I’ve Gotta Get Used to WHAT?
– 7 Critical Steps to Get Healthy –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

July 20, 2020





I was listening to the news the other day. Many of my friends suggested that tuning into the TV news channels was the first thing I did wrong. And I get them. So much stress and hatred and divisiveness out there in our precious “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”!


So, I was told from my television set that I’ve “gotta” get used to living with COVID-19. That includes all of us in the US. What the hell?


I’m not stupid. I’m a realist. But to get used to this pandemic as if it will be our buddy? Well, it may be our buddy if you think of it as a wakeup call to get our internal health into better shape.


First of all, one of the problems with our civilized society is that “we are told to get used to something that is not pleasant and not wanted”.


Second, we need to understand that we can start proactive and personal efforts to strengthen our body to fight this “killer”. No one will do this for us. Not the government. Not the health insurance industry. And not manmade chemicals.


For the most part, all of these attempts might be applied with the greatest and most admirable intentions. However, real health can occur only by strengthening our immune system naturally.


Fortunately, we are Free to make decisions for ourselves. And we are Brave to make these decisions based on our DNA blueprint, our food supply, and our lifestyles.



DNA Blueprint

All humans share approximately 99.9% of the same genetic code or blueprint.[1] The other 0.1% make you “who you are” and me “who I am”. What’s fascinating is that our genetic blueprint knows exactly what it requires to keep us alive and thriving. Our DNA blueprint also knows what it can’t tolerate.


At one extreme, our DNA requires us to drink, to breathe, and to consume certain nutrients to carry out our daily biological functions.


At the other extreme of the pendulum, our DNA knows what it cannot endure without killing us. For example, our DNA code cannot handle poisons or constant irritants to our body that cause continuous inflammation. In between these extremes, our DNA can deal with almost everything.


Obviously, we wouldn’t prevent our body from getting water to drink, air to breathe, or food to eat. Yet we keep insulting our body at the other extreme with chemicals and irritants that damage our body, which our DNA blueprint has no means to remove or neutralize.


More specifically, most of us continue to eat certain foods that tear into our gut like a splinter that keeps stabbing our finger in the same puncture wound. Our DNA blueprint cannot save us from these constant insults time after time. Are we either too ignorant to stop these insults or too stupid to ignore the consequences until it is too late?


You can’t fool mother nature. Just give your body what it needs and avoid what it never evolved to tolerate. To me, this is so simple. Why doesn’t our society get it? Doing this will improve the most important power we have to fight external invaders to our body – our immune system.



Immune System

I’ve spoken about our immune system and living in a petri dish in past Blog articles.  I want to review the immune system in simple terms and to reemphasize the steps to take to get our body into the marvelous healing machine that it was designed to be. An all-encompassing intelligent power has created our body to be self-sufficient, protective, and reparative.


We deal with infections and remain healthy based on the strength of our immune system. It is a complex biological process that identifies any invader to the body, mounts an appropriate defense, rids the body of that pathogen, and remembers that individual attacker if it attempts to invade us in the future.


The immune system is our “biological armed forces”. The method of action to mobilize these “armed forces” is fascinating, complex, yet not completely understood. What we know is this: the mucous membranes; a healthy, intact gut; and a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet are the principal actors as this drama plays out.




The immune system takes its cues from the gut microbiome, which lies on the mucous layer of its mucous membrane.


The “mucous membrane” lines the body cavities and tubular organs including the gut and respiratory passages. It’s an epithelial barrier that secretes a protective mucous layer. The mucous membrane makes up about 4,300 square feet in the human body. That’s like the square footage of a large home.


Approximately 38 trillion microbes cover the mucous membranes. The far majority of these living organisms are in the gut. In the gut, the microbiome is several layers thick. And this ocean of microbes talks between themselves and among all the other microbes located on all other mucous membranes in the body. It’s like a huge communication network that alerts the entire population of microbes to what’s happening on their turf simultaneously.


Practically all pathogens and irritants that enter the body must pass through the mucous membranes. The microbiome sitting on the mucous membranes becomes aware that there may be strangers in its midst. The friendly microbes have a unique and critically important role to play. They are the neighborhood watch group. They signal the immune cells in the epithelial barrier that there is something foreign that has just invaded and needs to be eliminated.


The gut microbiome and its mucous membrane are the central command center for the entire body. About 70-80% of the body’s immune system is located in the epithelium of the mucous membrane of the gut. When there is an invader anywhere in the body, the microbiome associated with its local mucous membrane relays messages to the gut microbiome. Then, the gut microbiome alerts the gut immune system that there is a pathogen or toxic element that needs to be removed. Effects from the gut immune system travel to all corners of the rest of the body directing all areas to react to the invasion.


The beneficial microbiome also communicates with the immune cells located in the lymph tissues throughout the body. All immune cells become involved with the fight to remove the invaders. This communication system rivals the most complex systems created by man. The human body is an amazing machine operating beyond comprehension.


There also are complex feedback loops to temper the immune system’s fight and eventually bring it back to a non-inflammatory state.



7 Critical Steps to Get Healthy

Be respective of your DNA blueprint. Give your body what it needs and avoid whatever it doesn’t want. This way, you will strengthen your immune system.


As I explained, our immune system is critical for fighting infections and maintaining overall wellness. This includes oral health. Boosting your immune system is the best and least expensive medical insurance you could “buy”. If you reinvigorated your immune system, think how much less you would have to spend on medical as well as dental care. To do this, you need to be proactive and start ASAP:


1. Consume nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods. Various ways of healthy eating provide necessary nutrients while avoiding over-processed carbohydrates, added sugars, unhealthy fats, chemical ingredients, and other irritants to the gut. I have created Al’s Better Belly Blueprint to be a source of healthy eating.


Subscribe HERE for my new weekly newsletter called, “Belly Bites with Dr. Al”.  This newsletter will have a link to my new Blog post, discuss stuff I’m doing and recommending, and relate how I am progressing with my Unique Cancer Journey. As an extra added bonus, I’ll send you the PDF of the new launce of my Dr. Al’s Better Belly Blueprint.


2. Maintain a healthy gut. Consume specific probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids, and immunoglobulins to (1) improve the population and quality of the gut bacteria, (2) restore a healthy mucosal layer, and (3) repair damage to the epithelial gut barrier.[2],[3] Dr. Al’s Better Belly Blueprint includes a specific spore-based probiotic to help this happen.


