Dentist Skit on Carol Burnett Show

evolution rDo you remember the Carol Burnett Show? It aired on CBS from 1967 through 1978 for 278 episodes, and again with 9 episodes in the fall of 1991. In 1969, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway starred in a nine-minute segment about a rookie dentist (played by Tim Conway) and his first patient (played by Harvey Korman). Although the original skit took about nine minutes, the last three minutes would have you rolling on the floor. For me, l saw its original airing on television in 1969, but had not seen it again until now. You may remember it if you are close to my age. It is still as funny as it was in 1969.


View Dentist Skit


Unfortunately, some of the links to this skit have copyright issues and are occasionally removed from If the link above is removed, then search or Google for dentist skit on Carol Burnett Show to find one that is still up.


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