My Cancer Update
– My Struggle –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

May 21, 2023 [printfriendly]

In September 2018, I knew the odds were that I only would live another 3-6 months. That wasn’t an intuition. It was my oncologist’s opinion based on his years of medical experience treating patients like me with multiple myeloma. However, I didn’t give in to his dire prognosis. I rejected chemotherapy since my bone marrow cancer was incurable, and I moved into the mode of advocating for myself.

I created my Unconventional Cancer Protocols and vowed to myself that quality of life was my one prevailing goal.

For almost 5 years, I fulfilled my desire. I enjoyed a quality of life for the most part with some setbacks along the way. But now, my body is not cooperating.


COVID Has Been the Thorn in My Progress

COVID has activated my multiple myeloma creating anemia, compromised pulmonary and cardiac function, and extreme exhaustion. And the multiple myeloma is spreading rapidly and causing continuous bone pain and pathological bone fractures especially in my ribs. All these manifestations rapidly progressed within the last few weeks.

On Monday, 5/15/23, I had an appointment with my medical doctor and consulted with my oncologist. On Wednesday, 5/17/23, I was examined by a pulmonologist.

My medical team has come up with some suggestions, which I will integrate with my Unconventional Cancer Protocols.

  • Medications for A-Fib, Congestive heart failure, and Compromised pulmonary function
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy

It appears the road to physical recovery will take time. These Long Haulers COVID manifestations are not well understood.


Quality of Life

For the second time since my diagnosis of multiple myeloma back in September 2018, I am suffering from a decrease in quality of life. The first major setback was in August 2019 when I broke several major bones and was put in a Hospice Hospital to die. Needless to say, I did not die. I recovered and revoked Hospice in September 2019, and I went on to thrive.

I will keep this positive determination to recover from this current major setback. I’ve surprised many medical professionals with my progress over the last several years, and I just might shock them once again.

However, I am not in denial. I know the multiple myeloma is progressing. And I am prepared to deal with its eventual outcome.

Hospice is my last option to continue a quality of life until I die when the time comes. I am not sure when that time will come.


The Future

As you might imagine, this is a stressful time for me and my wife, Sue. However, we are both survivors! One of the greatest joys in my life, besides my wonderful family, is working with patients around the world. It is my privilege to use my background and knowledge to help people regain control of their health. Quality of life is a gift, and I’ve worked incredibly hard over the last five years to find a way to maintain mine through numerous ups and downs.

Through the free resources on my website and my 1:1 coaching sessions to help guide you through specific ailments, I’m honored to still be able to help others. After all, helping others is what led me to enter the medical field over 40 years ago. If you find yourself dealing with health issues, please consider this my invitation to reach out. You never know what the future will hold so get your health in order now. Trust me, you don’t want to wait until you’re really sick.


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Life As I Knew It

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

March 30, 2020 [printfriendly]


Life As I Knew It


My Unconventional Cancer Journey is now confronted by the world’s economic, medical, and emotional uncertainty. Life as I knew it is in flux and disarray. And it’s not just me. The pandemic is having worldwide consequences. Apparently, an enormous amount of people feel that things are falling apart all around them. Many are losing or already have lost their jobs. Numerous employers and entrepreneurs are finding their businesses are going under. An abundance of people has stopped spending and may never go back to their extravagant lifestyles. Untold totals of people have serious diseases, which now are complicated by COVID-19. No one knows exactly what is going to happen! Some say they know, but no one knows. Experts are making predictions on a daily basis but continue to change their opinions minute by minute.



Take a Deep Breath

Let’s take a deep breath.


I’ve been there two years ago. But not in the same way.


Beginning in 2018 when I learned that I would be dead in just a few months, I knew in an instant that my life had drastically changed. Nothing could be the same. Yes, my world had changed. Yes, I was T-boned by my diagnosis and prognosis. But I didn’t die! I survived and thrived.


And now the COVID-19 pandemic is everywhere.



My Mortality

Since September 19, 2018, I have been living with the reality of my mortality from my incurable bone marrow cancer. I have not been alone. Others have had to deal with their declining health-related issues. My journey may be unique only because I was given 3-6 months to live. I had rejected conventional chemotherapy and embraced an unconventional and more natural method of healing my body. My goal has been to maintain a quality of life – not to live for many years with a progressively degenerating disease.


Today, my life is further compromised. I am in the high-risk category for this pandemic virus because of my compromised immune system resulting from multiple myeloma. In addition, I feel the devastation experienced by the world’s population. Once again, I feel like I have been T-boned.



My Strength

With all the obvious unease and fear, there is an unwavering strength that has worked for me most of the time – attitude. It never was easy. As a matter of fact, it has been downright difficult. I have had rare but severe bouts of depression when my attitude was overcome by irrational fears. Yet I have been able to climb out of this emotional abyss quickly with the help of my pillar-of-strength.


Sadly, I entered a state of depression just yesterday. As in the past, my pillar-of-strength came to my rescue. I owe it all to my devoted and rational wife who has been my stabilizing force. When all else has failed for me, she has always been there to help me get my head back into gear.


We have been married for almost 51 years. She knows me inside and out. I hope I am there for her as she is there for me when I get into a funk. However, she rarely seems to fall into the hole I have been able to dig for myself. When I play the role of the victim, I can succumb.




Yesterday, I was getting overwhelmed. Friends had sent me videos of doomsday predictions by “apparently educated” experts. The TV is ablaze with sensationalism and deadlier and deadlier accounts of our worlds’ invisible disease. I started to feel locked inside my home because of my high-risk category. All of these things took their toll on me yesterday. Then my “victim” personality began to shine. The hole I was digging was growing deeper and darker.


But my astute wife got the message immediately. I initially reacted in a very unproductive and negative tone when she started asking me, “What’s wrong?”. I lashed out at her telling her that she did not understand me. Of course, she did understand me better than I understood myself. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to get it.