3. Sleep restoratively. Sleep about 7-8 hours a night starting between the hours of 9 PM to 11 PM. Make the room dark, cool, and quiet.


4. Exercise efficiently. This includes a combination of (1) some aerobic exercise a few days a week, (2) brief, high-intensity interval training 1 day a week, (3) strength training 1-2 days a week, and (4) non-exercise movements during the course of every day.


5. Reduce stress. Meditate; practice yoga; try diaphragmatic breathing; and experiment with progressive, total body muscle relaxation. Emotional stress will damage the gut microbiome and cause “leaky gut”, which will lead to significant and ongoing chronic systemic inflammation. This will tax the immune system to the extent that the immune system will be compromised and unable to mount an aggressive attack when needed to destroy serious invading pathogens.


6. Get out in the sun. Sun exposure creates Vitamin D in your body. This vitamin regulates the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus and facilitates normal immune system function. It also improves your resistance against certain diseases. For a short period of time daily, try to expose as much of your skin to the sun based on your skin type, the time of day, the season, and your geographical location. Your blood level goal for “25 Hydroxy Vitamin D test” is about 40-60 ng/ml. Toxicity usually does not occur until the blood level is above 150-200 ng/ml. If you can’t get adequate Vitamin D from sun exposure and food, then consider taking supplements of Vitamin D3 along with Vitamin K2. Other minerals and vitamins are required for proper biological functions of Vitamin D. These are available from a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet.


7. Practice effective oral hygiene. Your gut bacteria and your mouth bacteria “talk” back and forth. Make sure you brush your teeth at the gum margins, floss and clean the surfaces between each of your teeth, and scrape the topside of your tongue to remove odor forming bacteria and microscopic food remnants. Have your biological dentist examine your mouth for any hidden areas of infection in the gums or the bone. Any infection in your mouth will continuously weaken your immune system.


If COVID-19 does anything for us, it should be to kick our butts into the recognition of how unhealthy we are. I am here if you need me. You could schedule a 50-minute Virtual consult with me to go into a more in-depth and specific discussion. Here is a link to my website to book it:


[1] https://www.genome.gov/about-genomics/fact-sheets/Genetics-vs-Genomics

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– A Lesson Learned –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

June 8, 2020




COVID-19: A Lesson Learned


There is nothing good that I can say about the COVID-19 virus, its resulting pandemic, or the severe toll it has taken on lives and the economy. But there is an important lesson that may come out of this horrific time in our lives.


The lesson is revealing and basic. It is the condition in which we find ourselves. It is the reality that we are not a healthy society. The fact is that our immune system has been deficient to fight this virus and take it down.


What’s going on?



The Reality

Three examples of our underlying health concerns come from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Statistics gathered show 60% of US adults have a chronic disease[1]; 70% of American deaths is caused by a chronic disease[2]; and 72% of our population is overweight.[3] The events of COVID-19 painfully and abruptly have shown medical professionals and the general public that we must take proactive measures to assure a healthier body going forward. A physiologically unhealthy body cannot fight infections. An unhealthy body will continue to succumb to viruses and other pathogens.


We have become aware that underlying health conditions are mostly a result of poor lifestyle choices and indulgent dietary habits. If we want to honor longevity and secure a future without chronic disease, then we must make changes. We must become educated about what to do. We must become proactive in our own health. We must be taught about healthier lifestyle choices and foods to eat as well as not to eat. The government won’t do it; pills won’t do it; improved insurance coverage won’t do it.


And so, this opens up an opportunity for the biological dentist. He or she is the perfect medical professional to start the ball rolling. Why?



Role of Biological Dentists

I’ve talked about biological dentistry in the past (HERE. HERE.) Dentists obviously focus on the mouth. Biological dentists comprehend the importance of a strong immune system for oral health and overall wellbeing. Well-educated dentists understand that nutrition is critical for cells to function properly. They know that every cell in the body can communicate with every other cell in the body. Biologically-trained dentists realize that the mouth is a mirror of systemic health as well as systemic disease. Since dentists see many of their patients a couple of times a year, they have the continuous opportunity to monitor a patient’s overall health and influence their patients’ self-care.



Immune System

About 70-80% of our immune system resides in our gut. The cells of the immune system and the gut bacteria regulate and support one another. If the garden of healthy gut bacteria becomes overgrown with harmful bacteria, then the interplay between the gut bacteria and the immune system can become severely compromised. In addition, if the gut barrier membrane becomes damaged, unhealthy toxic substances will leak out from the gut lumen into the blood system (i.e. leaky gut). The toxic reaction in the bloodstream is called metabolic endotoxemia, which then leads to chronic system inflammation. This spread of inflammation throughout the body via the circulatory system could lead to the manifestation of various chronic and autoimmune diseases. An unhealthy gut, a compromised immune system, and systemic inflammation will cause disease and other changes in the mouth.


The mouth is the entrance for nutrients to get into our body. And proper nutrition and lifestyle changes can repair an unhealthy gut and improve the functions of the immune system. Biological dentists may be the first healthcare professionals to visualize and diagnose problems in the mouth and enter into a discussion about the methods to improve a patient’s immune system. Uniquely, biological dentists are in a position to repair the damage to the mouth. Also, they can refer patients to other medical professionals when necessary to treat various remote health problems manifesting in the mouth.


To start off, biological dentists can evaluate a person’s diet by interpreting his or her 3-Day Food Journal. They can learn about a patient’s current lifestyle choices by taking a complete medical and dental history. The dentist is ideally situated to gather all these facts and begin to suggest lifestyle changes and dietary changes to enhance the immune system.


The IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine) offers an online program for dentists to become a Certified Biological Nutritional Dental Professional. The program details the natural methods to improve an ailing and dysfunctional immune system.



Economic Changes

Interestingly, COVID-19 also has created positive changes in the economic and investment world. Investors are switching their attention from what was previously considered important to what is truly important – human health. An article in MarketWatch on June 1, 2020 stated that there will be a distinct emphasis on preventive medicine and specifically the methods to strengthen the performance of the human immune system.


Longevity and quality of life are becoming the focus in the biotech space. And individuals cannot live long if not properly protected from pandemic threats. A strengthened immune system may be able to fight and neutralize diseases early. An immune system functioning at peak performance can increase the quality of life and prevent debilitating chronic diseases. There is even a specialty investment fund focused on the longevity industry.


