Beat the Beast of Dental Disease:
A CE Course

Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS Nutritional Periodontist
January 3, 2017 [printfriendly]



I have encouraged my profession in the past to get the word out about the biological and nutritional causes of dental diseases.  1, 2 Now, I have created a “means to an end”. I created a continuing education program for dentists and hygienists titled “Beat the Beast of Dental Disease”.


This is a 7-hour CE course broken into five parts. It launched on 12/27/16 and is available online from, which is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. will issue CE Credits for each of these five parts.


In this program, dentists and hygienists will learn how primal nutrition and functional medicine affect the progression and resolution of dental diseases. Part 5 provides a simple, concise program to teach patients why and how to become proactive in their dental health.


If you know any dentists or dental hygienists who want to learn about the biology of dental diseases, they may be interested in this unique CE course. A person will need to set up a free account on the DrBicuspid website to view the details of the CE Course online. From there, you immediately could sign up for each part of the course.


Summaries of Each Part of the CE Course

Part 1: We Were Born to be Healthy: what happened?


Humans have evolved for about 2.5 million years. Until 10,000 years ago or so, our primal ancestors rarely experienced chronic diseases. Even primal societies who live today in isolated parts of the world rarely experience chronic disease. Most have strong, healthy bodies until they die. In modern societies, debilitating diseases are part of the aging process for years or even decades before death. In fact, we were born to stay healthy until death. What has happened? In Part 1 of Beat the Beast of Dental Disease, we will get into some changes that occurred to create a decline in the health of our body.


Part 2: Causes of Dental Disease: the “obvious” and the “not-so-obvious”


As dental practitioners, we have been taught the obvious causes of the diseases we treat. Brushing and flossing are important, but they are not everything. You may be surprised that there are some causes of dental disease that are common to many other chronic diseases. These “not-so-obvious” causes may be the real issues that we, as the doctors of the mouth, might need to address and prevent. Educating our patients about these obscure causes may not only improve the health in their mouths, but they also may improve the overall health of their bodies. In Part 2 of Beat the Beast of Dental Disease, you will learn these important influences.


Part 3: Dental Diseases and Systemic Diseases: “correlation?” or “causation?”


Whatever happens in the body can have an effect in the mouth. But, does dental disease cause other systemic diseases? You will learn that “causation” is not the same as “correlation”. It is possible that the causes of dental disease also may be the causes of most other chronic diseases. Is there a vicious cycle emerging here? In Part 3 of Beat the Beast of Dental Disease, these relationships will be explored.


Part 4: Four Pillars of Health: nutrient-dense foods, efficient exercise, restorative sleep, and reduction of stress


There are four basic biological dynamics that affect the health of our body. Each is important. If any one of these four breaks down, then the body suffers. In Part 4 of Beat the Beast of Dental Disease, we will explore each of these pillars of health.


Part 5: Beat the Beast of Dental Disease: A 5-Step In-Office Program


Now it’s time to distill all the details from Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 into a simple program to teach your patients. In Part 5 of Beat the Beast of Dental Disease, you will learn the 5-Step Learning Program that your patients can put to personal use to prevent and stop the progression of their dental disease. You also will learn the dental codes you can use for the in-office program.


We provide easily understood, educational materials in PDF format that you can print and offer to your patients. We provide marketing ideas for your website and other media sources to get the word out that your practice is cutting-edge and promotes evidence-based prevention. You will learn how to provide “nutritional counseling for control of dental disease” based on the results of a 3-Day Food Journal that your patients will complete. Your staff will learn to decipher unhealthy food choices from these journals and will have resources to recommend healthier options. We will emphasize critical oral hygiene techniques that patients must practice to support their personal dental health. This 5-Step Learning Program will help your patients become motivated and proactive to Beat the Beast of Dental Disease.



Share this link with your dentist and dental hygienist. This may be the first time they have heard of this concept in a continuing education program, which offers necessary CE Credits.




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