We talked about how I turned my life around even after my devastating cancer prognosis. She pointed out all that I have accomplished since 2018. My wife was specific about how I improved my life and the lives of many others who have looked to me for support and inspiration. I told you; she is my pillar-of-strength.



Productive Home-Time

My wife works full-time for a home medical equipment company specializing in respiratory care. Now, she is working at home. The powers-that-be moved her two computers, corporate telephone, printer, and all the spaghetti of wires from the corporate office to our home and assembled them on top of our kitchen table. Overwhelming! But she and I now are together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


So, we have begun to share “sheltering-in-place” together. When she takes breaks from her daily job responsibilities, we talk, play a little, watch some TV, try some puzzles, and talk about whatever comes up. Of course, I am constantly writing, giving interviews for podcasts, and providing Skype consultations all around the world. Most people at this point are interested in my unconventional cancer journey and how I am improving my diet and immune system.


Physically, I am able to improve my movement, flexibility, and strength. I have been able to do body weight exercises and stretches at home. Also, I have been walking almost a mile outside many days of the week. And my culinary skills have not taken a back seat to this pandemic. Cooking at home for my wife and me has always been fun. She is following a more Paleo-type Diet, and I am strictly on the Carnivore Diet.


Our time in the house also has helped my wife and me to be in contact with our adult kids and grandkids via telephone or text messaging. I’m learning more about my grandkids from texting than I have learned from them when things were normal.


And so, this pandemic, which seems to be overtaking all of our lives, very well might teach us lessons to survive and thrive. One of the most vital lessons possibly to come out of this disaster is for us to learn that supporting the health of our immune system is paramount. That means providing a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet; proper hydration; a balanced and supportive gut microbiome; restorative sleep; efficient exercise, and stress reduction.



From Me to You

I have discussed these pillars of health in my 2017 book, Crazy-Good Living. I also have updated much of the current medical research in my paper I titled, Your Gut is Killing You. As I have told readers in the past, my goal in life now is to give back and pay it forward. I will send you my PDF of Your Gut is Killing You if you send me an email request ( It’s rather lengthy – over 12,200 words with 261 cited references.



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Return From The Edge

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

March 16, 2020 [printfriendly]


Return from the Edge


At this time with the coronavirus pandemic upon all of us, my Unconventional Cancer Protocols are even more critical for me to follow. I am in the highest risk category for this virus to cause me harm. I’ve already returned from the edge of death. Now I am striving to stay ahead of this mysterious and potential killer virus.


My Return from the Edge

At 10 PM on August 21, 2019, I was at home brushing and flossing my teeth in my bathroom. I turned to my left to throw the used floss into my trashcan. My right foot was planted on my bathroom floor. As I twisted ninety degrees to my left, I heard a snap. In that instant, I fractured my right femur in half and collapsed onto my floor’s ceramic tile. Pain was excruciating! I screamed for my wife who was in the other room. Crumpled on my bathroom floor, I believed that the edge of death was near. My diagnosis in September 2018 was incurable bone marrow cancer called IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma. And I knew I already had outlived my oncologist’s original prognosis by six months.

EMS arrived within minutes and transported me to the ER.

I understood after being diagnosed that my skeleton was fragile, but I had no idea how fragile I was. Still, I was progressing well since my diagnosis while following my unconventional cancer protocols to maintain a quality of life. Then came this disaster in my bathroom.

My right femur broke like a chicken bone; 2 right ribs were broken, and my right humerus was fractured in half. I was heavily sedated. The surgeons repaired my right femur because the bone fragments could have pierced my femoral artery. My right humerus was left unset. A couple of days later, I was transported to a Hospice facility to die. I was at the end of my life.

To make matters worse, a hurricane was bearing down on Charleston, SC, on September 4, 2019. My city was preparing for a direct hit, and the Hospice facility was ordered to evacuate. The hospital had no place to send me; so, my wife scampered to find a hospital bed to be delivered ASAP to my house. I was then transported by ambulance to my home.

Basically, I was immobile, catheterized, requiring a bedpan, and lying in a hospital bed in my living room. My level of narcotic sedation made me constipated and groggy. When the hurricane hit, the power in my area went out for about 12 hours. Hospital beds are electric; so, now the bed was immobile too. No lights, no air conditioning, no phones – everything was working against me.


On the Mend

My wife, immediate family, and a few hospice nurses helped me at home. Once the hurricane passed, I had to make a decision – would I stay in Hospice or would I fight to survive? And I needed to get off all sedation meds.

My wife is an amazing woman. As an intensive care nurse, she knew of death and how to deal with those at death’s door. She saved my life. Her strength and determination helped me realize I could recover. My wife was the light at the end of the tunnel. She helped me return from the edge of death.

She arranged for an in-home nurse and a physical therapist to change my path from dying to healing. Within weeks I was able to get out of bed and then get rid of that damn catheter. My wife also helped me wean off all narcotics and related meds. By the end of September, I returned to my cancer protocols to heal my body.

With the help of my in-home physical therapist, I also was able to walk using a “rollator” not only inside my home but also outside. My recovery was rolling along amazingly well.

My oncologist was surprised and pleased with my recovery. In early October 2019, he suggested I consider two immunotherapies recently approved by the FDA for multiple myeloma, which I researched and incorporated into my cancer protocols. These were not chemotherapy drugs. They were targeted human-derived monoclonal antibodies to strengthen my bones and destroy my malignant plasma cells. Innovative medicine meets natural healing.

Then on October 16, 2019, I had another major setback when I fractured the lesser trochanter in my left femur. However, it was not as severe as my fracture in August. To help heal and recover from this fracture, I entered in-hospital physical therapy and did well. For the most part, I am a miracle on the mend both physically and mentally.