So, it is compelling that the investment world is emphasizing a means to boost the immune system moving forward.




As patients become educated about health, longevity, and a robust immune system, they will demand healthcare professionals to guide them in their decisions. A properly trained biological dentist is the ideal health professional to have an in-depth conversation with the patient to help achieve these goals. The biological dentist understands the interrelationships between the mouth and the rest of the body. Biological dentists can assist patients with developing a healthy diet, a healthy gut, a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy immune system. All will lead to a healthy mouth, which is the purview of the biological dentist.



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COVID-19, Gum Disease, & Diet

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

May 18, 2020



You might be scratching your head and asking yourself, “What is he talking about? Is he just trying to catch my attention? Maybe even confuse me?”


Well, I’m talking about the correlation between COVID-19, Gum Disease, and Diet. That connection is our immune system. And yes, I want your attention so I can share my thoughts about this association, your overall health, and your well-being. I certainly don’t want to confuse you.




New research is suggesting that the COVID-19 virus could be life-threatening by initially damaging red blood cells[1] and causing hypoxia[2]. The theory goes like this:


  • The virus attacks red blood cells by attaching to the iron portion of its hemoglobin.
  • The virus oxidizes the iron and releases it into the bloodstream.
  • Then, the COVID-19 virus replaces the iron with itself in the red blood cell.
  • The virus controls the red blood cell, which now is unable to carry necessary oxygen to other cells and organ systems. This results in hypoxia.
  • The oxidized iron pours into the bloodstream causing severe oxidative stress, which causes systemic inflammation initiated by the immune system.
  • Zinc in the body mobilizes itself to offset the damage from the free-floating oxidized iron thereby depleting the body of its necessary levels of zinc. This can cause a loss of smell and taste among other effects.
  • The oxidative stress from excessive iron, severe systemic inflammation as a result of the immune system’s overproduction of inflammatory chemicals (cytokines), and hypoxia can cause the lungs and other organs to fail, possibly leading to death from COVID-19.



This is just a theory. So much is being learned about the virus day by day. But this theory makes sense. It could result in the clinical signs and symptoms of this pandemic that are being observed and documented throughout the world.[3]



Gum Disease

The gum tissues in your mouth are susceptible to chronic systemic inflammation. The oxidative stress occurring from an excess of unhealthy oxidized iron causes the immune system to create acute and chronic systemic inflammation. These physiological changes cause dysfunction in the immune system – especially if the immune system was already weakened or dysfunctional from emotional stress, environmental toxic substances, an unhealthy gut, or poor diet choices.


Active gum disease will increase as the immune system fails to control the overgrowth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Periodontal infection will release virulent bacteria and inflammatory elements into the bloodstream complicating the already spreading systemic inflammation. Inflamed and bleeding gums will increase the potential for increasingly destructive forces occurring from the COVID virus.




A diet including inflammatory foods and lacking nutrient-dense foods will damage the gut’s garden of bacteria, its mucous layer, and its epithelial barrier. The result will be the leakage of toxic substances into the bloodstream from the lumen of the gut. The immune system attempts to gobble up these toxic substances by releasing various chemicals and cells to fight the invasion. These immune system actions create inflammation that spreads throughout the circulatory system to all organ systems. However, if you have periodontal disease and if the COVID-19 virus is present, then your immune system already could be overwhelmed.



Vicious Cycle

A weakened immune system, active periodontal disease, and unhealthy food choices continue to promote chronic systemic inflammation. If COVID-19 invades the body, the existing chronic systemic inflammation will exacerbate the potential virulence of the virus.


So, there could be a vicious cycle escalating exponentially.


Fortunately, the far majority of infected people will not succumb to death. Their body’s immune system will overcome the virus at a point where the virus is inactivated by the antibodies that are naturally produced by the adaptive immune system. Other negative feedback pathways will go into effect and reduce the immune system’s production of inflammatory chemicals. But there are proactive precautions that uninfected individuals could take to enhance their immune system.


I’ve talked about how to improve the immune system in previous blogs – especially HERE. But in summary, a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet along with lifestyle changes will enhance the health of the gut and provide the immune system with many of the necessary ingredients to defend your body.


Supplements of vitamin C, vitamin D, glutathione, and zinc have been suggested to help prevent or possibly treat COVID-19 infection. However, along with lifestyle changes, the nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diets I have recommended will provide most of these nutrients in their natural states as they exist in real, unprocessed foods.


Medical research will come up with an adequate treatment protocol to deal with the acute and life-threatening manifestations of the COVID-19 virus. Scientists also may develop an effective vaccine or an array of vaccines to protect people prior to the invasion of the COVID-19 virus. But your proactive efforts to support your immune system will also help with fighting the virus, preventing periodontal disease, and avoiding other chronic diseases. A healthy immune system will go a long way in maintaining your well-being.



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[3] https://www.jillcarnahan.com/2020/04/16/emerging-theories-that-may-help-us-solve-the-covid-19-puzzle/



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The Stress of COVID-19
and its consequences

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

April 13, 2020


Stress of COVID-19Stress!


You can’t see it or touch it or smell it. But it’s all around us.


Everyone talks about it and experiences it.


Life in our modern world seems to create it. Or maybe we are creating it for ourselves.


But then came COVID-19, and it blew all of us away!!



COVID-19’s Effects

I don’t have to tell you about the stress we have endured during this pandemic. COVID-19 has changed all of our lives abruptly and severely. Sadly, a number of us have gotten sick; many of us have lost jobs or businesses; a few have died. The emotional trauma of these bombshells is taking its toll. I’m not sure if life will ever be the same as it was before the virus raised its ugly head and spread like a raging hurricane.


The psychological ramifications are yet to be realized. So many of us have feelings of desperation and are demoralized. Those that are demoralized feel that no matter what they do and how hard they work will make no difference. They are falling into the abyss of depression and feelings of worthlessness.



Stress and the Gut

You may not realize it, but stress affects your gut, your immune system, and your brain. Especially if the stress is continuous and seems to have no end. The consequences could be subtle or might create significant and immediate effects. Or, it may affect our body months or years later manifesting as one of many types of chronic diseases. The pathway to tragic illnesses is pretty amazing and probably will surprise you.


