What I Eat

evolution rWhen I discuss a healthy diet with my patients, they invariably ask me, “So, what do YOU eat?” That’s the best question they could ask.
I know many physicians and dentists who tell their patients to do one thing, but for themselves they do the exact opposite. Some of these practitioners hardly are pictures of health. Here are two personal examples. One from many years ago and the other from a few months ago:

  • When I moved to Charleston, SC some 40 years ago, I did not have a personal physician. An acquaintance suggested that I make an appointment with his personal MD for my initial exam. I took his advice and made an appointment. After my physical examination, the doctor sat me in his office to go over his findings. He then proceeded to light up a cigarette! Can you believe that? How could I accept professional health advice from a smoker? I thanked him for his time and left his office. That was the last time I acted on someone’s recommendation before doing my own research.
  • Recently, a specialist in Internal Medicine and I were talking about my personal eating habits. He told me that I was eating far too much liver and eggs and then continued to tell me why I should refrain from these foods. He is 30 years younger than I with an obvious weight problem. How could his ideas of nutrition resonate with me?

So, what do I eat? Obviously, every day is not the same, but I eat a Paleo-type diet consisting of nutrient-dense foods while avoiding grains, legumes, processed foods, and unhealthy fats and oils. I also limit my starchy carbohydrates and high-fructose fruits.
I start my day usually with 2 cups of my French Press coffee that I blend with coconut oil, ghee, Ceylon cinnamon, and raw cocoa Here. Most days I skip breakfast. If I have breakfast on weekends, frequently it will be eggs over easy, sautéed veggies, and some fresh berries.
Lunch may include a smoothie made from various leafy greens, an avocado, fresh berries, and maybe a banana. I enjoy liver pâté spread on slices of cucumber or celery sticks. Sometimes I have a raw bell pepper filled with sardines and chopped nuts and then sprinkled with Kelp Granules and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime and topped off with blueberries.
Dinner might include various vegetables sautéed with onions, garlic, and shiitake mushrooms seasoned with turmeric and ginger, along with salt and pepper. Salmon baked in parchment paper with ghee and seasonings is one of my favorite protein dishes. My go-to drink is Kombucha (GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha). Sometimes I have homemade bone broth. There is always room for a glass of Cabernet or Zinfandel.
Dessert may include my favorite dark chocolate (85% Dark Blackout made by Alter Eco) or a couple of dark chocolate macaroons made by Hail Merry. Some fresh berries always go well with chocolate.
Generally, I do not snack between meals because I rarely have cravings. But, if I do snack, macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts satisfy me.
I rarely eat anything after 8 PM. My next meal will be lunch the next day. This means on most days I am practicing intermittent fasting for approximately 16 hours (from 8 PM until noon the next day).
I do take one natural supplement daily: One teaspoon of Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend.
There you have it. That’s a sampling of what I eat. Check out my previous blogs for many of My Favorite Paleo Recipes. I have posted 32 of my best.