A Work in Progress

Shortly after recovering from my left femur fracture, I learned about the benefits of a Carnivore Diet for cancer patients. Once again, I delved into the science. Published case studies described how the Carnivore Diet could help patients with incurable cancers to heal. That was enough for me. So, on January 1, 2020, I changed my diet from an autoimmune Paleo-type diet to the Carnivore Diet.

I am a living example of an unfolding experiment. And I am a work in progress. All my previous events guided me to where I am today. My current blood chemistries and CBC are encouragingly positive. Specific blood tests to evaluate my malignant plasma cells also are showing significant improvement. My hope over the next few weeks is that this bone marrow cancer may go into remission. From there, who knows? I even might be able to eventually claim, “I am cured!”

As I stated at the beginning of this article, I am one in the highest risk category for the coronavirus. Importantly, I took a test two weeks ago to determine if I have increased intestinal permeability in my gut barrier membrane. “Increased intestinal permeability” is also known as a “leaky gut”. In my opinion, this is a vital test because a leaky gut is the gateway for chronic systemic inflammation and a compromised immune system. Chronic systemic inflammation and a compromised immune system are factors in the development of cancer as well as many other chronic diseases. One of the critical arenas for health, which my cancer protocols address, is the gut. Specifically, the gut’s microbiome, its mucus layer, and outer epithelial barrier must be functioning efficiently. If there is damage to my epithelial barrier, then my immune system would be compromised. I must have total control over this contingency.

The test is called the PEG 400 Permeability Test, which is not available in the US but is available in the UK as well as in Hungary. I used BioLab Ltd[1] in England for the test. I’ll have the results in another week or two, and I will write a Blog about the test, its interpretation, and my path going forward.

Physically, my life has turned around. I’m walking outside about one mile every other day. I’m also doing half-squats and modified pushups. And I’ve been able to walk up my stairs to the room-over-the-garage where I am able to use my NordicTrack Cross Country Skier once a week. I’m not going to win any athletic medals, but I am getting to move my body in healthy ways.

Based on what my oncologist tells me, there is no other patient with multiple myeloma who has done what I have done with my unconventional cancer journey. I’ve often said that I am a study of N=1. Perhaps my protocols have been successful because they provide a “shotgun approach” to get my body prepared to heal overall. My cancer protocols enhance various vital activities of my body: efficient nutrition and digestion, gut health, immune support, bone metabolism, and mitochondrial repair. I offer a PDF of my most updated cancer protocols to anyone who would like it. If you would like a copy, email me ( Caveat: My Cancer Protocols have never been proven to cure cancer. My personal research suggests that these protocols may have a positive effect on my body’s ability to heal itself. I make no other claims except this is what I am doing for myself.



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My Cancer Journey
– What I’ve Learned –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

March 9, 2020 [printfriendly]


What I've Learned


I’ve learned so much about my body and my cancer since September 2018. I learned that most medical doctors are misinterpreting medical science and are moving in the wrong direction to prevent, treat, and cure cancer. I’ve learned that asking questions is the best way to determine, compare, and filter treatment options. Most importantly, I’ve learned that the meaning of life is not defined in a dictionary but revealed when one faces his or her mortality.



Medical Science

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US. WHY?


  • Did our primal ancestors experience exploding rates of cancer in their days as we are experiencing today? No!
  • Has our genetic code mutated in the last 100 years to cause malignancies to run roughshod over our health? No!
  • Are more targeted chemicals to kill malignant cells the answers to the excessive prevalence of cancer today? As an adjunctive therapy, maybe!
  • Are we missing the most important elements that are at the core of the development of cancerous cells? Most definitely!

I am not an oncologist. I am not a biochemical researcher. And I am not part of the pharmaceutical industry. I am a 72-year old periodontist who is dying from an incurable form of bone marrow cancer.


So, what is at the core of the development of cancerous cells? As I examine what happened to me that gave rise to an aggressive form of multiple myeloma, I have concluded that epigenetic factors caused my cancer.  I believe that these environmental irritants are THE major causes of tumor creation today. Physicians need to open their eyes and minds to the new paradigm that epigenetic factors cause malignancies.


Epigenetic factors refer to the biological mechanisms that will switch our genes on and off. Our genes are our unique blueprint that tell our body how to function. Biological changes surrounding our genes can change how these genes function. These biological changes are the result of what we eat, where we live, how we handle stress, when we sleep, if we exercise, and whatever we allow on or into our body. Any of these factors can eventually cause chemical modifications around our genes that will turn them on or off. Any one of these changes can cause an individual cell anywhere in our body to become abnormal and ultimately malignant.


My environment, my food, and my lifestyle exposed me to toxic elements, especially during my formal dental education almost 50 years ago. My overall toxic load must have exceeded my body’s ability to naturally detoxify. The result was the failure of at least one cell among all of my 30 trillion human cells.


We all experience cells that fail, go haywire, and become abnormal. When abnormal cells develop, they kill themselves naturally by a process known as apoptosis. Apoptosis is a type of cell death in which a series of molecular steps are triggered within the cell, which leads to its death. This is one method the body uses to clean house and get rid of unneeded or abnormal cells. In the beginning of a developing malignancy, it only takes one abnormal cell to fail to kill itself naturally. When the natural process of apoptosis is altered and blocked, that cell has the ability to multiply unchecked and initiate the disease known as cancer.


