenting another tool in the arsenal! May God bless you with continued progress.

  4. Diet religiosity is like a poison, like racism. Nothing in our world is totally binary in nature, and thinking that way only makes for an unhappy life, as one is locked into an “us vs them” mindset. What a great way to respond to such a negative, vitriolic comment.

  5. I appreciate all the thought, research and effort you have graciously shared with the internet community. I enjoy reading your posts and celebrating your journey.

    Your attitude toward this narrow minded individual is to be congratulated. You show your confidence in your insightful reply and in posting his “cleaned up of limited vocabulary “ rant. (I didn’t need those words )

    As an aside, 7 months ago, my brother discovered his stage 4 lung cancer. He died last week after months of painful traditional chemo/radiation treatment. An alternative plan takes a lot of energy, courage, faith and will that my brother didn’t have. As you know well, too much pain makes it hard to make hard choices vs going with the traditional flow. So I love reading about your success.

  6. Dr. Danenberg, you are an excellent writer. You are also educated and open-minded (my opinion is based solely on this post, as it is my introduction to you). I have one small quibble with advising readers to fire their healthcare professional. There are those who are not researchers whose only goal is to find someone who agrees with them. And you DO say to the readers, “do your research.” I watched my beloved aunt, my mother’s sister, die from chemo she took for her leukemia. I have always said that I would not do chemo if I were older. I am now 69. No cancer, but my aunt’s experience is always at the back of my mind. In addition, my mother had metastasized breast cancer. After a double mastectomy and removal of her lymph nodes (in 1975), she was given a 5-year outlook. She was 52. My dear mom died at age 88. She never had cancer again. I try to maintain my best health in spite of genetics and age with diet and exercise and wisdom. I don’t want my children to take care of a diseased older woman who ate herself into oblivion with sugar and carbs. I am now a slim 5’8” 135 lb woman. I work out with a trainer twice a week and walk every day. I went from Atkins to Keto to Carnivore. I’m feeling well and happy/content. Congratulations on your success! And thank you for sharing your story. More reason for me to keep my mind open.

  7. May God bless you. I have been following your journey since you and I spoke before your diagnosis. I say…you do you. There will ALWAYS be haters, no matter what you do. I appreciate all the chances you have taken and that you have taken the time to share your most intimate and scary times. Thank you for sharing what works for YOU and what hasn’t. I continue to think of you often and pray for continued healing.

  8. Dr Danenberg, I was a patient of yours and have followed your medical journey regularly. Seems like there are many people who try to bring down others with their comments on social media. Thank you for continually updating us on your progress and for not letting comments like those you just shared change your outlook. Glad to hear your fantastic news on your progress! Keep going!!

  9. So happy for you!!! What a inspirational journey!!!

  10. Hi Dr. Danenberg, after much research I have discovered that most of the vegetarians I have come across are extremely militant. Their way or you won’t be healthy. That right there turns many off. And get used to the shaming, that has become a sport. Congratulations on your great health news! I would be doing the same thing.

  11. You were right to delete such a negative and derogatory comment. No two people are alike. What works for one may not necessarily work for another, especially in cancer. Carry on! And thank you!

  12. Al, Michael and I are so glad to hear how you are doing. People often criticize alternative medicine but it clearly will help many people. Wishing you our best. Much love to you and Sue,

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