Emotional stress can lead to changes in the intestinal wall by opening up spaces between the cells of the epithelial barrier. This is a natural process that allows additional water, sodium, and glucose to get into the blood system. Your body needs these to assist in the chemical changes induced by stress. When short bouts of stress are resolved, then the holes in this gut barrier return to normal. However, significantly increased stress from financial and social disruptions caused by COVID-19 can last a long time. No one knows how long these stresses will endure. What is certain is that chronic, overwhelming stress will induce serious problems. The resulting damage to the gut epithelial barrier will allow the continuous leakage into the blood system of harmful substances from the gut lumen – especially lipopolysaccharides (LPS).



Endotoxemia Causes Chronic Disease

LPS (which is an endotoxin) is the outer cell wall of dead gram-negative gut bacteria that is highly toxic. Endotoxemia is a disease where large amounts of lipopolysaccharides leak into the bloodstream continuously and course throughout the body. The immune system initially overreacts to excessive and continuous LPS causing a cascade of highly inflammatory chemicals. The immune system may settle down but will still produce inflammatory chemicals as long as the source of emotional stress is still present. The overall result is chronic inflammation circulating to all cells and organ systems. Ultimately, debilitating chronic diseases could manifest.


Some of the chronic diseases include depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic heart failure, type 2 diabetes, autism, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), asthma, and dental diseases including periodontal disease and tooth decay. The immune system also may begin destroying normal human cells causing autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that chronic diseases are responsible for 70% of all deaths in the US.[1] For the most part, these chronic diseases originate from low-grade, systemic, chronic inflammation originating in the gut.


In addition to the “leaky” gut as a result of continuous stress, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices can create a “leaky” gut.


Poor food and lifestyle choices will cause chemical changes in that gut that promote the overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria. The unhealthy change in the bacteria of the gut is called dysbiosis. Pathogenic species cause a breakdown in the protective mucosal layer as well as the epithelial barrier of the gut. Dysbiosis causes the immune system to produce inflammatory chemicals. Once toxic substances from the gut leak into the circulatory system, the immune system goes into high gear. It creates a cascade of inflammatory chemicals, which flood all the pathways leading from the gut to the rest of the body.


So, the emotional stress produced by COVID-19 along with dysbiosis in the gut are powerful ingredients directing the body to go into a prolonged tailspin leading to disastrous outcomes.


Resolving Stress

I have written several articles about dealing with stress and have published these Blogs on my website. Here are three that you might find interesting and helpful: HERE, HERE, HERE.



Resolving Endotoxemia

A double-blind randomized controlled trial was published in 2017[2]. The investigators showed how a supplement containing spore-based probiotics could heal a damaged gut lining and resolve endotoxemia.


Brian McFarlin and his researchers selected 28 participants whose blood tests demonstrated significant endotoxemia after consuming a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal. This select group of individuals were divided into two groups. Both groups took two capsules of a daily supplement for four weeks. One group took placebo capsules, and the other took capsules containing five different spore-based bacillus probiotics. At the end of the trial, participants ate another high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal. Their blood was tested before the meal and then retested after the meal. Five hours after the meal, the results showed an average decrease of endotoxemia of 42% in the group taking the probiotic capsules. However, the group taking the placebo actually had a 36% increase in endotoxemia. The authors suggested that the positive results might be improved significantly if the probiotics were taken for several more months. Also, the overall results probably would be significantly more effective if the participants were eating nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods rather than high carbohydrate, processed foods.



My Personal Experience

I am only one of billions of people dealing with the stress caused by COVID-19. I also am one of those in the high-risk group because of my age (73 years old) and my underlying health condition (incurable bone marrow cancer which I am successfully treating unconventionally). The stress from lifestyle changes caused by COVID-19 is as real for me as for everyone. Knowing about stress and dealing with stress are two different things.


I try to destress using some of the methods I described in my article I referred to earlier. And I also help heal my body from endotoxemia by following my daily Protocol to Restore Normal Gut Bacteria. Part of my Protocol consists of the spore-based bacilli probiotics that were investigated in Brian McFarlin’s peer-review study which I referenced above[3].


I am trying to do my part to do what I can do for myself and to share what I know with all my readers.


[1] https://www.apha.org/~/media/files/pdf/factsheets/chronicdiseasefact_final.ashx

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The Cure for COVID-19
Hear Me Out

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

April 6, 2020


Cure for COVID-19


The entire world, and specifically our government, is moving in a direction that will never address the real problem of COVID-19! Hear me out. I know it sounds like I am “off my rocker”. However, I’m talking about what our body really needs. This is a wakeup call!


  • Yes, I agree that it is critical to treat the acute infection.
  • And yes, I agree that this will save lives that would be lost.
  • And surely, pharmaceuticals may be the only means to accomplish this.


But what happens when the next pandemic or whatever horrendous invisible microbe strikes again in the future? A real cure must be all-encompassing and basic.



Mother Nature

Do you remember the slogan, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”? I’m dating myself, but this was a popular commercial ad on TV in the 1970s for a popular brand of margarine. The idea was that this butter substitute would fool your taste buds into believing it was real butter. It even would fool Mother Nature. Actually, margarine is a product that will cause serious health complications.


Along this line, I believe today we think we’re fooling Mother Nature by pretending we’re eating healthy foods and living healthy lifestyles. But we’re not fooling anyone. As a society, we don’t understand that among our most basic needs, we need to consume essential nutrients and avoid toxic substances. The result of our deception has been to gradually weaken our body’s ability to fight infections.


Medical science is digging into physiology and pharmaceuticals to create the cure for COVID-19. Money is being poured into the coffers of research to invent and manufacture something to destroy this virus quickly and effectively. Although this treatment may be critical right now, it will not support our most important defense system that fights the fight for our body – our immune system.



Immune System

Our body is bombarded by millions of invaders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yet, the human body was designed to identify an invader and mount its “armed forces” to kill it. When the immune system is at peak performance, its attack is quick, efficient, and effective. Following the natural attack, these biological warriors leave behind a specific soldier. If the same invader were to get into our body again, this deputized soldier would take over immediately to kill it.


To accomplish all this, our complex immune system is divided into two separate forces – the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system.