As I continued my research, I uncovered what I believe to be the pearls of knowledge to prevent, treat, and possibly cure cancer. My investigations suggest that it is vital to avoid the exposure to all toxic elements around us, to eat foods that have been critical for our species’ growth based on evolutionary studies and our nutritional requirements, and to repair our cells’ energy source known as our mitochondria. We also must make sure that our gut is healthy and that the 38 trillion microbes in our gut are in a state of balance. The individual protocols that I have integrated into my Unconventional Cancer Protocols include these areas of my research. (I offer my updated Unconventional Cancer Protocols to all who want it. Just email your request to me:



Questions for my Oncologist

On September 19, 2018, l learned that I had an incurable cancer that would kill me. My oncologist was exceptional. He candidly explained to me that I needed to immediately begin chemotherapy, which should place me into remission. However, he also clarified that this caustic chemical treatment would only be effective for a finite period of time. Active multiple myeloma again would surface, and I would require another round of chemotherapy. However, this time I would need a more aggressive form of chemicals because the previous cocktail of drugs would no longer be effective.


And so, this bone marrow cancer would continue to progress from active disease, then go into remission, and then return as an active disease until no chemotherapy would work any longer. According to my oncologist, I ultimately would succumb to the complications of IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma, which would kill me. All along this path, I most likely would experience a decline in the quality of my life. This would include the “side effects” from the chemicals infused into my body, which I might find worse than the cancer itself. Many physicians under-emphasize the decrease in the quality of life resulting from these “side effects”.


My questions helped me gain needed knowledge from integrated physicians and published case studies in medical journals throughout the world. From there, I came up with a series of unconventional protocols that made sense to me. My conventional oncologist agreed with my decisions to take a proactive interest and control of my healing going forward.


All along my unconventional cancer journey, I continued to see my cancer specialist at the cancer clinic every 3-4 weeks. I followed my unconventional cancer protocols from day “1”, but I frequently tweaked them as I discovered newer science and therapies. None of my protocols were “proven” by medical science to cure cancer; these protocols only had the potential to help my body heal naturally. It is also important to note that I never went into remission from my protocols although my medical tests remained relatively stable with slight fluctuations.


On November 8, 2019, my oncologist encouraged me to consider two new and targeted immunotherapies, which could specifically kill my malignant plasma cells and improve the health of my damaged bone tissues. These therapies, which are not forms of chemotherapy, were recently approved by the FDA for multiple myeloma. They are human-derived monoclonal antibodies, which specifically attack damaged and cancerous cells. I have included them within my Unconventional Cancer Protocols.



Meaning of Life

Books have been written for decades about the meaning of life. You may have read some of them; I certainly have. It’s fascinating that all of my philosophical readings meant very little until September 19, 2018.


On that day, my wife, my adult children and I were sitting in an examination room along with my oncologist and his physician’s assistant. On the computer screen, my doctor showed us my CT Scan, my blood work results, and various specialists’ interpretations of all my accumulated tests’ data. My oncologist discussed my diagnosis, my medical options, and my prognosis.


He gave me 3-6 months to live if I did nothing!


Can you imagine what would go on inside your mind after learning what I learned in this 30-minute appointment? What would be happening to your heartrate? How uncomfortable would the chair become on which you were sitting? Could you see into the eyes of your spouse as he or she sat with you, hearing what you were hearing? Would it be possible for you to appreciate that your entire life had been thrown off course in that one single moment?


All these things were happening to me condensed in that suspended instant in time. I was devastated. The room became a fuzzy vision as I tried to unpack the changes that would occur for my loved ones and my life.


I never was in denial. I knew that I had to take control of my destiny ASAP. I would never allow my body to be chemically destroyed if I could help it. Fortunately, my family and my oncologist supported my decision to reject chemotherapy and pursue whatever I could discover that might assist my body with healing. And so, my Unconventional Cancer Journey began.


My meaning of life just got a jolt. I am not religious, but I am extremely spiritual. I believe that my spirit lives on beyond my physical body as it exists this time on earth. I also intimately believe that quality of life and creating enduring memories with my immediate family are of the utmost importance for me going forward. In addition, I fervently believe in “giving back” and “paying it forward”. These would make up my legacy to the universe.


Being human, I have experienced infrequent but severe bouts of depression. I have fallen prey to thoughts of being a victim, being displaced, and being irrelevant. I had to retire from my 44 years of practicing periodontics after my diagnosis. This malignancy forced me to suspend all seminars where I was the speaker as well as all travel around the country. Those activities, which were my passions, were no longer part of my life. But I have been able to pull myself out of this pity party with help from my wife who has been my pillar of reason and stability.


She and I are making our lives matter to each other. As we celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary this June, we also will be celebrating our gratitude for life and our dedication and devotion to one another.



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My Attitude & Plan

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

October 21, 2019 [printfriendly]




My Attitude & Plan


My remarkable recovery from the scariest days of my cancer journey has surprised everyone. It’s hard for me to believe that I have come so far in such a short time.


My bedridden status started on August 21, 2019 when I fell and severed the femur of my right leg, the humerus of my right arm, and severely bruised my right ribs. I was in pain and in a hospital bed until September 16th when my recovery began in earnest.



My Attitude

After my devastating fall on August 21st, I became extremely depressed. I was a self-proclaimed victim, physically compromised, and incapable of the dignity of going to the bathroom by myself. But when my physical therapist helped me get out of my bed confinement on September 16th, my attitude perked up immediately. He helped me function like a real human being. My outlook began to blossom. I was returning to my original positive mindset.


With my wife’s tough love encouragement and my family’s support, I began to flourish. I restarted my integrated nutritional protocol, my PEMF Therapy, and an appropriate exercise program based on my physical recovery. You may not believe how far I have progressed.



