LANAP Case Study

evolution rMillennium Dental Technologies published my case study of one of my patients. In their published bio of me, they refer to my use of ancestral nutrition with my patients. Click on the link below to see their publication.
LANAP Danenberg Case Study
Today, I use this unique laser procedure to treat gum disease. It has revolutionized gum treatment. It requires no cutting of the gums with a scalpel and no sutures. Patients are getting much better results with new bone growth and practically no discomfort. They are able to return to work the next day!
The procedure is called LANAP, which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. Every patient I treat also learns how ancestral nutrition and lifestyle changes will enhance their lives and improve their mouth health. The LANAP procedure, in combination with ancestral nutrition, is cutting edge. It only makes sense.