Innate Immune System

The innate system is activated quickly whenever a foreign substance is detected in our body.  The defense mechanisms include physical barriers such as skin, chemicals in the blood, and immune system cells that individually attack foreign elements entering the body. The innate immune response is immediately activated by specific chemical properties of the invader, called an antigen.


Adaptive Immune System

The adaptive system is an antigen-specific defense mechanism. Once an antigen is detected, processed, and recognized, the adaptive immune system creates an army of immune cells specifically designed to attack that antigen. In addition, a unique and highly effective response by the adaptive immune system is to store “memory” cells for that specific antigen. Memory cells create “immunity” for future attacks from that exact antigen. If our body is attacked again by that invader, memory cells will create an onslaught of antibodies that will go to work against that antigen.



Immune Compromised

Sadly, the far majority of us are immune compromised! That means that we can’t mount a strong and efficient immune response to destroy the invaders. How do I know?


  • Well, just look at the obesity rate in the US. It’s 42.2% based on CDC statistics.[1] This is a sign of a compromised immune system.
  • Then look at the prevalence of chronic diseases in the US. The CDC has determined that 45% of US adults have at least one chronic disease, and 70% of all deaths are the result of a chronic disease.[2] These are additional signs of a compromised immune system.
  • And then look at how many people take at least one prescription drug or depend on over-the-counter medicines. The CDC states that 48.4% of US adults take at least one prescription drug.[3] Once again, this is a sign of a compromised immune system.



I submit a major cause of a weakened immune system is our choice of food. Take a look at the typical breakfast: donut, coffee sweetened with sugar, and a glass of orange juice. Then look at the typical lunch: burger on a bun with gooey sauce, salty fries, and a Coke. Or maybe it’s a vegan meal which is devoid of animal products but includes all the other junk. And don’t forget the in-between snacks made up of over-processed carbs, sugar, unhealthy fats, and bunches of chemicals. This eating style has been termed the Standard American Diet (appropriately known as SAD). It is one of the ways we have destroyed our immune system. And so, we continue decimating our immune system slowly – meal after snack after meal.



The Cure

An all-encompassing and basic cure is not a pill, not a vaccine, or not an expensive therapy created by the medical industry. The ultimate cure is relatively inexpensive but time consuming. It requires us to rebuild and invigorate our immune system so that it will function optimally. My cure is not a quick fix. It requires much more. To get there, an individual must reevaluate his or her diet, lifestyle, sleep, exercise, and stress. And then, changes must occur over time to get the immune system up to speed as it was designed to operate. (I elaborate on these lifestyle changes in my book that was released in 2017 titled Crazy-Good Living.)


By the way, boosting our immune system is the best and least expensive medical insurance we could “buy”. If we reinvigorated our immune system, think how much less we as a society would have to spend on medical care. To do this, we need to be proactive and start ASAP:


  • Consume nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods. Various ways of healthy eating provide necessary nutrients while avoiding over-processed carbohydrates, added sugars, unhealthy fats, and chemical ingredients. I was eating a Paleo-type Diet for about 6 years before transitioning to the Carnivore Diet on 1/1/20. (I offer my PDFs for transitioning to a Paleo-type Diet as well as transitioning to a Carnivore Diet. Email me at: Dr.Danenberg@iCloud.com.)


  • Maintain a healthy gut. A healthy diet and methods to restore the gut’s balance of beneficial bacteria are essential. The gut houses 70% of the cells that make up the immune system. (I’ll send you my Protocol to Restore Normal Gut Bacteria if you email me at: Dr.Danenberg@iCloud.com.)


  • Sleep restoratively. Sleep about 7-8 hours a night starting between the hours of 9 PM to 11 PM. Make the room dark, cool, and quiet.


  • Exercise efficiently. This includes a combination of (1) some aerobic exercise, (2) brief, high-intensity interval training 1 day a week, (3) strength training 1-2 days a week, and (4) non-exercise movements during the course of every day.


  • Reduce stress. Meditate; practice yoga; try diaphragmatic breathing; and experiment with progressive, total body muscle relaxation.


  • Get out in the sun. Sun exposure creates Vitamin D in your body. This vitamin regulates the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus and facilitates normal immune system function. It also improves your resistance against certain diseases. Try to expose as much of your skin as you can to the sun based on your skin type, the time of day, the season, and your geographical location. Also, specific foods like salmon, sardines, shrimp, and egg yolks provide Vitamin D. If you can’t get adequate sun exposure or can’t eat enough foods that supply vitamin D, then consider taking supplements of Vitamin D3 along with Vitamin K2.


  • Practice effective oral hygiene. Your gut bacteria and your mouth bacteria “talk” back and forth. Make sure you brush your teeth at the gum margins, floss and clean the surfaces between each of your teeth, and scrape the topside of your tongue to remove odor forming bacteria and microscopic food remnants. (I’ll send you my protocol for How to Clean Your Mouth if you email me at: Dr.Danenberg@iCloud.com.)


My cure is inclusive. It gets us back to basics. Rather than just a Band-Aid or an aspirin tablet, my cure assists the body with overall healing and overall wellness.


[1] https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html

[2] https://www.fightchronicdisease.org/sites/default/files/docs/GrowingCrisisofChronicDiseaseintheUSfactsheet_81009.pdf

[3] https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/drug-use-therapeutic.htm



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Life As I Knew It

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

March 30, 2020


Life As I Knew It


My Unconventional Cancer Journey is now confronted by the world’s economic, medical, and emotional uncertainty. Life as I knew it is in flux and disarray. And it’s not just me. The pandemic is having worldwide consequences. Apparently, an enormous amount of people feel that things are falling apart all around them. Many are losing or already have lost their jobs. Numerous employers and entrepreneurs are finding their businesses are going under. An abundance of people has stopped spending and may never go back to their extravagant lifestyles. Untold totals of people have serious diseases, which now are complicated by COVID-19. No one knows exactly what is going to happen! Some say they know, but no one knows. Experts are making predictions on a daily basis but continue to change their opinions minute by minute.



Take a Deep Breath

Let’s take a deep breath.


I’ve been there two years ago. But not in the same way.


Beginning in 2018 when I learned that I would be dead in just a few months, I knew in an instant that my life had drastically changed. Nothing could be the same. Yes, my world had changed. Yes, I was T-boned by my diagnosis and prognosis. But I didn’t die! I survived and thrived.