My Natural Plan

As I have described in many of my writings, my overwhelming goal has been to maintain a quality of life while confronting this incurable disease of IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma. My integrated and unconventional healing protocol is similar to my plan before my fall. However, I have made some tweaks. In essence, here is what I am doing today to help my body heal naturally:

  • Nutrient-dense anti-inflammatory foods with avoiding most grains, added sugars, polyunsaturated vegetable and seed oils, and processed foods where chemicals have been added
  • Supplements to support my bone metabolism, immune system, and oxygenation of cells
  • Specific phytonutrients that have been shown to destroy cancer cells
  • Detailed protocol to support and maintain a healthy microbiome, mucosal layer, and epithelial lining of my gut
  • PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) Therapy to improve my mitochondria and assist in strengthening my skeleton
  • Daily exercise program to strengthen my leg muscles and regain functional mobility



After starting physical therapy, I got rid of the catheter and had the dignity of going to the bathroom on my own. Eventually, I was walking with my walker around the house, down my driveway, and on the sidewalks in my neighborhood. I was able to get into a car as a passenger to go places I used to go in the past – like shopping with my wife and going out to restaurants. Since I could get out of my house now, I could see my oncologist and orthopedic surgeon to assess my recovery.


Oncologist Appointment

My oncologist, who is the most empathetic physician I have ever met, has been reading my blogs with amazement of my progress.  He will continue to monitor me as I continue my out-of-the-box healing and conventional protocols.


When I met with him on 10/11/2019, we had an intense talk. He told me that I have an extreme risk for further pathological fractures. In other words, it is likely I would experience other devasting fractures just as I did on August 21st. That fall was the beginning of the scariest days of my life. I must do whatever I can do for myself to help prevent this from happening again.


My oncologist then highly recommended site-specific immunotherapy which was recently approved by the FDA. This is an IgG1 kappa monoclonal antibody that will attach to malignant myeloma cells and destroy them. He has preapproved me for this treatment, and I will start shortly. It involves infusion appointments weekly for 8 weeks, then biweekly for another 8 appointments, and finally every 4 weeks as needed. I will also take a unique medication once a month to prevent further pathological fractures. This is a subcutaneous injection.


Based on what I went through after my fall, I must do what makes sense to me to prevent other pathological fractures. Once again, my primary goal is to maintain a quality life for my remaining years. For these reasons, I am integrating these conventional treatments along with my extensive natural approach to strengthen my body.



Another Pathological Fracture

Well, before I could go to my orthopedic surgeon to evaluate my compromised left leg and the healing of the right side of my body, I had another pathological fracture.


This time I did not fall. I was lifting myself out of my hospital bed at home on October 16th, when I felt a deep and piercing pain in the thigh area of my left leg. The pain was intense, and I could not get out of bed. I knew what was happening. I called EMS and was transported to the ER. (I am becoming way too familiar with my local hospital’s ER!)


I suffered another fracture in my femur area but not a severe fracture. However, it required surgery to repair the fracture and stabilize my weakened left femur. I now have two bionic legs.


Surgery went well, and on October 18th, I was transferred as an in-hospital patient to Roper Rehabilitation Center, which is recognized as one of the supreme rehab centers in South Carolina.


The Rehab Center will get me back into the best shape and function that I can achieve to maintain my quality of life. For me, active rehab may continue as long as 14 days.


Following the repair of my broken right femur in August, my right leg healed about an inch shorter than my left leg. This is affecting the balance of my hips and could create other problems if left uncorrected. So, I will require a “lift” to be added to my right shoe to bring my leg lengths into balance.



Looking Forward

All along my journey, I had no idea how long I would stay alive. For the most part, my attitude was clear to live a quality life and to support my body’s ability to heal itself. Now, I am incorporating two conventional modalities that are very specific for my bone marrow cancer. As I indicated when I started writing about my journey in September 2018, my intention was to incorporate the best of conventional medicine and the best of natural therapies to treat my cancer and support my physical body. I will continue with this process and will continue to be as productive as I can be. This cancer will not keep me down.


To quote Robert Frost, Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”



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Stop the Presses  

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

September 30, 2019 [printfriendly]

Stop the presses


Stop the presses! I want to explain what I believe turned my life around following my devastating fall.


After I crushed the right side of my body when I fell on August 21, 2019, I wanted to die and asked to die. I was in so much pain.


The ambulance rushed me to the hospital. The doctors put me on narcotics. I was beyond lethargic. I stopped all of my supplements that I began after my diagnosis of incurable bone marrow cancer in September 2018. Now, I was giving up and entered the deepest and darkest state of depression that I could imagine. Not only did my femur and humerus break, but so did my spirit.


While in the hospital, my fractured femur was splinted, but my broken arm was not able to be repaired. Then I was transported to Hospice Cottage for pain management. I was so drugged that my wife could not rouse me. She even tried to slap my face to respond, but I didn’t.


I was tethered to a catheter. When I needed to have a bowel movement, I was given an additional heavy-duty narcotic a half-hour prior to the nurse turning me on my side in order to place a bedpan, have linens changed, and even to be bathed.


I was pathetic.


While at the Hospice Cottage, Hurricane Dorian was approaching Charleston. The hospital was ordered to evacuate all patients. On September 4th, I was transported by emergency personnel to my home. I remained in a hospital bed in my home for another two weeks. We had to hire an aide to help me do the basic life needs that we all take for granted.


What started to turn me around was when my son forced me to take the nutrient supplements that turned my blood hemoglobin around in the past. They are Prodovite and N-Sorb. Prodovite is a liquid supplement and N-Sorb is a gel that have the ability to become absorbed from under the tongue and into the blood system almost instantly. They can improve oxygenation of the cells and provide necessary nutrients and enzymes quickly. I have written about how they improved my blood results it in my Blog on May 1, 2019.


My son got me to start them again around the middle of September. Within a few days I was able to move more on my own.  I even was able to turn and sit up like a normal human being.  My spirit began to brighten. After that, I also started to take all the supplements that I was taking to improve my bone metabolism, my immune system, and my gut health. In addition, in mid-September I began physical therapy that helped me get out of my hospital bed, which I had called home for so many weeks. My confidence was growing exponentially, and I had a new lease on life.


