My Favorite Paleo Recipes:
Spiced Bullet-Proof Coffee

evolution rDave Asprey introduced his BulletProof Coffee several years ago, and it has become extremely popular. Here is a link to his website. Below is my spiced version that I love and drink almost every morning. There are interesting health benefits from coffee, coconut oil, ghee from the butter of grass-fed cows, cinnamon, and organic cacao. It is easy to make your own ghee, and here is a link to my recipe.
If your body is not used to these quantities of healthy fats, you must start slowly. Use only 1-2 teaspoons of the coconut oil as well as the ghee at first. Gradually increase the amounts until you reach the suggested measures in my recipe. Obviously, all the ingredients should be adjusted for your taste.
You will need a good blender to get the mixture to froth. Examples would be a Vitamix, Ninja, or Magic Bullet. Instead, you could use a stick blender like the Cuisinart Hand Blender, but the brew may not froth well.
4-6 Tbs freshly ground organic coffee beans (I like shade-grown Ethiopian beans)
16 oz filtered water
1-2 Tbs organic virgin coconut oil
1-2 Tbs Ghee made from butter of grass-fed cows
1-3 Tsp organic cacao powder
1-3 Tsp ground Ceylon cinnamon
• Grind beans to coarse-grind and use a French Press
• Place ground beans in French Press and add water that has come to a boil and cooled for 1 minute; then brew for 4 minutes
• While coffee is brewing, add coconut oil, Ghee, cacao powder, and cinnamon into blender of choice
• Press brewed coffee after 4 minutes of steeping and pour hot coffee into blender
• Blend mixture until well mixed and frothy
• Put into Thermos-type container to keep warm, and enjoy!

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