And now the COVID-19 pandemic is everywhere.



My Mortality

Since September 19, 2018, I have been living with the reality of my mortality from my incurable bone marrow cancer. I have not been alone. Others have had to deal with their declining health-related issues. My journey may be unique only because I was given 3-6 months to live. I had rejected conventional chemotherapy and embraced an unconventional and more natural method of healing my body. My goal has been to maintain a quality of life – not to live for many years with a progressively degenerating disease.


Today, my life is further compromised. I am in the high-risk category for this pandemic virus because of my compromised immune system resulting from multiple myeloma. In addition, I feel the devastation experienced by the world’s population. Once again, I feel like I have been T-boned.



My Strength

With all the obvious unease and fear, there is an unwavering strength that has worked for me most of the time – attitude. It never was easy. As a matter of fact, it has been downright difficult. I have had rare but severe bouts of depression when my attitude was overcome by irrational fears. Yet I have been able to climb out of this emotional abyss quickly with the help of my pillar-of-strength.


Sadly, I entered a state of depression just yesterday. As in the past, my pillar-of-strength came to my rescue. I owe it all to my devoted and rational wife who has been my stabilizing force. When all else has failed for me, she has always been there to help me get my head back into gear.


We have been married for almost 51 years. She knows me inside and out. I hope I am there for her as she is there for me when I get into a funk. However, she rarely seems to fall into the hole I have been able to dig for myself. When I play the role of the victim, I can succumb.




Yesterday, I was getting overwhelmed. Friends had sent me videos of doomsday predictions by “apparently educated” experts. The TV is ablaze with sensationalism and deadlier and deadlier accounts of our worlds’ invisible disease. I started to feel locked inside my home because of my high-risk category. All of these things took their toll on me yesterday. Then my “victim” personality began to shine. The hole I was digging was growing deeper and darker.


But my astute wife got the message immediately. I initially reacted in a very unproductive and negative tone when she started asking me, “What’s wrong?”. I lashed out at her telling her that she did not understand me. Of course, she did understand me better than I understood myself. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to get it.


We talked about how I turned my life around even after my devastating cancer prognosis. She pointed out all that I have accomplished since 2018. My wife was specific about how I improved my life and the lives of many others who have looked to me for support and inspiration. I told you; she is my pillar-of-strength.



Productive Home-Time

My wife works full-time for a home medical equipment company specializing in respiratory care. Now, she is working at home. The powers-that-be moved her two computers, corporate telephone, printer, and all the spaghetti of wires from the corporate office to our home and assembled them on top of our kitchen table. Overwhelming! But she and I now are together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


So, we have begun to share “sheltering-in-place” together. When she takes breaks from her daily job responsibilities, we talk, play a little, watch some TV, try some puzzles, and talk about whatever comes up. Of course, I am constantly writing, giving interviews for podcasts, and providing Skype consultations all around the world. Most people at this point are interested in my unconventional cancer journey and how I am improving my diet and immune system.


Physically, I am able to improve my movement, flexibility, and strength. I have been able to do body weight exercises and stretches at home. Also, I have been walking almost a mile outside many days of the week. And my culinary skills have not taken a back seat to this pandemic. Cooking at home for my wife and me has always been fun. She is following a more Paleo-type Diet, and I am strictly on the Carnivore Diet.


Our time in the house also has helped my wife and me to be in contact with our adult kids and grandkids via telephone or text messaging. I’m learning more about my grandkids from texting than I have learned from them when things were normal.


And so, this pandemic, which seems to be overtaking all of our lives, very well might teach us lessons to survive and thrive. One of the most vital lessons possibly to come out of this disaster is for us to learn that supporting the health of our immune system is paramount. That means providing a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet; proper hydration; a balanced and supportive gut microbiome; restorative sleep; efficient exercise, and stress reduction.



From Me to You

I have discussed these pillars of health in my 2017 book, Crazy-Good Living. I also have updated much of the current medical research in my paper I titled, Your Gut is Killing You. As I have told readers in the past, my goal in life now is to give back and pay it forward. I will send you my PDF of Your Gut is Killing You if you send me an email request (Dr.Danenberg@iCloud.com). It’s rather lengthy – over 12,200 words with 261 cited references.



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Latest COVID-19 Facts

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

March 27, 2020



Statistics from around the world have helped to formulate some new and impressive facts about COVID-19. Above all, stay away from people; wash your hands; and don’t touch your mouth, nose, or eyes with your hands. But the newest facts will give you a heads-up going forward.



Who is at Risk?

Everyone is susceptible to becoming infected – even children and young adults. The population most at risk are the elderly and anyone who has compromised lung function and/or a depressed immune system.


Surface Killing of COVID-19

The New England Journal of Medicine has tested how long the virus can remain stable on different kinds of surfaces within a controlled laboratory setting.[1] They found that it was still detectable on copper for up to four hours, on cardboard for up to 24 hours, and on plastic and steel for up to 72 hours.


Fortunately, coronaviruses are considered “enveloped viruses”. That means they have minimal self-protection and are one of the easiest types to kill. Therefore, washing your hands after exposure to the virus with soap and water for as little as 20 seconds will kill it. If you can’t wash with soap and water, apply 70% isopropyl alcohol on your hands and rub it in. In addition, spraying surfaces with this alcohol or other disinfecting sprays and letting the surface dry by itself will take care of coronavirus. Again, this virus is easy to kill before it gets into your body.



Innate Immune System

Your innate immune system is probably the most important mechanism to help your body fight any infection. A healthy person’s immune system will use many different “weapons” to effectively fight any invading pathogens, including invading viruses. Also, specific antibodies (Immunoglobulin G and Immunoglobulin M) will be produced and rushed through the systemic circulation in the battle. Since COVID-19 is a virus, anything that could destroy this virus or prevent a virus from duplicating would help prevent and possibly cure a viral infection.




A specific probiotic is known as Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis JCM 5805 (i.e. LC-Plasma)[2]. LC-Plasma is a strain of lactic acid bacteria that activates human plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs)[3], which play an important role to fight viral infections. Plasmacytoid dendritic cells produce large amounts of interferons (IFNs) which inhibit viral replication.[4] Also, pDCs activate downstream immune cells (i.e. B Cells, NK Cells, Helper T Cells, Killer T Cells, etc).