My energy level started to improve; my face color regained a healthier glow; my catheter was removed. I began to learn to walk with a walker. I felt more human, and I transformed my outlook on life as it was before my horrendous and crushing fall.  I now can walk to the rest room and my new favorite chair.


Who knows? If my son never forced me to start Prodovite and N-Sorb again, I might still be laying in my hospital bed in my home with a catheter, a bedpan, and no reason to go on.


My wife was a crucial part of my remarkable recovery. She dealt me some “tough love” and shook my mental being. Basically, she made it very clear that I am not a victim but a survivor and that I needed to get my act together as it was before this serious setback.  It is obvious to me that I am not yet done with this life, and I must have more to give.


Today, I am feeling amazing. My diagnosis has not changed. I still have an incurable and aggressive form of multiple myeloma. I am moving forward with my “self-directive” that I will live my remaining years with the quality and dignity I demand for myself. No one can take that away from me. My body will heal naturally as best as it possibly can. I am able to move my broken right arm more now, and my spirit is as bright as ever.


Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. Each and every one of you mean a lot to me. All of your well wishes have played an important a part of my journey.



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My Remarkable Recovery

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

September 23, 2019 [printfriendly]




My Remarkable Recovery


I am stoked! I am a new man! I am on a positive roll!


In my last update on September 9, 2019, I described the scariest days of my life. Being bedridden since August 21st after my pathological fractures on the right side of my body, I entered a state of deep depression. I wasn’t able to function as I was before my fall. Thoughts of “giving up” played with my psyche. I stopped most of my integrative supplements and protocols because I was physically and mentally unable to continue with them for about a month. But I had a transformation that turned things around.



My Transformation

I began physical therapy on September 16th. My body was healing – slowly but definitely. The pain was subsiding. Movement was gradually returning.


My personal physical therapist (Patrick Rupppe, PT, MSPT) has been awesome! He helped me by demonstrating various exercises that I would perform several times a day to strengthen my severely atrophied muscles. For the first time in a month, I was getting prepared to get out of my hospital bed.


To start, Patrick helped me sit on the side of the bed. Then he guided me to stand by the side of the bed. It wasn’t easy. I felt dizzy, unstable, and pain. And I could not use my broken right arm to support me in standing.


I did several sets of “standing up”, “sitting back down”, and then “standing again” over the next several days. I slowly progressed to walking (using a walker) from my bed to a reclining chair and then back again to my bed.


I feel I accomplished much just by getting this far. However, I still am tethered to a catheter and have to use a bedpan for bowel movements. (You can’t imagine how demoralized I feel having to depend on a catheter and bedpan.)


We take our mundane daily routines for granted. My goal is to return to relatively normal functions like using the bathroom naturally, walking with the assistance of a rollator walker, and using my right arm purposely.


Looking forward, the humerus of my right arm will continue to challenge me. Today, I can “write” with my right hand, but I am unable to “lift” my right arm by itself or put any weight on my right arm. While pain is significantly reduced, total function is lacking. My orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist will help me deal with my options.



Integrative Protocols

I returned to my integrative healing protocols. These are my attempts to wake up my body to heal itself.


To summarize, what I put into my body and what I avoid are the starting points for a healthy body. Over the past six years, I have published detailed descriptions of my eating and healthy lifestyles. You can read about them in various Blogs on my website.


In addition to the basics of nutrition and lifestyle, I include what I believe are exceptional means to improve my body’s healing potential. I take various specific supplements to support my bone metabolism, immune system, my entire microbiome, digestion, and detoxification.


Also, I incorporate energy medicine to improve the function of my mitochondria based on peer-reviewed medical research. I have written articles on my website about how I use Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy to accomplish this.


My caveat: I created my protocols from what I learned through my independent research. I don’t make any claims that these will be beneficial for others to follow. None of these protocols have brought my bone marrow cancer into remission. In fact, my multiple myeloma has never entered remission. However, my goal is to continue to support the natural healing processes of my body while all along maintaining the quality of my life as best as I can.




My positive attitude is palpable. I rediscovered my relevance and motivation.  I am pursuing my quality of life within the parameters of my new reality.


My new reality is that I will be functioning with a weakened and damaged right arm. I also know I am prone to pathological bone fractures, which could be my “Achilles’ heel”. Other than these cautions, I will be able to write, publish, speak, and maybe even present virtual seminars for the world to see.


In upcoming weeks, I will get back to creating articles based on peer-reviewed medical research. My writings are my interpretations of the science that is out there. This information needs to be understood by all health-oriented readers.




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My 3rd Serious Setback

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

August 19, 2019 [printfriendly]




My 3rd Serious Setback


My journey with aggressive multiple myeloma started with my diagnosis in September 2018. One fact, which defined the extent of my disease at that time, was that my bone structure throughout my body was riddled with holes. These lytic lesions were the direct result of the bone breakdown process from my bone marrow cancer. My weakened bones were subject to pathological fractures. “Pathological fractures” are caused by a disease, rather than an injury. Both of my previous setbacks were related to pathological fractures.


Recently, I learned that I have the acute potential for other pathological fractures – in the thigh area of my left leg and the humerus in my right arm. My oncologist ordered a PET/CT Scan[1] about a month ago. He observed an expanding lesion in my left femur which was breaking through the cortex of the bone. Basically, this meant that I am in danger of my leg fracturing. My weakened femur may not be able to support my normal body weight. A fracture in my leg would cause severe pain. Also, there was a lesion that was expanding to a lesser degree in the humerus of my right arm.


After the PET/CT Scan, I scheduled two appointments – one with an orthopedic surgeon and one with a radiation oncologist. Both specialists said that there was no way to prevent another pathological fracture. The orthopedic surgeon suggested that a rod be surgically placed through my femur to help support my weight, but it wouldn’t prevent a fracture. The radiation oncologist said that radiation might help with pain but could make the femur weaker. Also, it appeared that the lesion in my humerus was not a great concern at that time. Since I was not having pain in the femur or the humerus areas at the time of the appointment, I elected to do nothing for the time being.


