Gum Health and Ancestral Foods – An Investigative Study

evolution rThere has never been a published study in the scientific literature that I could find that tested the effects of nutrient-dense foods on gum disease. So, I designed a clinical trial in my offices that is halfway completed. Here is what I am doing:

I selected 20 patients who have gum disease that includes bleeding gums. I measured how much infection was in their mouths, and then added nutrient-dense foods in the form of capsules to their normal diet everyday for 30 days. The foods consisted of fermented cod liver oil, high vitamin butter, fermented skate liver oil, and organic kelp powder. These nutrient-dense foods have a host of necessary fat-soluble vitamins, trace minerals, and various natural nutrients that assist our bodies’ cells in functioning properly. These patients did not change any of their normal activities and did not alter any other aspect of their diets while on this regimen. They merely took these capsules with their regular meals.

Since the trial has not been completed, I do not have specific results yet. The preliminary results are positive. However, some of the anecdotal comments have been amazing.

One patient who has had irritable bowel disease for many years with no relief called me on my cell phone only after 2 weeks into the study to tell me that she has had no stomach issues at all, and that was life-changing for her. For years she had to deal with the discomfort of gut problems, but now she feels like a new woman.

Another patient told me that she thought she had more energy while taking the capsules, but only after completing her 30 days of the trial, she noticed a difference. The positive energy level while on the capsules had dropped significantly after the trial. She said she would purchase the capsules at her health food store so that she could regain that energy level she enjoyed while in the study.

Yet another patient prior to the trial was having foot pain for months that was progressing to the point that it was painful for her to stand in the morning. She was getting ready to make an appointment with her physician to check out what was going on. However, halfway through her trial, she told me that most of her foot pain was gone.

I know that treating gum disease, which I do everyday in my offices, is a complex issue. No food will cure this disease! But, these nutrient-dense foods do provide the body with essential nutrients that it needs to become healthier overall – not just in the mouth. With a comprehensive treatment plan that eliminates the causes of gum disease and supports the body’s ability to heal itself, gum disease can be treated successfully and can be prevented in the future along with improving total body health.

Once my clinical trial is completed, I will publish the results and have a link to the abstract for all to read.



What Would Happen If….?

evolution rImagine an animal in the wild – a cute, cuddly little thing. And let’s say this animal was living 200,000 years ago. In order for this animal to survive and thrive, it needed to chew its food to get the necessary nutrients into its body. As this animal was growing up, something was happening. Its teeth began to decay, and its gums started to bleed. Soon, this fury guy started to have pain when he chewed his food, and eventually his teeth started to get loose. Then his teeth began to rot and fall out. And this was happening not only to him but also to most of his brothers and sisters and their offspring. What do you think would happen over time to this animal species?

The answer is that this species would eventually die off because it could not survive without its teeth to chew the food to get the nutrients that were critical for life.

As a matter of fact, primal man and woman hardly ever had tooth decay or gum disease during the 2.5 million years of evolution. Our evolutionary ancestors ate a nutrient-dense diet and had healthy gut bacteria that allowed their teeth to stay healthy. Then things changed about 10,000 years ago.

As grains become a staple part of our diets, our overall health declined. Today, the Standard American Diet consists of refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, lots of sugar, and a variety of processed foods. However, not everybody eats this way.

There are people living today in isolated parts of the world as hunter-gatherers. They eat the food that their natural environments provide. They never have been exposed to the Standard American Diet, and they do not have tooth decay or various degenerative diseases that plague most of the world’s modern population. Unfortunately, when some of these people leave their native surroundings and start eating unhealthy diets in the “Western” world, their health begins to decline rapidly.

The solutions are learning and believing what nutrient-dense food and healthy gut bacteria are all about as well as yielding to the needs of our individual cells.