Studies have shown that a daily 50mg oral dose of heat-killed LC-Plasma cells will have prophylactic effects against viral infections in humans[5],[6],[7],[8],[9],[10] and is safe long-term.[11] These studies show that LC-Plasma metabolites provide benefits against several viruses including rotavirus, dengue, influenza, and the common cold. The metabolites of LC-Plasma are what activates pDCs. It is important to note that NO studies have proven LC-Plasma to be effective against COVID-19. However, LC-Plasma’s mechanism of action to stimulate the innate immune system to kill other viruses is impressive. (Enviromedica just released a spore-based probiotic called TerraFlora Deep Immune. It contains several spore-based probiotics along with 50mg of heat-killed LC-Plasma per daily dose.)



Diet & Healthy Gut

Another study just published in March 2020 reviewed various investigator’s results concerning the importance of the gut’s microbiome and its epithelial barrier on the immune system’s ability to fight viral infections.[12] As I have described in many of my previous Blogs, a nutrient-dense diet as well as supplements to support a healthy gut are vital to support a healthy and functioning immune system. These critical elements are part of my Unconventional Cancer Protocols, which I’ll send to anyone who wants a copy. (Email me at Dr.Danenberg@iCloud.com if you would like it.)



Possible Therapies

1 – Didier Raoult, MD, Ph.D, specializes in infectious diseases in France. He and other authors published a study on March 17, 2020.[13] In this study, 36 patients in the hospital with COVID-19 were divided into three groups. There was a control group of 16 patients who did not receive any experimental medications at their request. Another group of 14 patients received hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) 250 mg three-times-a-day for 10 days. The other group of 6 patients received Plaquenil 250 mg three-time-a-day for 10 days in addition to azithromycin (Z-Pak) 500 mg on Day 1 and 250 mg for Days 2-5. The results were impressive. At the end of Day 6, only 15% of the control group got better. At the end of Day 6, only 55% of the group receiving Plaquenil got better. But at the end of Day 5, 100% of the group taking both medications got better. I believe this protocol of Plaquenil along with Z-Pak is being investigated currently in New York.


2 – There are other drugs and vaccines in the pipeline, but they will take time to go through the necessary trials before being approved as treatment options. One important fact is this: Most recent medical research suggests that COVID-19 is hardly mutating. That is good on two fronts. On one front, if you contracted coronavirus, you most likely will have immunity for an extended period of time – maybe lifetime immunity. On the other front, if a vaccine is developed and released in a year or so for the general population, it most likely will be effective since it would have been created to treat the current strain.


3 – An additional treatment option that is being investigated has to do with patients who have had COVID-19 and recovered successfully. The treatment is called “convalescent plasma”.[14] The plasma from patients who have recovered could be infused into patients with active disease. There has been good success with this treatment for other types of viral infections, and the future looks bright for this intervention.


4 – Here is a controversial therapy that is undergoing deep study in China – high-dose intravenous (IV) vitamin C infusions.[15] ZhiYong Peng, MD of the Department of Critical Care Medicine at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University recently registered a phase 2 clinical trial to test the efficacy of vitamin C infusions for the treatment of severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) associated with COVID-19. In the study, participants in the experimental group will receive 24 grams of IV vitamin C per day for 7 days. That’s more than 260 times the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin C for adults and children age 4 years old and up, which is 90 mg per day. Richard Cheng MD, PhD, Chinese Edition Editor of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, states there are at least three clinical trials in China studying the effects of high-dose IV vitamin C for the treatment of COVID-19. However, you should know that this is a controversial therapy. In this article published in Nutrition in 2019, the authors conclude that there is promise but the science hasn’t proven the benefits of high-dose vitamin C infusions for the critically ill.[16]


5 – New evidence is showing that the virus can attach to a specific site on the surface of a cell called angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors.[17] ACE2 receptors are present throughout the body.[18] However, they are abundantly present in the cells of the lung, blood vessels, and small intestine. ACE2 receptors are the designated “landing-sites” for ACE hormones, which play a role in constricting blood vessels that in turn raises blood pressure.


Once the virus attaches to the ACE2 receptor, it “hijacks” the cell and makes copies of itself. When the virus is done, it kills the cell and spreads. Some people have reported digestive problems as their only symptom before testing positive for COVID-19. The reason is that the virus attached to the ACE2 receptors in the gut.[19] Research is investigating a way to interfere with the virus’s attachment to the ACE2 receptor.



My Thoughts

We are all in the same storm but in different boats – financially, medically, and emotionally. This coronavirus has disrupted all of our lives. But don’t go to the place where blame is being placed on individuals, individual countries, or political parties. Moving forward, I believe our country and the world are experiencing a wakeup call that eventually will be positive for our future health. All of us must share in the lack of preparedness. Especially, it seems to me that almost no one in the conventional medical community is emphasizing a nutrient-dense anti-inflammatory diet or lifestyle changes to begin to improve our body’s innate immune system. Our innate immune system is critical for preventing this viral disease and improving overall health and wellbeing.


As I stated in the beginning of this article, those with a compromised immune system are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Some individuals in this high-risk category are taking prescription medications to reduce ACE hormone. These medications are collectively called ACE inhibitors, which are used to reduce inflammation and blood pressure. It is suggested that ACE inhibitors may increase the availability of ACE2 receptors as landing-targets for the COVID-19 virus.[20] I already described how the coronavirus attaches to the ACE2 receptor to get into the cell. So, if there were more ACE2 receptors available, then there could be an increased risk for this viral infection to manifest.


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My Cancer Journey
And My Gut

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

March 23, 2020




First, an update about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and me. I am in the high-risk group because I’ll be 73 years old in April, and I’m challenged with incurable bone marrow cancer. So, I am staying away from people and washing my hands more than ever. Also, I’m adhering strictly to my Unconventional Cancer Protocols to support my immune system. Remember, the immune system is the body’s “armed force” to protect us from harmful invaders including COVID-19. And the gut is the center of our immune system.



Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases start in the gut. And cancer is one of those chronic diseases. Do you know the method of action starting from the gut leading to chronic disease?


Think about the gut like the hub of a bicycle wheel. Consider the pathways from the gut leading to the rest of the body like the spokes of the wheel spreading out from the hub to its rim.