Meanwhile, my blood chemistries continued to show relative stability with some ups and some downs. And my oncologist, whom I saw after the bone scan, believed my current chemistries were not showing a spike in my bone marrow cancer. However, there were signs of slow deterioration in my bone structure.



3rd Serious Setback

Then, things changed. The week before Friday, August 9, 2019, I began to have sharp pain in my triceps and biceps of my right arm. The pain became severe. My right arm could hardly function.


I had new x-rays of my right arm on August 9th. The results showed multiple erosions of the humerus of my right arm and confirmed the worse – another pathological fracture. The radiation oncologist said that radiation would not stop the pain from the fracture area, but it might help relieve some of the pain from the lytic bone lesions. However, I am dealing with innumerable bone lesions throughout my body – all of which could become symptomatic.


The next stage of my journey is becoming clearer to me and my medical team. I will have to concentrate on pain management.


On Monday, August 12th, I enrolled for in-home hospice care for pain management.



From Me to You

I want to thank you for your empathy and support. I want to let you know how much I appreciate YOU. I also want to let everyone know that my unconventional approach to my cancer treatment has allowed me to live a quality life with dignity until now. That was, and still is, my goal. Certainly, I will continue with my integrative approach.


I know I have written about this over and over again. But it is important to remind you that I believe living without quality and dignity is not worth pursuing for me.


Knowing what I know now, I would not have treated myself any differently. I never would have accepted conventional treatment using caustic chemicals which might extend my life but would have destroyed my existing immune system. Again, my emphasis is to lead a quality of life. Longevity has never been part of my equation. I have no regrets.


If hospice can provide adequate pain management to the point where I can still function and write as I am doing now, you will continue to read what I continue to write.


However, I am a realist. I know I have a terminal disease.


[1] A PET/CT scan allows the radiologist to see both the anatomical structure and the metabolic functions of the complete body. It is perfect to see malignant masses and bone lesions on a cellular level.



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My Daily Cancer Protocol
– 8 Critical Aspects –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

May 20, 2019 [printfriendly]


My Daily Cancer Protocol


This may be one of the most important blogs I have ever written.


Many readers have asked me to get very specific about my current daily cancer protocol. Before you read my story below, you must be aware that I am including specifics of MY daily cancer protocol – 8 critical aspects including products and doses. You should not interpret my ideas or protocol to be the way you should approach or treat your cancer. I make no medical claims, but I will relate my experiences and my success to date. So far, the naysayers were totally wrong!



Review of my Journey

I started writing about my mortality on September 17, 2018. Two days later, I was blown away when I received my diagnosis. I learned I had an incurable form of multiple myeloma. The oncologists I contacted around the US told me what I had to do, or else I could die within 3-6 months. They wanted me to start chemotherapy right away. Basically, they would infuse my body with chemicals that were so caustic they would kill a bunch of healthy tissues.


Personally, I couldn’t rationalize the concept that I needed to destroy my immune system and other organ systems to attempt to pharmaceutically rebuild my body. Their protocols reminded me of some of the “miracle” drugs which were previously in the pharmaceutical marketplace but later pulled because they killed too many people. I questioned the idea to start treatment with known poisons to rebuild my body. It just didn’t make sense to me.


More confusing for me was that my oncologist confirmed that there was no known cure for my IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma. Needless to say, I totally rejected the idea of infusing chemotherapy drugs and other caustic medicines into my body with the goal to “treat” my cancer without the ability to “cure” my cancer.


So, even if I accepted all the oncologists’ recommendations to start chemotherapy ASAP, treatment would offer no cure. Additional chemotherapy cocktails would be required until none would be effective any longer. The eventual cause of death would be from complications of this bone marrow cancer after it was unresponsive to further chemical treatments – which was inevitable!


In addition, while receiving chemotherapy treatments, I most likely would suffer a significant decline in the quality and dignity of my life. One of my goals was to maintain a quality of life until my time was up. Longevity means nothing to me if it isn’t coupled with quality and dignity, but I have had some setbacks.


On two occasions I experienced severe bone pain from malignant plasma cell lesions putting pressure on nerve tissues. Both times I accepted limited and precision radiation treatment to kill these specific tumors. Radiation was able to eliminate the pain without damaging adjacent tissues. I am still healing from the most recent radiation procedure.



My Research

I did quite a bit of independent research after learning of my diagnosis and prognosis. I studied many peer-reviewed medical papers published in about alternative treatments for my cancer. My research turned up specific concepts and aspects that I needed to pursue. So, I started my search for an alternative healthcare professional to put it all together for me.


I searched for integrative professionals and their “protocols” to get my body healthy in a natural way by supporting my immune system. But I was disappointed. No one seemed to have the all-inclusive program that made sense to me.


Various medical professionals helped me put together “supplements” to support my body. But most of these professionals never addressed the importance of a healthy gut microbiome or concepts to treat my cancer as a disease of mitochondrial dysfunction. Also, diet and lifestyle were not priorities of most healthcare professionals whom I contacted. So, I had to create my own daily cancer protocol to assist my body in healing itself.



My Current Daily Cancer Protocol

I am a work-in-progress. My protocol is different today than it was when I began my quest for unconventual treatment. I tweak my comprehensive and integrative program as necessary.


All my research suggested that optimal gut health is one of the most critical aspects to possibly cure my IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma. The second most critical aspect for me is strong bone structure since my disease has weakened my overall skeleton. Weakened bones allow for possible pathological fractures. Unfortunately, both of my setbacks were due to pathological bone fractures. And my overriding concern is that future pathological bone fractures could produce severe pain and could be my downfall.


