Stop! Read This!

evolution rI found the following post online by NancyKay. It was written in 2008, but it is pertinent. It impresses the point that what goes, or does not go, into our guts could be severely damaging to other parts of our body – namely our gum tissues. Read this excerpt carefully. Could this, or something like this, be happening to you?
I have been following a faithful gluten-free diet now for at least two years after beginning to eat gluten-free and feeling so healthy. Because my saliva celiac test came back borderline, I guess I thought that at some point it might be okay to try gluten again. I discovered the awful truth this month.
I started out with a sour dough roll. Then I added a much-missed item: an apple fritter. Neither seemed to bother me, so I enjoyed eating a few more apple fritters over the next couple of weeks. During that time I began to get sore gums, and I attributed it to some dental work I needed to get done. Well it got worse. I’ve been twice now to the periodontist. A biopsy came back positive for Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid, and I’ve got an appointment with a specialist next week for treatment. MMP (Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid) is an autoimmune disease of the mucous membranes, and it can affect any part of the body that has mucous membranes: eyes, mouth, nose, digestive tract, anus. Sound familiar?
It occurred to me today when I got my biopsy results that this all started with the gluten about a month and a half ago and that it might all be related. I called my naturopath and told her about my diagnosis (but not that I had eaten gluten). She said that this was all related to celiac and to stay off gluten completely.
The manifestation of a gut-lining problem caused by grains could make itself known with differing diagnoses and symptoms. The manifestation could show itself as bleeding gums, or a skin lesion like psoriasis, or a glandular problem like hypothyroidism. You may develop joint soreness, headaches, or general fatigue. In the post I quoted above, it caused or exacerbated MMP. Your weakest cells or your vulnerable areas would most likely be the affected parts. Most importantly, you don’t have to experience gut discomfort or pain to have a gut-lining problem that causes chronic or autoimmune diseases in other locations of your body.
The bottom line is to heal the gut first, and then a healing process could begin for other symptoms. Be aware that grain products that have damaged the gut lining in the past will continue to wreck havoc in the body in the future. If you have eliminated grain products but reintroduced them – even minutely –  in the future, they could set off cascading effects throughout your body. It is not only critical to eat the right foods, but also critical to avoid the bad foods forever.