If the hub of the wheel were broken, then the spokes connecting the hub to the bike’s rim would become weakened. If enough spokes became weakened, then the outer rim could collapse. If the rim broke down, then the wheel would cave in. The entire bicycle would no longer function.



And so, if the gut were to become damaged, then the pathways leading to all the body’s structures would be affected. Ultimately, all organ systems could suffer.



The Gut

Based on my analogy, the gut is like the hub of the wheel. The circulatory and nerve pathways (like the spokes of the wheel) lead from the gut to all cellular structures in the body. These pathways feed the body’s ability to function properly. If the gut becomes compromised, then anything and everything along the paths can break down. The ultimate result could be the development of chronic diseases.


The nutrients we consume and the toxic substances we avoid determine the health of our gut. The gut can become compromised from non-nutritious and harmful foods as well as from environmental irritants. Also, sleep, exercise, and psychological stress affect gut health. Once the inside of the gut breaks down (including its garden of bacteria and the mucus layer), the outer epithelial barrier could fail.


The outer epithelial barrier is only one cell layer thick. It separates the contents of the gut from the rest of the body. Importantly, the gut is the most highly regenerative organ in the human body. And the gut regenerates its barrier epithelium every five to seven days. It has amazing self-healing potential. This is critical to understand.


However, continued failure of the integrity of this barrier allows junk to enter the circulation (i.e. Leaky Gut) along with cascading inflammatory events stemming from our immune system. The immune cells are just outside the epithelial barrier. The circulatory and nerve tissue complexes are the pathways for the immune system’s inflammatory chemicals. These biologically active chemicals spread out in all directions to anatomical structures. Over time and with continued disturbances in the gut, chronic diseases can emerge.



Your Health

Who will take responsibility for your health and welfare? No one but you!  Certainly during this time of COVID-19, all of us must take the charge. We have to be proactive as well as reactive:


  • We must be sure that our diet is nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory. If not, we will suffer the consequences.
  • We must be effective in removing and avoiding toxic elements as best as we can. If not, we will suffer the consequences.
  • We must take measures to assure that the garden of gut bacteria and the internal workings of the gut are in balance. If not, we will suffer the consequences.


If we do our part, then the gut barrier should function and regenerate properly. If there is leakage, it can repair itself.


In my recent blogs, I wrote about how I discovered the Carnivore Diet, which is a healthy diet based on our body’s physiology and ancestral evolution. (For detailed references, I refer you to the recently released book by Dr. Paul Saladino titled, The Carnivore Code. It is a treasure trove of information.) I’ve also written about the large number of toxic elements that can harm our gut. (Check out my Blog Page to read more.)


If we’re doing the right things for our body, we may want to determine if our gut barrier is functioning properly. To do this, we need to know if we have a leaky gut and to what extent it might be “leaky”.



Gut Permeability Test

There are several biological tests that claim to detect a “leaky gut”, or more specifically “increased and abnormal intestinal permeability”. All of these tests have their problems and are not 100% reliable. One test that is used in Europe is the “PEG 400 Gut Permeability Test”. The test consists of drinking a tasteless liquid made up of various molecular sizes of polyethylene glycol (PEG) that is mixed into 250 ml of filtered water.


The test is available from BioLab Ltd[1] in England and from Paleomedicini[2] in Budapest, Hungary.


The PEG 400 Gut Permeability Test is a 6-hour test. To perform the test, you fast for 3 hours before starting the test. Probably the best time to start the test is immediately after waking up in the morning. Prior to starting the test, you urinate. Then, mix the PEG liquid into 250 ml of filtered water and drink it. For the next 2 hours, don’t eat or drink. Thereafter, you can. Just after drinking the PEG/water concoction, you begin collecting all urine until exactly the 6-hour mark. At the completion of the test, record the total volume of urine, and then pour a small sample into the 20 ml collection bottle, which is included in the test kit. That’s it. You’ll pack up your urine specimen with the necessary paperwork and send it off to the lab by FedEx.


The rationale for the PEG test is that the consumed liquid contains a mixture of inert, water-soluble molecules of different sizes, which may or may not pass through any “holes” in the gut barrier. There is a range of normal permeability of the gut barrier. Those molecules of the PEG that are large should not pass through an intact barrier. The test determines which molecules of the PEG get through the damaged barrier – all of which are reported in the test results. The bottom line is that the PEG Test reportedly helps to determine if you have a “leaky gut” and the extent that your gut is “leaky”.



Results of My PEG 400 Test

Unfortunately, I was not aware of this test until recently. So, I didn’t have a baseline when I started my Cancer Protocols in September 2018. But, better late than never.


I submitted my first urine sample on 3/1/20. That is 2 months after I started the Carnivore Diet. But it was only 5 days after I received both of my regularly scheduled immunotherapies at the Cancer Clinic. I sent the sample to BioLab Ltd.; the turnaround was 16 days.


My report clearly suggested that I have increased intestinal permeability. (Here is the PDF of my test results.) However, I have no way to know if I had more severe permeability at the time I was diagnosed in 2018 or when I started the Carnivore Diet at the beginning of 2020.


Clearly, I was hoping that I would not have a leaky gut. After I received more detailed evaluation and interpretation of my results, I learned that my limited permeability was not severe but was of concern although I was cautioned that I should not rely completely on this test. However, I will use this result as my “baseline” to compare with future tests.


So, after I got over the disappointment, I reevaluated my diet. I was using MCT Oil and eating zero-carb, high-fat, low-protein cheese – both to improve my fat consumption. As of this writing, I gave them up completely. Hopefully, eliminating these potential irritants to my gut will improve my gut barrier.


My goal is to have an intact gut barrier as best as I can. However, I realize that my immunotherapies could be the culprits for any increased intestinal permeability. Because my blood chemistries are improving and my cancer cells are decreasing, I’m not going to make any changes with my immunotherapies or my other cancer protocols. As I have mentioned many times, my Unconventional Cancer Protocols support healthy repair by my body. Why would I want to change them?


I’ll give my gut about a month to respond to my dietary changes, and then I’ll retest. Once I get the new results back from the lab, I’ll be writing about them.


Wish me luck!

[1] https://www.biolab.co.uk/docs/peginst.pdf

[2] https://c.nutriintervention.com/order?fbclid=IwAR1gPG1I18rVFJTAJoghXyGjb4BxXjCAYiVe0z8XTtWaiaJnIc10mx_P5ug



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