Here are all 8 aspects including specific products and doses I use today:


#1. For my gut: I take 2 caps of Megasporebiotic, 1 cap of HU58, 1 cap of RestorFlora, 6 caps of MegaIgG2000, and 1 scoop of MegaPrebiotic mixed with 1 scoop of MegaMucosa in Pellegrino mineral water (all products from Microbiome Labs). I also take 1 cap of TerraFlora (from Enviromedica).


#2. To support my bone: I take 6 caps of OsteoVegan (from NuMedica), 6 tabs of Biost (from Standard Process), 2 tabs of Bone Complex with 2 tabs of Gotu Kola Complex (both from MediHerb), and 4 caps of Megaquinone K2-7 (from Microbiome Labs).


#3. To assist in killing cancer cells: I take 4 caps of Salvestrol Platinum 2000 (from Salvestrol).


#4. To nourish my cells: I take 6oz of Prodovite and 2 packets of N-Sorb (both from VNI Life). These provide minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and enzymes in a unique liquid delivery system that enters cells quickly via sublingual and intestinal absorption. They appeared to affect the greatest improvement in the shortest period of time for me. Within only 6 days of taking Prodovite and N-Sorb daily, my Hemoglobin increased by 18% and my Kappa/Lambda Ratio decreased by 52%. (This research article published in May 2019 demonstrates how Prodovite is absorbed in cells immediately.) My oncologist was amazed. My facial color was better; I felt much more energy; and I was able to sleep in my bed lying flat for the first time in a couple of months. Please read my blog which I posted on May 1st about these new supplements and view my bloodwork results.


#5. To help repair my mitochondria: I use PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy using the PureWave full-body mat three times a day for 24-minutes per session at “Basis -5” setting.


#6. To provide optimal nutrition: I follow an organic, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory eating plan along with intermittent fasting. Here is the composition of my plate of food – (1) more than 50% is non-starchy vegetables, (2) less than 25% is pasture-raised or wild-caught animal products from nose-to-tail, and (3) less than 25% is a selection of seeds, berries, or starchy vegetables.


#7. To control pain: I currently only use 600 mg of ibuprofen every 6-8 hours as needed for pain. I personally have not had success with cannabinoids.


#8. To strengthen my body: I walk about ½ mile outside when I can. I will increase this distance slowly. Also, in my home I stretch and perform core exercises daily and perform some light bodyweight exercises several days a week.




All along, the naysayers predicted I should have died months ago. They were wrong. However, I had two setbacks, which I mentioned earlier. For the most part, I have enjoyed a quality of life for the last 8 months with no signs or symptoms that my time on this earth is coming to an end.


I am delighted with my unconventional treatment program. The only changes I would have made earlier would be to (1) consolidate the redundant supplements I was taking at the start of my daily cancer protocol and (2) include Prodovite and N-Sorb supplements at the outset.


Let me emphasize that I am a realist. I know this cancer may kill me. I am not in denial. But I want to make my remaining years as productive and meaningful as I can. My desire is to “give back” and “pay it forward”.


If you would like, you can follow my journey as I deal with my bone marrow cancer by reading my blogs. Here is a chronological list of links to my articles: September 17, 2018 September 24, 2018 October 1, 2018 October 8, 2018 October 15, 2018  October 22, 2018 November 5, 2018 November 12, 2018  November 26, 2018 December 3, 2018 December 10, 2018 December 31, 2018 January 28, 2019 February 11, 2019 February 25, 2019 March 4, 2019 March 11, 2019 March 15, 2019 March 25, 2019 April 1, 2019  April 15, 2019  April 29, 2019  May 1, 2019




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I Had A Setback

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist
March 11, 2019 [printfriendly]



Although I have been doing extremely well with my bone marrow cancer, I had a setback the other day. I had to go to the emergency room because of severe lower back pain. As you know, I don’t do pain well.


My initial thought was I pulled a muscle somehow, and the resulting inflammation was the source of the pain. I was wrong.



The ER

I contacted my “on call” physician at 3AM on Thursday morning before going to the ER. He gave the hospital a “heads up” about my condition as I was getting ready to go. My wife drove me, and the hospital staff greeted me with a wheelchair. The ER doc was great. After taking some vitals, the nurse placed an IV catheter in my arm. The IV meds took care of the pain – finally!



CT Scan

The hospital personnel ushered me into radiology for a CT Scan. After 30 minutes, the results were available. I had an acute compression fracture of L3.



Surgery With Diagnostic Radiologist

The diagnostic radiologist at the hospital conferred with my oncologist about the fracture of L3. They decided that a kyphoplasty[1] of L3 would be the best choice of immediate treatment. The purpose of this procedure was to surgically seal the fracture to relieve the pain.



I Knew What I Was Getting Into

I quickly learned what I was getting into after I was diagnosed with IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma in September 2018. This bone marrow cancer had already caused “innumerable lytic lesions” in my skeleton at the time of my diagnosis. My bones were fragile, and fractures would be one of my major concerns moving forward.


Most of those who have followed my Blogs know that quality of life is my overriding goal. My choice to mend my body has been an integrated approach emphasizing alternative modes of treatment as I have described in various previous writings. My success up until this current setback has been impressive.


Right now, pain management is my immediate concern. My next priority is to strengthen my skeleton.



Change In My Protocol

My radiation oncologist will determine if isolated radiation in the lumbar region will reduce my pain. If she suggests this procedure, I will start ASAP.


Also, I will increase my efforts to remineralize my bone. I will continue with my current Protocol, but I will add other specific supplements for bone strength.


I will get through this and will continue my awesome journey.



For Your Information

Since my diagnosis, I have been publishing blogs where I describe my continuous journey to deal with this challenge coursing through my bone marrow. Here is a succession of links to my published articles about my personal battle with multiple myeloma:

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